Below you will find the extracts from volume 15 of Iissiidiology. “Immortality is accessible to everyone” volume 15 about the “WORLDS OF THE FUTURE”. By reading this, you will have an opportunity to understand what the future may bring us in various fields of our life. There are different scenarios of our future. You will be exploring some of them in a view of Iissiidiology. It is not a “future” with extremely developed science and technology but where people have selfish “dead hearts”.


We encourages scenarios of the "future" where "mental and sensitive", "brain" and "heart", "empiric" and "intuition", "knowledge" and "meditation", "science, technology" and "extrasensory perception of all people",  Intellect and Altruism are in the most harmonious balance.  We present the future where the great worldwide network of International Information Altruism and Intellect Development Centers become a reality!

We are receiving many messages from different people saying that the evolution of Consciousness with high –tech help and methods that are described here is not a “natural way” of development. Although we agree with this statement in principle, we would like to clarify some ideas about this matter. We agree that every one of us has the POTENTIAL spiritual abilities to refocus in the future we want ourselves. However, not ALL people have such abilities today in reality. What should they do? We do not want to go to the future for “enlighten spiritual (or technological) elite”. We encourage scenarios where everyone has equal opportunities to be happy.  As we keep human principles like Intellect as well as Altruism AT THE SAME TIME, we suggest on the first stage to help other people who want this brightest future but are still unable to “grow naturally” by some reason. With such a motivation, it is wise to use the science and technology to help others. Is not it?

Please note that you read about the NEAREST future in these articles. Further, all people using the technological benefits will believe in themselves thanks to tech. They discover their NATURAL HUMAN abilities and most of high-tech achievements will simply become useless.  


15.17796   The first task that gives powerful stimulus for the development of scientific base and consolidation of intellectual resources of all countries will become a deep studying and development of Moon’s mineral resources.

In addition, such joint activity of people indicates a high level of development. Therefore, it will inevitably lead to the establishment of close contacts and all sorts of creative relationships with other sentient races and cosmic civilizations. Their representatives have been present on the Moon in the same range of dimensions for thousands of years (some of them for hundreds of thousands of years!). They have their own interests there. Their production and technical bases, as well as research centers, are located under the surface of the Moon.

15.17797 Presently, humanity is hostile to any "extraterrestrial" manifestation and it has such an aggressive and crazy doctrine of "space wars”, so humanity is not ready for such a mutual and shared contact. That is why there are no contacts like that yet. More precisely, such contacts have existed for thousands of years and have never stopped! However, the hopeless ignorance of religious leaders, the incompetence of governments and their science officials just does not allow humanity to take seriously that deep knowledge and use it for the benefit of the general development of humanity even though the knowledge has been constantly transmitting to people using telepathic and intuition by variety of civilizations.

15.17798 Moreover, people from more favorable scenarios of our "future" will be devoid of the animal's fear of the unknown. They will be guided by "presumption of innocence" only in relation to any possible contact with an alien or planetary (ocean) Form of Collective Mind. These people will no longer have an aggression, sense of superiority and a desire to enslave anyone. Therefore, they will be ready to enter peacefully into mutual and beneficial relationships with any civilization. In addition, we will also have an access to the most important scientific and technical information about very new energy sources in exchange for the opportunity to develop some of our minerals (the places we have not discovered yet). In addition, we will be able to use their numerous bases.

15.17799 The contacts with other civilizations will be a powerful stimulus for the rapid improvement and development of our technologies in all areas, starting with the familiarization of the near and far space, and finishing with the complete satisfaction of our daily industrial, social, and housing conditions of life.

These "moon" civilizations are actually representative of the Collective Mind of aliens’ types. They will have different forms and arrive from different star systems of this vibration range of the Universe. They will help people to understand the various biochemical, biological, genetic, and micro field quantum processes in all its tiniest details; thereby proving the energy and information contained in Iissiidiology.

15.17800 Parallel to this in the coming decades other terrestrial races that unknown to us now will establish friendship contacts with people. They have been already living in the depths of the oceans and seas for a long time. They formed unique intelligent communities, which are similar to ours, but in some ways are very individual.

We will be able to get out of the marine environment a huge number of different cheap raw materials, including chemicals, industrial and food resources. It will be a variety of chemical compounds and materials for the light industry, as well as food, which is very rich in trace elements. Therefore, the harmonious and balanced nutrition is coming soon. As for the products of animal origin (meat), except fish, shellfish and plankton, they will soon cease to play an important role for our bodies.

15.17801 During the period of active land and oceanic civilizations merging, a simple surgery of “gills” implantation will be performed for all corners. Gills will be synthetically and artificially grown.

The gills will be located behind the ear in three rows as longitudinal thin cuts. The first cut goes down from the middle part of the ear. The length is 1 ½ “(inches), the second one is just below the first cut with a length of 2 ¾ “, the third one is the smallest (¾” only). After that, programmed nanobots will convert the cells of the body of anyone so that enough oxygen will be ensured for normal life for 10-15 hours of continuous stay under water. And in addition, a little later, the better results can be achieved by activating a specific chromosomal region of those genes we all have which are responsible for oxygen function supply in the organisms of whales and dolphins. In addition, millions will devote themselves to studying and developing of the oceans and seas!  

15.17802. Moreover, huge stationary research centers are going to be built at immense depths of the oceans. Their domed transparent coatings will be made of ultra-solid polymer ceramics. Tens of thousands of science and industry specialists will be able to live and work there for a long time. In the same place, there will be plants for extraction and processing of rare minerals and seabed’s vegetation. It will be much more expedient than transporting raw materials to shore for processing.

Thousands of floating cities-modules will be slowly running on the surface of the oceans. Those of you who devote themselves to the study and development of Earth water resources will be able to live comfortably and work effectively there. Each of these cities will have a population of tens of thousands. Each of them also will have its own specialty as well as a route to follow. The segment domed sealing system of all surface areas of the city and the presence of a powerful submarine base will make these modules absolutely invulnerable to the most powerful naval elements such as storms, tornados or tsunamis. 

15.17803 All of this will be necessary not only in terms of creating the most favorable conditions for those people whose interests are in the direction of water and land conditions of existence. The underwater research centers and floating cities will be built also to establish a closer scientific and technological cooperation with ocean races. Three races are “humanlike” only. Because of the structure of the upper half of their body, these beings are very similar to people. They have the same head, shoulders, body, but there are various differences in the structure of the front limbs, eyes, ears, skin, hair and some systems (genitals in particular).

15.17804 All these differences between oceanic races and us are the result of both targeted and natural gene mutations. The mutations in biological organisms occur due to the prolonged living in different habitats. However, their DNA is very different from the human one. Therefore, it will not be possible to give birth to shared babies with them by a natural way. However, with the help of genetic engineering, the number of gills-breathing amphibians will soon come into the world. Their genomes will become the embodiment of all the best and useful. This is typical for us and for oceanic races.

15.17805 Presently, you cannot imagine the representatives of other races. Their appearances are far from human. All of the variety of their forms is roughly compared with such mariners as whales, dolphins, and giant octopuses. In addition, there are four more “closed” races among them. Their type of creativity we would subjectively interpret as a bias to different degrees of rationalism. Each of these races prefers to live in the depths of warm seas and oceans apart from the rest. Therefore, the relationship between them (as well as their contacts with people) is tightly regulated and limited. And over time in some scenarios of the future, and because of the powerful local earthquakes in places where they live, these deep-water races would be badly damaged. In more favorable Continuums only those whose configurations are potentially ready for the closer consolidation with other advanced civilizations will survive.

15.17806 Reorientation of people’s Self-Consciousness for the creativity of oceanic life will not happen quickly. In the beginning, it will be a quite diplomatic and ambiguous process. There will be strained relations and mistrust between people and other ocean races.

There are “humanoid” civilizations living under the ice of Antarctica and the Arctic Zone. They are vitally interrelated by a general biological environment and a unified system of survival. In fact, it is a very long-standing alliance of highly civilized beings. It was founded a few hundred thousand years "ago" by races that lived on Earth during the antediluvian period. Later some of them appeared in different locations across the newly formed continents. They had their own way to adapt to the new conditions, while the most part of them continued to evolve in inaccessible depths of the oceans.

15.17807. The communication between surface and underwater civilizations has eventually stopped completely because their main interests did not intersect, and it could only resume when people’s self-consciousness has reached the necessary level of development to establish the creative understanding, because svilgs-spherational synthesis schemes (... of same Dominants!) differ between theirs and ours. Nevertheless, the significant difference in conceptions does not prevent, in the more distant "future", to form the single creative consolidation between the improved earth "mankind" and the three "humanoid" ocean civilizations. 

5.17808 . The rise of incredibly high sea levels will cause a partial creative merging of "humanity" with oceanic civilizations and races. Also, the absorption by water of much of the land territory (... whole countries, islands, cities, small towns, forests and farmland, material-technical values and production facilities), will force the rest of the "people" to pay serious attention to the possible mastering of the water environment. In addition, the realization of such large-scale and ambitious plans cannot be done without the involvement of the most developed of the "oceanists" and "seans" for joint research and genetic experiments. 

15.17809. In some development scenarios, the most important condition of such a federation will be the requirement to undertake, by all the participants, the compulsory procedure of wave deactivation of aggression genes in the DNA. This wave deactivation would be the partial suppression of such genes that boost the process of bringing low-level SFUURMM-Forms into the Self-Consciousness’ "unpacking.” It is not yet possible to stop completely its functional activity in the genome, because they are also involved in the immune system, and in many other biological processes. At normal levels, the adrenaline gives us the opportunity to exist in the physical body and do physical work. However, when the synthesis of lower-levels of our first two centers will be completed, the process of deactivation of any aggression manifestation (... destructive SFUURMM-Forms) will happen for people in a natural way. 

15.17810. As I mentioned, all these processes will begin on Earth in the next two decades. Moreover, this is in scenarios that are more favorable. However, if the quality of the general Collective Consciousness focus decreases, then these scenarios will move away into various "time loops" and transform into manifestations that are more destructive. They will develop at an accelerated pace in subsequent continuum groups which deeper reveal the synthetic (... creative) abilities of lluuvvumic Direction. So, in less qualitative scenarios, these either never will happen, or only will be attained in some other alternative scenarios, and only after hundreds or even thousands of years, - it all depends on the type of the protoformic direction of your refocusings and its quality.  

15.17816 Therefore, many civilizations do not and did not enter into inter-relationships with you because there is a lack of an intellectual and sensual platform for mutual communication and associative understanding (... without the use of words). Nevertheless, our scientists will very soon be reaching technological advances by using "alien" technologies. Therefore, these communication difficulties and obstacles are solved easily. Sound-replicators will be created that will allow you to easily communicate by transforming someone’s thoughts into associative form-images, adapted to the specifics of your own self-consciousness. This communication principle will be built on "field" decoding of all thought-sensual potential inherent to people, and attuning someone else’s perceptions (SFUURMM-Forms) their own subjective Notions about something.

15.17817 And the other way around, what you will think of during communication with someone, will be converted into SFUURMM-Forms (conceptions) corresponding to the specifics of his/her self-consciousness and will become available for his/her understanding. Initially, such devices will appear (... "theta-correctors") that will be able to directly translate your words into thoughts and vice versa, but it will still seem rather complicated and difficult for communication, because there will remain a very large language barrier. Later, special sensors located in the temporal part of the head will be used to read Thoughts. Words and sounds, uttered by someone, can remain incomprehensible for you, but you will know what is being discussed. All these devices will be quickly replaced by all kinds of "holographic modulators", pocket "transtoners" and wrist "mentimers", which will greatly simplify the mutual understanding between different-qualitative forms of self-consciousness. In general, all particularities of inter-civilizational communication will be studied and improved, and all this will take much less time than you may think.

These are quotes from Iissiidiology books series “Immortality is acceptable to everyone


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