Below you will find the extracts from volume 15 of Iissiidiology. “Immortality is accessible to everyone” volume 15 about the “WORLDS OF THE FUTURE”. By reading this, you will have an opportunity to understand what the future may bring us in various fields of our life. There are different scenarios of our future. You will be exploring some of them in a view of Iissiidiology. It is not a “future” with extremely developed science and technology but where people have selfish “dead hearts”.

We encourages scenarios of the "future" where "mental and sensitive", "brain" and "heart", "empiric" and "intuition", "knowledge" and "meditation", "science, technology" and "extrasensory perception of all people",  Intellect and Altruism are in the most harmonious balance.  We present the future where the great worldwide network of International Information Altruism and Intellect Development Centers become a reality!

We are receiving many messages from different people saying that the evolution of Consciousness with high –tech help and methods that are described here is not a “natural way” of development. Although we agree with this statement in principle, we would like to clarify some ideas about this matter. We agree that every one of us has the POTENTIAL spiritual abilities to refocus in the future we want ourselves. However, not ALL people have such abilities today in reality. What should they do? We do not want to go to the future for “enlighten spiritual (or technological) elite”. We encourage scenarios where everyone has equal opportunities to be happy.  As we keep human principles like Intellect as well as Altruism AT THE SAME TIME, we suggest on the first stage to help other people who want this brightest future but are still unable to “grow naturally” by some reason. With such a motivation, it is wise to use the science and technology to help others. Is not it?

Please note that you read about the NEAREST future in these articles. Further, all people using the technological benefits will believe in themselves thanks to tech. They discover their NATURAL HUMAN abilities and most of high-tech achievements will simply become useless.  

Communication and technologies

15.17775   Cell phones, all types of cameras, players, recorders, measuring devices and other “iron” gadgets will eventually completely disappear.

They will be transformed into miniature personal computers with a lot of holographic features, including shooting and demonstration of the captured information anywhere: in the street, in the park, in the office, at home, etc.

Mini PCs will have many interesting features. For example, they will give you complete information on the parameters of any object which is at a distance from you. They will make chemical analysis by a common frequency radiation and more. You will be able to wear these PCs on the neck in the form of beautiful crystal shimmering with rainbow colors or it could also be in a form of small keychain. Mini PCs will have virtually unlimited memory.

15.17776 While you are at home or in some other place it will be possible over the , using this crystal-form PC, to create the illusion of your presence in any desired location: on conferences and public speeches, training sessions and meetings, at parties, concerts, performances, variety shows, television programs and so on.

By the way, performances, concerts, movie industry, not to mention television, and many other fields will also undergo radical qualitative and organizational transformations due to these inventions.

Robotization will be developed rapidly and inevitably come into all areas of your life. Robots will replace humans not only at industries, but also execute the majority of household activities: cleaning, washing, ironing as well as cooking.

15.17777 Then there will be no need to buy anything in stores or cook at home, as everything will be available by using universal home scanner- replicators.  Nanotechnology will give the possibility to program matter. Scanners-replicators will be able to assemble by molecules and then “print” anything you need including any gourmet dish from the longest list. The taste and nutrition quality of these dishes will be brought to perfection.

The materials made of micro and Nano chips will be very popular and widespread. These materials can be formed and unformed over and over again with special computer’s program (it could be molecularly regrouped by certain electric impulses).

The materials will be used to make anything within several minutes, starting with simple things like clothing, household items, houses, buildings and following by scientific or space technological equipment.

Computers and Internet

15.17778. Holography will become completely natural in all fields of life.

TV in the "future” will fully join the information space, that being just a small part of it. TV will be three-dimensional only. It will promote the development of virtual-spatial perception and cognition of the world which is not based on atoms and molecules, but on information bits obtained.

Advanced “holographers” and “cablographers” as well as more real “vertualphers” and “cyborgsters” will appear in your life. Thanks to them you will be able to get any information you need directly from “solid-plasmic” holograms of the people you want to contact.

Absolutely all the information will be read by your "holographer" from the hologram of any person or from their computer generated brad forms, regardless of their location or activities.

15.17779 This will be also holographical-reproducible. You will be able to simultaneously send any number of your own custom holographic "cyber-images" and brad forms. Thus, you will be able to increase hundreds of times the capabilities of your deliberate communication with different people; located in different places about your different interests at the same time.

The world will become truly One, united, international and common. Every point of the world will be accessible to everyone.

The tourist industry, in its current archaic form, will quickly disappear as being unnecessary, since it will be possible to “copy” and “read” all detailed information about any geographic location from countless “holostablers” and “cablosters” which will be available on special websites.

“Holostablers” and “cablosters” are holographic restorers of subjective information of any person, built on personal impressions and experiences of being in a particular place.

15.17780 It will be easy to "download" anyone's holographic impressions on any issue from these special “websites”. Using your home "Holograph" you can really feel and see everything that someone has already experienced. Then you will simply “bring” over to your consciousness several “cablegrams” like that and this may determine whether it is necessary for you. It could be particularly valuable in other star systems’ interplanetary research, as it will almost completely be able to restore the "personal presence" effect in the perception system of any observer.

15.17781 It will be impractical to use people for far and unknown space exploration.

Millions of microcomputers of the size of a pigeon's egg will be sent to the spaceward. Microcomputers and special remotely operated devices with “crypts” (highly- professional android robots) will be able to move at a speed close to the speed of light.

There will be a large number of brad forms’ modulators installed onboard of the devices. So it will be possible not only to observe, but also to actively control the applications running in the computer "brains" of the “crypts”.

Millions of these mankind’s messengers will be searching for extraterrestrial forms of Collective Intelligence, giving them energy and information from the people of our Earth.

15.17782 Afterwards, when scientists clearly identify and classify the personal frequency characteristics of each of the planets or stars studied, it will be possible to teleport brad forms without spaceships there. By the way, the structure and movement principles of spaceships will be changed in unimaginable way for you.

Modern telescopes powerfully distort not only the "geometry" of observable space, but also the current perception of time. Instead of them, powerful "triners" and "brommers" will be placed on the surface of the planets.

The "triners" and "brommers" will be able to translate instantly everything that happens at a distance of millions of light-years away and take the necessary holographic information from any other planet.

15.17783 Such professions as actors, entertainers, as well as models, dancers, gymnasts, acrobats, circus performers, magicians, and many, countless other professions will be totally unused in the nearer "future", because everything that they can demonstrate to us today will be done much better by using bred forms and computer applications.

First, these professions will move into the category of rare hobbies, and then completely disappear because the quality of your individual interests in creativity will escalate and develop rapidly due to your new capabilities of realization in a variety of areas.

Your intelligence will increase enough to allow any of you to easily create your own applications, with such a degree of complexity that "current" day hackers cannot even dream of. At the same time today’s hackers will transform into highly skilled specialists.

15.17784 Computer programmers, geo-, aqua-, Nano- and astronauts will be the most popular professions.

The rapid and large-scale development of the following fields will begin: study of the Earth's interior, seas, lakes, rivers and oceans (geonauts and aquanauts), various molecular structures and biological organisms (using brad forms, Nanonauts and bionauts will implement in cells, DNA and the crystal lattice of any substance ), planets and stars of the “nearest” space (helionauts, astronauts, starsfords).

When individual teleportation with portable devices will be exactly the same publicly available and familiar, as cellular network is now, it will be possible, to travel to the "past" and to the "future". The special brad forms will be programmed for the appearance in a certain frequency range of different time’s streams. So there will be no risks to be killed by religious fanatics or to be eaten by natives of a wild tribe.

Impressions of such a "time travel" will be extremely credible, except that you cannot physically interact with anyone or anything.

15.17785 Later, it will be possible to teleport "in time" the rational crypt-forms of flying devices. So you will join countless number of UFOnauts that always excite the imagination of people, not today only, but dozens of millenniums “ago” as well.

When the frequency range of form’s manifestation in different groups of spatio-temporal continuums coincide with at least one vibrational sublevel, the teleportation becomes possible. The teleportation happens only within common sublevels of our group of continuums and “their” group of continuums.

For teleportation purpose, the pioneers of time travel will install special emitters ("triners" and "brommers") in inaccessible places of continuums of different historical periods. The same frequency emitters will be placed on every planet we explore in the future.

15.17786 All current computer’s giants will merge into one worldwide consortium very soon. So it will have unlimited financial resources, scientific and manufacturing facilities. As a result, this kind of industry will be rapidly developed and improved.

The participation of the human factor and the share of manual labor in the production will be almost reduced to zero. The hardware’s part in the computers will be incredibly and rapidly decreased, and the PCs will be formed more like beautiful crystals.

The computer turns on and “unfolds” a holographic picture in space only due to the specific activity of individual brain frequencies of its owner. The brain activity is simply impossible to counterfeit and additionally, every user has their own mental smaild codes. This is a set of imaginary images that runs either the entire system or single application. That is, no one except the owner can use the information from the PC.

As the volume and density of the "launched" holograms can be changed on your own, it will allow users to dive in absolutely realistic virtual reality with full sensory and mental feelings. Everyone will be able to simulate the realities on their own. 

15.17787 A holographic keypad also will be resized greatly (and soon disappear!). It will visually be only a set of "buttons" to launch the starting commands. There is no need for letters on a keypad since the computer’s interface will be individually configured only with the mental interaction of its owner.

RAM will increase by billions of times, providing the users of brand new models of quantum computers almost unlimited possibilities. It will take just a few days for the quantum computer to solve the tasks that current computers now take many years! Each of you will be able to get a PC with such power which would be equal to the total power of all computers available today in the entire world. This factor will allow scientists to begin rapidly developing all kinds of holographic directions in robotics, genetic engineering and Nanotechnology as well as in private life including brad forms.

The greatest and unprecedented scientific and technological revolution will be committed within a couple of decades. It will allow humanity to enter confidently the next stage of its development. This new era can be designated as a time of creative “scientific and spiritual interproject” realization.

15.17818 The introduction of various technological innovations in the nearest future, will be a great jump, which neither scientists nor economists, sociologists and politicians do not even presume now.

Nobody knows about these prospects because of the inertia of your thinking. You can only assume that something will happen soon, but cannot imagine how it will be. And when it happens so quickly and unexpectedly, many of you will be very surprised of changes in their lives when looking at their nearest "past".

It is difficult even to imagine what a new stage of your eternal existence you enter now, although you subjectively feel that nothing special happens around you. You think that everything continues to go on as usual, in a habitual way, but in fact the rhythm has wildly increased!

3.0332 In the more favorable options of our "future", parents do not take full responsibility for the upbringing and education of the younger generation, because many of parents require the same attention and assistance as children. So the educational function will be held by the best specialists such as psychomodelirologists , teachers-meditologists, mentors-transedentologists  educators-iissiidiologists . Their experience and knowledge are gained by deepest studying the new scientific directions of the “future”. There are some examples.  Aaylliiethics is fundamentals of sensible interactions.  Sfuurmmvvuology is the art of reconstruction of subjective reality. Svuullogistry is a regulation of emotional connections, iisstllics is the fundamentals of mental interactions. Coarddiirlogy is the targeted modeling of “rotation Cycles” (i.e. the purposeful modelling of future scenarios). Psychobionics is biosystem’s conditions correction. Psychogenetics is thoughts and senses influence on DNA chromosomal mutations. Vitoscopy is a telepathic communication. There are also many others.

These are quotes from Iissiidiology books series “Immortality is acceptable to everyone


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