The idea of intellectual and altruistic existence opens the door to every man to his favourable, creative and constructive future, because exactly in the deep merger of the two components of our consciousness - intellect and altruism - lies the rapid jump of our individual evolution, by way of increase of the qualitative state of individual’s consciousness, as well as intuitive-intellectual decision making.

This model is based on the principles of positive and harmonious interpersonal relationships in society. Gradually, mastering and applying them in life, one understands the deep, continuous cause-and-effect relationship between him and the universe, which revives in him the understanding of the meaning of his life, a deep sense of unity with everything, and makes him - and hence society as a whole - more conscious and purposeful, socially useful and socially complete, open and self-sufficient.


For centuries mankind has sought for understanding and disclosure of its inner nature. Science was one of the factors that played a major role in the development of the mental part of our consciousness. It gave an opportunity to explore the structure, dynamics and interactions of objects, to logically interpret and understand the relationships in various spheres of material and spiritual human life, developed our intellect, and supplied us with a variety of inventions and discoveries that made our lives better and more comfortable.

An example of our conscious mental capacity development are such scientific research areas as: everettics, biocentrism, quantum physics, the theory of the origin and evolution of the universe, superstring theory and D-branes, elementary particle physics in general, the social science, philosophy, and other areas and types of scientific creativity and cognitive thinking and logical sense.

Another driving force that cultivated sensual part of our consciousness are religious and philosophical doctrines that talk about the reunion of a man with a particular spiritual foundation, a belief in the supernatural and the existence of a higher power. It has formed a special type of man's relationship with the world and himself, allowing the development of such qualities as love, compassion, mercy, tolerance, sacrifice, mutual assistance, understanding the other as yourself, unity with the whole, and also helped to find the purpose and meaning of life in altruism and service to others.

A variety of religions and esoteric flows, such as Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, Judaism, Jainism, Hinduism and yoga, as well as self-expression and self-cognition through singing, music, painting, dance, literature, and similar can be used as a good example of sensuous element development in a person. If we continue to dwell on this and analyze certain periods of human history, we can conclude that in most cases we can observe in human development the prevalence of either mental-thoughtful or emotional-sensuous activity.

Such processes in people’s development can be called as one-sided. We are only approaching the point in our evolution, to deliberately start looking to bring together the two components of our consciousness - the mental and sensual - and the creation of single human community, not divided by territorial, political, religious and ethnic differences, and united by one global idea - using all own mentally-sensual potential to improve the quality of life of each individual, and of civilization as a whole. It should be noted that our current personal and public crisis and the general state of affairs that currently prevails in the human community - is a consequence of inharmonious development causing various conflicts, between both - individuals and countries.

What is the intellectual and altruistic behavior model? What is its driving principles and why is it a reliable guide on the way to our creative and constructive future?!

Intellectual and altruistic model of existence

This relationship model gives an individual the opportunity to maintain the dynamics of their thoughts and feelings in a stable positive state, that is, by tracking the mental-psychological stress, as quickly as possible exit adverse states, and with the help of high-quality motivation to constantly move towards the set Goal.

The development of intellect in this relationship model is based on Iissiidiology knowledge. It profoundly reveals the laws and principles of existence of many-world universe structure, uniquely interprets cosmological ideas about the fact that information is origin of absolutely everything that surrounds us, starting with elementary particles and ending with universe, in detail describes the inextricable relationship between the Universe and a man, the origin of energy, gravity and more.

Due to the gradual assimilation of the proposed ideas and application of them in your life, everyone is able to rapidly intellectually develop and to quickly change own understanding of himself, the reality around us, and therefore to actively influence with their self-consciousness on all what is happening around.

For altruism development are being used many opportunities to make good to other people: to participate in collective work, cook something in the kitchen, to share own experiences in helping to understand the life situation - in general, to do something for one or more people that will allow the giver to feel joy, a sense of unity and satisfaction from the fact that he is doing something for free, not for himself, trying to make lives of other people better. Also collective song singing, the texts of which have a profound, highly-positive meaning, and which were written in popular music of recent years, promote the development of high sensuality; as well as dances and other arts.

One of the basic principles of a harmonious mental-sensual development is being carried out through the union of intellect and altruism, which is implemented through non-conflict interpersonal communication, and which actively promotes the disclosure of individual’s creative potential. Why does conflict-free behavior accelerate individual development of man?

As a result of alternating shifts of creative activity – mental and then sensual - in the mind of the person takes place gradual accumulation and synchronization of new neural interconnections between both hemispheres of the brain. This speeds up the process of thinking and gradually develops the ability to handle large amounts of information in a short period of time, which, in turn, leads to the development of intuition.

The concept of intuition is interpreted as a direct perception of truth without logical analysis, the knowledge of something without understanding and justification by way of evidence, prompting for correct behavior or decision, based on imagination, empathy, and previous experience.

The main factor accelerating the process of experience accumulation, is the degree of presence in our current perception of the positive reactions towards all life circumstances. And then intuition plays a major role in helping to earn the ability to take conscious quality solutions.

Positive reactions allow a person to deeper understand himself, other people, and the cause of all what happens to him. As mentioned above, being in a positive state of mind, the person is able to process a much larger amount of information per unit of time - by involvement of a greater number of neural chains of both hemispheres at once, with subsequent activation of neural relationships that are compatible with these neural chains.

Negative states, on the contrary, are a serious "obstacle" on the way of individual human evolution, and radically different (according to their quality) from positive ones. In most cases, by surrendering to the power of these negative experiences, a person will lose conscious control over the dynamics of their thoughts and feelings, perceiving the surrounding reality from a position of closure, disunity with the outside world, not wanting to communicate with anyone except himself, confident in his own right, and bring a lot of hassle and trouble to themselves and so to others.

Thus, the ability to think positively and perceive more qualitative information is hugely reduced, takes place strong disruption of neural chains, and as a result the rapid aging of the body because of being present for long time in stressful situations.

With each mental reaction we actively program our future, where each of us is like a multi-polar magnet, for own self-cognition are being attracted precisely such life situations and circumstances that correspond exactly to the dynamics of our mental-emotional state, or ideas about ourselves and about the world.

It is important to deeply understand that the sooner we can find positive motivation to sudden non-positive situations and engage in high-quality state, the more rapidly our life circumstances will change for the better. Not wanting to work with own non-positive states we doom ourselves for repeat of such situations in our lives, which are provoked by these non-positive reactions, and which increase the time of self-cognition in the given type of life creativity.

It is also very important to deeply understand that every situation - as a subjective reality - can only be changed by changing your attitude towards it, so first of all you need to start to change yourself, and not try to change the world for the better by using pressure on a person or a situation.

Any process of communication between people - it is always a process of self-discovery and self-improvement. And in any situation, even if there is a conflict (without which, in principle, development is not possible), all psycho-mental energy should be directed not towards the destruction of another or yourself, but to the cultivation of positive, highest states. And we must always remember that stable quality choices are possible only when a person, understanding cause-and-effect inter-relations, openly and with gratitude takes all created life circumstances, which are self-created, whether they are positive and promising, or negative and destructive.

A very important factor for successful work with non-positive states - is not the suppression, but motivated influence with more qualitative thoughts and feelings on low-quality (low-frequency) reactions. Its suppression will only cause the delay in dealing with this type of mental stress, and it will be necessary to anyway go back and understand it, to find exactly such motivation which at that point of time will annihilate its non-positive manifestation.

Why in Intellectual-Altruistic development model Intellect was chosen?

Intellect (from the Latin - Intellectus) is the trinity of knowledge, understanding, and reasoning. The term “intellectus” consists of three parts “in-tela-lectus”. And word for word translation of this phrase is: “lying in thin structure”. Brain is implied by the thin structure.

Intellect allows a person to perform work, which involves analysis, logics and reasoning. This and the ability to learn the world, the solution of vital problems and achievement of set goals, adaption to new life conditions, keeping in mind large volume of information, the ability to add, subtract, multiply, divide six-digit numbers, the general erudition (IQ), the skill of quick learning of foreign languages, strategic planning, financial manipulations, and so on.

In general, it can be noted that deficiencies in intellect development mostly make the processes of team adaptation and professional growth difficult, as well as contribute towards frequent depression and increase of internal psychological conflict, cause weak ability for self-reflection and analysis of own experience (adequate assessment of own strengths and weaknesses), the lack of diverse development.

Such person often does not know or does not understand where to direct own activity, which provokes apathy, lack of will-power, deep depression, alcohol addiction and various drug addiction, emotional emptiness, phobias, and suicidal thoughts.

How is High-Sensual Intellect synthesized with High Altruism different from simple Intellect? The main difference is in the work of a selfish mind, that is, in the absence of altruism, does not allow to form a unifying effect with high sensuality in right hemisphere. But such types of creativity as formation of concepts, problem solving, memory, perception, accumulation of some skills are also typical for some animals developing in one world with people.

Thus, we can conclude that if in our life’s work, at the same time, are not present signs of intellect and altruism, then in such moments of our life we are not much different from developed animal.

Continuing this subject, it should be noted that high-sensual – human Intellect, in turn is the ability to make the most effective, high-quality solutions in various life situations, and to distinguish the true from the false, without the desire to benefit from a particular situation or studied knowledge. Also high-sensual intellect - is the ability to manipulate in own consciousness large amounts of abstract information, to find inconsistencies and relationships between complementary opposites.

An individual who possess such state as HSI (high-sensual intellect) will never sacrifice the interests of society in the pursuit of personal interests. Priorities of such individual are expressed in altruistic dedication and help to others in their spiritual growth and advancement, the development of such qualities as honesty, openness, responsibility, and spiritual initiative, in both himself and in others. And all the attributes of these qualities, and not a single one, should be vividly present in human behavior, determining spiritual and high-moral feasibility of each of his actions.

High-Sensual Intellect and High-Intellectual Altruism – are the two components that make up one single whole. Having gone through a rigorous process of gradual synthesis, they are no longer just separate qualities, but represent deep and harmoniously synthesized high-frequency (high-qualitative) states that imply the absence of any selfish manifestations in life’s creativity of a human.

These states are structured with such qualities as Mercy, Patience, Empathy, Compassion, Responsibility, Expediency, Gratitude, Faith, Hope, Commitment, Openness, Honesty, cordial Initiative, Tolerance, Positivism, Friendliness, Cordiality, Understanding, Kindness, Responsiveness, All-Forgiveness ...

That is, the development of High-Sensual Intellect and High-Intellectual Altruism automatically implies the development, in an individual, of all above mentioned qualities, which have been brought into his consciousness at the time of transformation and conversion of his non-positive states.

Why was Altruism chosen for the Intellectual-Altruistic development model?

Altruism (from the Latin. Alter - «other») is a moral principle associated with the selfless assistance and improvement of lives of others, the sacrifice of own interests for the common good or interests of separate individuals. The term was introduced in the 19th century by French philosopher Auguste Comte, who summarized the basic principle of altruism, as "live for others." Being in a state of altruism, a person does not think about how he looks now, how would people around appreciate his actions, whether people will notice the good deed made by him.

Some psychological studies have shown that the "feel" of happiness in a person has close relationship with a penchant for altruistic actions. At that time the body releases the so-called altruistic hormone – oxytocin, discharged by hypothalamus; it produces in a person the state of happiness and satisfaction from showing altruistic activity, and improves his ability for social cognition. More recently this term began to be used in ethology and sociobiology, as well as studies of animal behavior and relationships. In natural conditions altruistic behavior can be seen in crows, dolphins, monkeys.

However, if we will consider altruism without intellect, then this kind of life creativity is also inherent in many types of animals. For example, the female cheetah pounces on a lion to protect her cubs, or a bird attacking a cat. The same applies to feeding of offsprings when parents give their food to feed them. There have been cases of drowning man rescued by dolphins, growing incidents of human cubs being brought up by monkeys. Mowgli - is not a myth!

What then is the difference between the Intellectual Altruism and various aspects of sensuality, or simple Altruism?

The main features of being in a state of intellectual Altruism - it is the practical application of conscious motivations and the use of accumulated experience to make the most quality decisions, due to which in the mind of the individual is modeled and build a logical argument of the universal Idea of radical welfare increase of ALL HUMANITY.

Permanent high-sensual need and inexhaustible desire (and not from time to time appearing interest) to constantly personally contribute to humanity’s development and to do everything to transform in society such deficiencies that hinder the rapid and effective implementation of this process. The person who is present in the state of Intellectual Altruism always strives to share the best he has, introducing such relationship outside the family circle or a narrow group.

But before this state can be reached, it is necessary to eliminate from own consciousness any manifestations of negativity, and to steadily direct own intellectual abilities to help others, regardless of how they will react to your sincere desire to help them. Intellectual altruism finds its true realization in the consciousness of the person, primarily through active actions, because he simply no longer can live differently, being convinced that it is right and just humanely!

In order to be truly altruistic, it is necessary to know a lot. Without a deep intellectual analysis of the situation a lot of fatal errors can be made by showing in own behavior the "naked" altruism. An example is the situation when a person asks for money to buy ticket to get home.

If you cannot assess the situation, you need to talk to this person and try to understand how honest his intentions are. If it turns out that a man pretends to be who he is not, it is necessary, with understanding of his situation, to try to convince him that it is not right to lead such lifestyle, that he should as soon as possible find motivation for the internal transformation and to change. Only if he listens to you, and decides to become a better person, by making a lot of effort, then in reality his life will improve quite soon.

If you give alms to beggar you should also make sure that he will not to spend it, say, on alcohol or drugs. Otherwise, you will actually push him to such actions that will aggravate his situation.

Also, a good example is the behavior of parents who spoil their child, striving to please him, shielding him from all sorts of stress and situations in life, not realizing that by doing so they fosters a person who is not socially adapted, unable to exercise basic positive qualities: gratitude, politeness, responsiveness, respect for others.

Such concepts as "good" or "bad", "us" or "them" do not exist for Intellectual Altruism. There is just a desire to help people become better, kinder, more intellectual, responsible, giving them the opportunity to learn, to develop and express their creativity.

Why is the Idea of intellectual-altruistic relations model in society is the key to our prosperous future?

The model of intellectually altruistic relations is part of the idea of building IIAIDC’s on the planet - International Information Centers of Altruistic-Intellectual development.

In IIAIDC person gets the opportunity to quickly realize that he is a psychologist and a healer for himself, and also on own example will be able to demonstrate what it means to be a harmoniously developed person, to become a support for others. By studying the advanced, progressive information about the structure of reality and the nature of the human psyche, individual gets better understanding of himself and everything that surrounds him; in his mind gradually emerges the integrity in relation to the setting of life priorities and goals, understanding the deeper meaning of all what is happening with him and around him; appears clarity about what to do with all internal dis-unified and negative views about people and life circumstances, the skill of quick work with negative states (to balance your mental state) is mastered.

This knowledge which is studied in IIAIDC is formed on the basis of cosmology (the order and evolution of the Universe), iissiidiology (individual’s connection with the Universe), psychology (the evolution of consciousness), sociology (the concept of positivism in the society), intersect with other scientific directions (quantum mechanics, medicine, genetics, etc.), and is continuously evolving.

It is also worth noting that the prerequisite for "intellectual and altruistic" model of relations in society is the need of conscious relinquishment from selfish tendencies and their limiting effect, and therefore, its replacement with new, more versatile, high-sensual and high-intellectual conceptions (which, in essence, are positive, constructive, and unselfish). The inner world of an individual who lives according to such worldview, is filled with the desire to bring benefit to the common cause, inspiring the people around for positive thinking - with own happiness, stable high-quality states, information, interests, good mood.

The gradual cultivation in the consciousness of the two major components of our human essence – High-Sensual Intellect and High-Intellectual Altruism, leads to a steady increase of awareness and sense of purposefulness in life of an individual, and the society as a whole.

Due to positive perception of surrounding reality such person gradually acquires the ability to easily overcome a variety of stressful situations and difficult life circumstances, improves health, and increases material prosperity. On one side his intellect brings ideas, and altruism sets them in the right direction, so that they really served for the good of the whole.

What is the meaning of what we call - to live for others, friends or even strangers?!

We all are part of the single Whole! At first glance - subjectively! – it may seem that another person, creature or just part of the reality around us - it is something separate from us, in no way connected to us. Such view of the world is one of the biggest misconceptions that is generated by the lack of better information about the true nature of the order of the reality around us.

We are all inextricably connected to each other at the information level, and at the level of thoughts, feelings, intentions and aspirations, and absolutely everything in our lives is their creation. By consciously or unconsciously manipulating the dynamics of various thought-emotional states, we show interest towards such states, and actively, as a magnet, by resonance, attract similar life situations and circumstances.

Therefore, we realize ourselves through these circumstances, accumulate such experience, change own attitude towards them. We either reject them, for example some negative mental state, replacing it with more qualitative motivation, or in reverse – start to more and more concentrate on positive thoughts and feelings, bringing them within the scope of own creativity, begin to deeper understand ourselves and others. Depending on the degree of our evolutionary maturity, we simply change the point of view in relation to something and take it more positively, by more connecting with it, or more negatively – dis-unified!

Working with own flaws and non-positive reactions, we gradually erase boundaries of perceiving ourselves as individuals, and realize that interests of other person are for us as important as our own, that us and him are striving to the same goal - to cognize ourselves!

Consciously being present in this state of love, understanding, service, we attract energy which is similar in quality, circumstances, people who will help us to quicker achieve this goal. Thus, according to the law of resonance - attraction of similar - and the worlds around us is gradually becoming better, cleaner and more favorable to us.

Based on the foregoing, it can be concluded that to live for others and love others - is beneficial! Beneficial not in terms of self-interest, but because of deep understanding of the evolutionary necessity of self-cognition in the desire of living for others, which later becomes a natural need to serve others, beginning with one person and gradually expanding the boundaries of this need to few acquaintances, and then to people we do not know, until the service of the all!

If everyone strives towards self-expression in that type of interpersonal relationships, then very soon there will be a radical transformation of society that will lead to major changes in science, industry, construction, art, in all areas of our life's work.

Don’t we all dream about such type of relationship?!


As mentioned above, Intellect (from the Latin. Intellectus) is the trinity of knowledge, understanding, and reasoning, and altruism (from the Latin. Alter) - another or others. It is in the deep confluence of intellect and altruism is founded a unique way of self-cognition – understanding yourself through another or others.

Based on these definitions, we can conclude that the fastest way for our harmonious development and building of prosperous future, is through an overall union of all who seek to improve themselves, of people around one Idea.

On this basis the Idea of centers that bring people together will lead towards the cultivation of high-sensual and harmonious relations in a society, based on intellectual-scientific and ethical-moral education programs.

This idea is able to attract and unite a lot of people on voluntary basis, who wish to harmoniously develop themselves and the society in general, based on the principles of positivism and the newest ideas about the relationship between individual and the universe. By bringing into life this idea in many countries, we can show by own example the real possibility of radical evolutionary changes in society, not sometime in the future, but right now, today!

For the fast and efficient implementation of this global project it is necessary to begin actively disseminate the idea of creation and organization of IIAIDC’s - International Information Centers for Intellectual-Altruistic Development, which should be supported not only by the public but also at the government level.




Author: Trigordiy





Translator: Astiyraalls