Oris is the author of Iissiidiology
«The newest cosmological knowledge about Universe and human beings»


Fifteen volumes (700-800 pages in each book) of this unique information include 3 series of books:

      «Immortality is acceptable to everyone»,

      «Iissiidiology fundamentals»,

      «Songs – high sensual meditations».

In addition, Oris has created more than 60 books and methods about self-improvement and self-development.

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Iissiidiology information is being received by intuitive method of cognition as a result of deepest meditation process on different levels of multi-dimensional structure of author’s self-consciousness. Unfortunately, there are no words in any language today describing the real meaning of this process. Probably the closest word we know now would be “channeling”. However, please mind that in reality the process that Oris uses to get information beyond compare today. We know not to what we can liken it.

Someone calls Issiidiology pseudo-science or science fiction, even ravings of a madman. But others claim this is a great revelation from Pleiades and Sirius, the newest most progressive ideology that is capable to change our World. They also call it meta-conception that unites many scientific directions. They guess Iissiidiology uniquely interprets fundamental laws of nature as well as it has pretensions of the “universal theory of everything”. People may call this knowledge in any way they want. However, we think it does not really matter. The name or classification type of the knowledge is not the main point, but the essence is that IIssiidiology really sheds light on many difficult and unanswered questions in science, philosophy, religion, politics and economics. You may consider yourself how to treat it after reading Iissiidiology books. Some of them are available in English. Follow the link for FREE downloads. The short article “What is Iissiidiology?” is here


Oris is the author of 556 songs for special meditation also. These songs are an integral part of IIssiidiology and our special methods. "Our songs are an inexhaustible source of the heart's joy, unconditional love for everyone and everything, and that the most profound faith in our common the most beautiful and harmonious Future! This Future gives to tired human hearts the hope and optimism to overcome all of life's difficulties and clear internal obstacles on this complicated path of self-perfection. Each song will inspire you and lead with confidence through the Path of the hearty Love and Light of Knowledge to the understanding of your own Essence". We have been constantly receiving the replies from people that by singing or even just listening these songs they were able to get rid of different diseases. Their thoughts enlightened, the mood became more intimate and peaceful!

Please visit our website and Youtube channel to to listen to songs and learn about the effect of sound on the human consciousness, as well as healing features of music. Songs are in Russian with English subtitles to understand the true meaning of lyrics. There is one song as a sample in English.

Oris is also the author of the NEW UNIFYING IDEA of CO-Creating the International Information Altruism and Intellect Development Centers (IIAIDC) all over the world. IIAIDCs are the experimental places of UNITY. The NEW model of relationship between people has been adopting. Such relationship is based on real HUMAN principles of Intellect and Altruism, Positivism and Responsibility, Mercy and Compassion, Empathy and Understanding, Openness and Tolerance, Oneness and Good for All.  Such awakening like IIAIDCs will become the first step in the transition to creating new real heart-human governance systems for our world in the nearest future. Please visit our website to learn more about this unifying Idea its program, mission and objectives.

After reading the article on the website, someone can sure say: “What on Earth are you talking about? Is not it just a regular utopia?! It is soooo wordy! Is there really anything behind it?"

We realize that millions of beautiful, right words, books, “spiritual” schools hardly help people today. People need to be shown the benefits and advantages of Altruistic and Intellectual life, how people can manage their lives themselves and how they can make conscious choices in everyday circumstances according to Human principles. The participants of IIAIDCs are supposed to behave in such a way as to be live examples for others.

At IIAIDC, we have been developing the special techniques and methods for 15 years of radical changing Self-consciousness by getting rid of non-positive behavioral reactions. Our so-called “Method of Positive Projection” help people in discovering their own personal non-ordinary psycho-mental abilities. Due to the structure of Universe and the nature of self-consciousness, EVERYONE of us has chances to get ANY information. The purpose of special trainings (SLOULLINGS) at IIAIDCs is to give an opportunity to anyone of getting an access to any information independently without intermediaries (like religions, "spiritual teachers”, "angels", “channels”, etc.). It should be mentioned here that all trainings are supposed to be FREE for participants and IIAIDСs should work on donations and contributions only. You can probably find a lot of useful information here however; we would say that it is much better to visit one of our existing Centers to see it yourself in a reality

If you would like to learn more about our life at IIAIDCs please subscribe to our YouTube channel.  This is also a list of our web resources if interested.

You can probably find a lot of useful information here however, we would say that it is much better to visit one of our existing Centers to see it yourself in a reality.

Oris is a creator of first IIAIDC “Aaiilliss”, Crimea, Russia.

Please watch the video below. He answers questions about Iissiidiological information obtaining method.


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