It was January 25, 1954, when in a small Ukrainian village of Marynka, located in the region of Donetsk, Sergei, being the youngest son in a family of agronomist Vasily Tsvelёv and paramedic Eugene Timofeevna, was born. Besides him, the family already consisted of his two older siblings - six-year old daughter Galya, a four-year old son, Valentin, and Vasily’s parents - Ivan and Tatyanaфй. They lived in the two small rooms of an old subsidized farmhouse until the day five years later, when they moved into their own house, though not large, but which had three rooms with kitchenette and veranda, as well as an attached vegetable lot.

Right across the street there was an elementary school, which has become the starting point in their education for all the children of Marynka village. Since childhood, older brother accustomed the junior to self-defense practice: they together have created a simple self-fashioned weight bar from a few tractor wheels, hung the pull-up bar between the trees, cadged a 32-pound dumbbell from the warehouse manager, and began self-instruction manual mastering of sambo and judo techniques on the nearest water reservoir’s sandy shore. Sometime later, Sergey began learning the quite exotic self-defense practice at the time - karate from the real Japanese master, who, quite mysteriously was married to a Ukrainian villager.

Sergey practiced karate after school, 4,5 miles away from home, but the trip to the club was fully justified. After all, life in small miner’s town was full of surprises (because of the abundance of feuding gangs), and knowledge of martial arts provided safely for both brothers at the times of many life-threatening conflicts.

It took approximately one and a half miles for Sergei to walk to and from school, while studying from the fifth to the tenth grade; most of the times he had to walk across the river, overgrown with reeds, deep ravines, extended gardens and a small cemetery nearby. The gradual growing of self-confidence and regular martial arts practice insured the ability to overcome fear, as well as the dangers and obstacles that arose periodically.

After leaving school in 1971, Sergey tried to enter the university, but did not get enough credits, and was forced to leave for the city of Stavropol, where he worked as a loader at the local metal production plant. In 1973, after working an extra year as a sports instructor for the Marynka’s consumer union, he successfully became a student of the Crimean Agricultural University.

While there, he continued to be actively engaged in judo, karate and kung fu mastering, and had already started to write the first of his future books, which included more than a thousand pictures. This perennial work, accompanied by daily teaching of martial arts in a karate school he organized in Yalta, agronomist work at the local vineyard "Gurzuf" and the general manager position at the local recreational facility, had resulted in a publication in 1990, of the three-volume book series, titled "The Karate Path - from student to Master".

A thorough study of martial arts was the main reason for his inspiration of Zen Buddhism, as well as the meditation practice of Zazen. After the first three-volume publication Sergei began to write a new book - "Initiation or the Warrior Path", where he profoundly and consistently uncovered the fundamentals of martial arts physical and spiritual mastering.

During one of multitude of extensive meditations regarding this subject, he managed, while in the altered state of Self-Consciousness, come into intuitive visual contact with one of his much more advanced personal interpretations (so-called Self-Consciousness "projection" or "spiritual Teacher") and with its help, during the next five years, while strictly following intuitive advice, Sergei mastered the art of Deep Meditation. Thus, in 1994 he first learned of his spiritual Sound Name - Oris, with which later he signed all of his books, and which many years later became his only name.

However, provided for the results of thousands of Deep Meditations, instead of the book he wanted to write, he has actually written another book, called "Wandering Soul", in which he shared his first mystical experience regarding the implementation of "astral projections" and study of many aspects of the organization and structure of the so-called "Subtle Worlds” with their help. In particular, he was interested in the mystery of death, or rather, all the details of human existence after death, therefore all his meditative efforts were focused on the profound penetration into the dying process and understanding of what is really going on behind that invisible line, separating human life from yet unknown state of so-called "after death”.

The turning point in his life was the period of July 15 to August 25, during summer of 1996, when he, quite unexpectedly for all the relatives and friends went up to the mountains above Yalta and spent 40 days in a small cave, which he dug in a few days inside the inlet between the two high cliffs. The water flowing from the nearby brook, poems and reflections, appearing regularly in his small notebook, as well as enduring meditations – these were the only essentials, existing for him during that time. Of course, this decision was not spontaneous and was the result of lengthy internal psyche mental processes. He wanted to understand his own life, its primary sense of purpose, which was accompanied by an irrepressible desire to implement radical qualitative changes within own Self-Consciousness.

However, perhaps the most important task he intended to go through in this temporary tenement - is the opportunity to wait calmly for his own death, entering it in full consciousness – by means of the state of Deep Meditation. Meanwhile, so much has changed in his consciousness that when the long-awaited moment came, and he, having satisfied his curiosity, survived, he returned back home from the mountains (60 pounds lighter), being a totally different individual, whose mind was now enriched by that unfading Spark of Cognition of the most treasured mystery of the human existence – the Secret of "Death".

He realized that death, as it is understood by all people, simply does not exist; that “death” - the greatest of illusions, formed within systems of our subjective perception due to the extremely limited capacity of the latter. Therefore, he considered his first priority to inform all people of this as quickly as possible.

Thus, he returns to his former life of a writer, but this time, overwhelmed by a great desire to share the unique information, which he has already managed to acquire while in the states of Deep Meditation, with everyone on the Planet. It was on the basis of this intuitive knowledge shortly thereafter - from January of 1997 to July of 1999,  - when he has published the following book series: "Life without death", "Soul and Cosmos", "People and nonhumans", " Soul in various worlds" and “The Aliens" under the title "Zodiac Soul", as well as another 13 books under the title “Contacts just before the year 2000". These books, though, still not translated to other languages, can sometimes be found on various internet portals in Russian.

From July 15 to August 27, of 1999,Oris and six of his followers from Switzerland and Russia have climbed the plateau of Ai-Petri Mountains in Crimea for the purpose of joint practice of Deep Meditation. During this trip, Oris has decided to combine fasting and a vow of silence. The unique experience, gained by the team during this expedition, promoted the subsequent publishing of additional four book series under the title "Transmutation Diary". It is approximately during this period, when “The Art of Dying” – a standalone volume, was also written (translator’s note).

Most of people are very inertial in their perception, and are often inclined to retain the initial ideas regarding other people or phenomena for years or even the entire decades, persistently ignoring any quality changes, which undoubtedly occurred during this time. However, life of any human being – is a sequence of continuous psyche mental and physical transformations that often drastically change people... This applies to Oris as well, of whom unfortunately many people now, judge only from books, written 15 or even 25 years ago.

Indeed, he had few passions in his life, including Zen Buddhism (a tribute to martial arts), Christianity and Esotericism that in a certain way superimposed on his previous work. Thus, during the mid-1990’s, by means of channeling and psyche-inscription, Oris has written the books "The Gospel of Christ" and "The Gospel of the God Mother". Sometimes Oris has utilized certain prayers in order to enter into a Deep Meditative state, and icons can be seen in his older videos as well. Even his appearance up to about 2005 resembled an Orthodox monk - a long beard and hair, and a cross on his chest. Although only few years prior to this, he had worked as head of a large recreation center in Yalta, being a staunch atheist! However, his image has changed in accordance with improving of quality of the received information.

Some people, finding his older books and videos online, suggest that he is influenced by the Christian egregore. Perhaps in the past it was true, although there is nothing reprehensible about it. However, if you are familiar with Iissiidiology book series, you will realize that the new information has absolutely no association with any type of religion. Instead, it is based on logically practical scientific foundation, greatly complimenting classical and quantum physics, genetics, psychology, neuro science and other branches of knowledge with its unique perceptions, while logically and consistently providing answers to questions, that modern scientific community is bypassing with shameful silence.

Although even now many people admire much of what was written in the beginning of his career with sincere interest and amazement, this nevertheless provides little or no inspiration to its author, who believes that this information is hopelessly outdated, and who considers these books, as well as the entire world around us completely reformed. Moreover, in his current publications Oris is still trying to reach the people’s consciousness, urging them to improve their perceptions, develop their intellect and intuition, and become kinder, more positive and more altruistic.

While outlining Iissiidiology, he also tries to introduce completely new notions into our everyday life in order to withdraw completely from the currently adopted obsolete and primitive conceptions, inhibiting people’s development and not allowing them to break the shackles of ignorance and dogmatism. Although, of course, this – is precisely the fact, that greatly complicates the process of understanding and assimilation of new information for many readers of this, in itself a very complex and intuitive knowledge.

For more than 20 years, Oris obtains information for his publications by entering into a state of Deep Meditation that is qualitatively very different from the usual meditation, as it allows conscious penetration into the most profound levels of various types and groups of Collective Cosmic Intelligence and their constituent Forms of Self-Consciousness. However, the biggest problem in this process consists of the virtual impossibility to describe the information, belonging to other dimensions of Space and Time in clear and comprehensible images, perceptions and terms. Therefore, Oris is forced to introduce a number of intermediate and conventional concepts, the original essence of which he gradually, upon the degree of our understanding of them, deepens, expands and universalizes even farther.

At that, perhaps the biggest challenge - is to aggregate the entire multitude of disparate information "files", fragmentally recalled after each Meditation, into a unified and clear, logically coherent worldview, accessible to our perception. Complex, and completely new to our science, live Knowledge of Iissiidiology, confirms some of the existing scientific notions while at the same time refuting the other ones.

Perhaps the ability to derive information "from nowhere" will surprise you, although it is known for a long time from the number of various teachings, that a human being can potentially gain knowledge about everything literally "within self": for instance, that we are - a microcosm in the macrocosm and the macrocosm for an infinite variety of other microcosms. Hence, our primary task – is to master this art. It's just that Oris, at this point in time, can do it better than other people, who practices various meditation techniques, and his abilities are constantly improving, which is clearly reflected through the degree of informational depth, transmitted by him in the multitude of "Iissiidiology Fundamentals" and "Immortality is available to everyone” publication volumes.

It is worth mentioning that in the past (during 1990’s) Oris have received exorbitant volumes of unique information, however, mainly through spontaneous telepathic contacts with representatives of some of the advanced cosmic civilizations.

After the year 2000, the channelings have gradually ceased because his ability to enter Deep Meditation have intensified tremendously, providing him (and his readers) more opportunities for self-improvement regarding the principles of existence of not only of all possible Self-Consciousness Forms throughout an infinite number of Universes, but also regarding energy-information structure of an entire Macrocosm.

Currently, there are so-called channelingers  in different parts of the world, whom various people treat very ambiguously: some (and it is quite justified) consider them contrivers and dreamers (or simply charlatans!), while others find a lot of reasonable and useful information in their transmission. In fact, the difference in the method of obtaining and transmitting information through contacts and meditation is enormous. Because during telepathic contacts the information is being transmitted into someone’s Self-Consciousness in the already digested form, which is important to remember in detail in order to correctly transcribe.

However, a Deep Meditation - is an altered state of Consciousness, upon leaving which it is important somehow to decode of what was perceived, so it would correlate with the existing perceptions and express it in a form of the consistent text or a speech. This abstract and intuitive phase is the most vital and the most difficult part in the process of deriving and transferring of such knowledge, as quite often, such unusual imaginaries arise, which in our world can not be compared with anything inherent to us, and which, therefore, quite impossible to convey or elaborate with any words or terms. Oris, on the other hand, performs this quite well, following which many people begin to resonate with this information, which is drastically different from any similar information, originating elsewhere!

Oris, with the active support of many of his followers has initiated the creation of International Information Altruism & Intellect Development Center – “Ayfaar”, built near Yalta, Crimea precisely so that many people, who wish to acquire this information literally "first-hand", would be able to arrive and have a chance to participate in various joint discussions and activities, aimed for the higher-quality transformation.  “Ayfaar” – is an acoustic Space Code of the “Principal Consciousness of the Universe", manifested throughout the range up to the 36th dimension.

This Center opened its doors to many of the readers and followers since 2004, where people come for answers to their most fundamental questions. There they learn to change their former worldview for the more advanced and humane, based on such wonderful, and currently ignored by most people, qualities, as unconditional Love and understanding, Highly intellectual Altruism and Highly sensuous Intellect, provided to the development of which, very important sense of individual responsibility for own life, as well as lives of the people, animals, nature, and the entire humanity, are consistently cultivated and increasingly manifested in Self-Consciousness. Initially, the primary focus of the Centre has been the propagation of the so-called “Ayfaarian” relationship principles throughout various parts of the globe; relationships based on profound understanding and informed positivism, openness and honesty, sincerity and compassion, intelligence and altruism. These principles were developed and perfected for more than a decade of collective and interpersonal relationships practice, cultivated at this “Ayfaar” in Crimea, where Iissiidiology,  - the unique intuitive Knowledge, - plays an essential role in their formation.

More than 800 specific lyrics texts were written by Oris to the many popular musical hits of the twentieth century in order to improve the efficiency of assimilation of new knowledge, being transitioned in a form of sensuous poetic perceptions. Leaving Crimean Ayfaar, people, who have received a powerful boost of newest evolutionary ideas, continue striving to convey their unique experience to others. Thus, Iissiidiology study groups in various cities and countries began to organize, where “Ayfaarian” relationship model is being cultivated. Over time, in various places of the Earth, were formed many initiative iissiidiological groups, closely following the principles of “Ayfaarian” relationship model, organized as International Information Altruism & Intellect Development Centers (IIAIDC’s), where participants constantly approximate the entire humanity’s much brighter and perfected realities of the most favorable scenarios of our Future with their superior conscious aspiration and devoted self-sacrifice.

Beginning the year 2009, Oris had begun publishing Iissiidiology - the series of publications under a single title, which is anticipated to include 20 volumes. To date, following volumes are published:

Currently, the Volume 5 is in the process of being published. The given Volume reflects the latest iissiidiological views, according to which the earlier book series "Good News" (published in 2000 – 2003) will be substantially deepened, expanded and supplemented.

Poetic lyrics, written by Oris, represent the following titles: "Iissiidiology. Songs".

Read also What is Iissiidiology? Author's foreword to Fundamentals.


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