Why we are now witnessing a prolonged crisis of ideas in all areas of modern life? Why do the war and the various conflicts between people, countries, religions, and ideologies continue? How to get out of this outlook’s crisis and to stop the endless confrontation between people? How can we radically change the situation? What the models of the future are available today for humanity? What the options of the future does IIAIDC project encourage? Why the creation of our experimental centers of Altruism and Intellect around the world will be the first step toward more rightful and fair society?


My name is Kraullarrd. I live for the sake of the new unifying Idea of creating the network of International Information Altruism and Intellect Development Centers around the globe. I am responsible for spreading information about this unique project in the United States.I am constantly receiving inquiries from my FB friends asking to tell in a few words about the urgency of this project.

What the vital problems of the modern society our project can help to solve?

For the time being our humanity is in an acute shortage of fresh Ideas. We feel the crisis of the new ideas in all areas of life. In politics and social life. The quantity of wars and armed conflicts has been dramatically increased for the past years. The confrontation between different countries, religions and ideologies is growing every single day.

This leads already to the powerful geopolitical changes in the world. This leads to the forced and massive migration of the whole nations. We are all faced with the problem of refugees from trouble spots and it will not be so easy to solve this problem. Because at the same time practically in all parts of the world, many people have started to show very often the signs of chauvinism, racism or even opened fascism.

Some manifest at least an inner displeasure and complains. They prefer separating one people from others, “us” from “them”, “good” from “bad”. Deepest depressions and suicides have become the fate of many people. Not only the fate of the poorest or disadvantage ones but also those people seems to be very successful who have all what others can dream: money, wealth, fame and power. And they still have depressions.

Young people have lost their trust in the system and they are looking for an encouragement in alcohol, drugs and violence. 

In different arts and movies, are there many real masterpieces in the past years that have the real positive influence on human consciousness?

All religions have pricked the bubbles themselves and failed.

This many a day they have stopped to be a spiritual source and strong support for billions of people. So far, economic problems solving is nothing more than a short-term stopgap. The stock markets are to be blown out and then the new money notes will be printed again and again in order to save the situation. Although it is obvious already that even zero bank rate will not keep the world economy from the collapse.

Everybody feels that it is necessary to change everything in the most radical way. We need changes absolutely in all areas. Are there a fresh ways to come out of the crisis of Ideas? Many say that creating something new requires the destruction of the old. Since the old never want to give way voluntary than the new should battle with the old as a rule. That is why there are plenty of social protests everywhere in the world by any, even small reason. Of course, these people are ready and want to change something. But the problem is that even the most of progressive and active people in the world still prefer to struggle for something or with someone. We struggle with corporations. We struggle with so-called secret world government and their Orwellian new world order. We fight with corrupted officials and with their bosses at work.

Finally we fight with our closest relatives in own families making kind of confrontation or conflicts all the time. It is always possible to find a crying injustice somewhere and then struggle with the cause of this injustice. Many of us are even ready to destroy the source of the “evil” as we subjectively think.

I would like to ask you: “Do fights, struggle or forcible imposition even lightest and brightest ideas ever bring happiness to people?”

For ages, all religions, without exception declare equality, goodwill and unity, but in reality, they constantly destroy all those who do not agree with their dogmas in some way. Religions always look for both outside and inside enemies. As a result, wars and conflicts never stop. It becomes even worse. The world today stands on the edge of a disaster because people still willfully refuse to take into account others point of view when in conflict. Why are we unable to agree with each other? What is the reason? I think that for many people it is clear already that the position like “some bad and some good in the conflict” does not have any prospects for resolving contradictions. In my opinion, the main problems are connected to the fact that the vast majority of people in the world continue to live at various levels of double-dyed egoism.

Selves are their Gods and selfishness is their religion. I am talking about egocentrism starting in interpersonal relations, in families finishing the ego of whole countries or nations. It also happens that on a basis of personal interests and connections the rulers of the world today just realize their selfish ambitions, saying however that they act for the sake of their motherhood, country, citizens or Constitution.

Now many people talk about the new schemes of economic cooperation, they offer resource-based economic models saying that the root of evil is in the "lending rate" and existence of money. Others believe that when technological progress fully provide all the needs for people, the era of general welfare and happiness will come. However - is it possible?

Imagine that at such a critical level of selfishness there are unlimited opportunities for people to get all kinds of wealth in abundance. By the way, goods are already enough for all. I guess no matter how many goods people have, more than half of humanity will instinctively scoop, save up, stash away, stock up, and rot all that stuff.

Therefore, the economics and politics of the surrounding world is completely consistent with the level of collectively exhibited qualities: selfishness, ignorance, aggression and lack of spirituality. That is probably the main problem of our modern community is not that there is some shortage of material goods or injustice in their distribution, but the selfishness of each individual member of the community.

Many believe that the Messiah will finally come and liberate us from suffering. By irony of fate, every religion recognize and believe in their own prophets, proclaiming that other prophets are false. Someone is waiting for the good and kind extraterrestrial aliens who will solve our problems. Others talk about the miraculous transformation of Earth into the fifth dimension, and that soon the "golden age" will come, the new alleles of DNA will be opened and people will get unprecedented extraordinary abilities et cetera. Every day, people expect changes. However, the Messiah still does not come and Golden Age does not happen. Why? The reason is the same: The consciousness of humanity is not ready for such changes yet.

After all, if people today generally have an access to such internal reserves as clairvoyance, telepathy, levitation, teleportation, and so on, they would immediately commence utilizing these abilities for “beloved” themselves.

If without fair and favor we analyze the situation we are now, we will probably understand that we simply do not deserve better living conditions so far.

Because most people do permanently exhibit the animal and inhuman nature as well as an impulsive and instinctiveness, and then just project the same bad qualities to others. Of course we can continue to blame in all troubles the dark World Government or the Federal Reserve System , the banks, bankers or the notorious lending rate, the governments of the United States or Russia, North Korea, China or the European Union, We can blame LGBT community, radical religious fanatics, international terrorism, Zionism or even bad and evil aliens. We always can find someone’s fault that we live badly. Is that actually so?

May each of us, without any bias with their hand on heart, estimate our own life choices for manifestations of selfishness in different situations and perhaps, then we will be able to answer ourselves whether we deserve living in the Golden Age or not.

From all that I have said we can come to a logic conclusion that to change the existing order is not possible as long as every member of the society starts to change themselves. It is necessary to change our Consciousness from ego perception of reality to more altruistic.

To change one need both a burning desire and knowledge of how to do so. So, we need to use our Intellect to reach this goal as well. Therefore, we create experimental International Information Altruism and Intellect Development Centers for all people who want to change something in the world and are already aware that to do so they need to change themselves.

Our centers are places to unite millions of people around the idea free of any political, economic, national, social or religious dogmas and bindings. The Idea is to bring benefits to all people, to all humanity, not the separate group, which is united by any characteristics. This social experiment will be the first step towards creating the right society of the future where human relationships are based on real human principles: Positivism and Responsibility, Mercy and Compassion, Acceptance and Understanding, Openness and Tolerance, Oneness and Good for all people, Intellect and Altruism.

Yes, these beautiful words will remain empty if you do not know how to put them into practice in everyday life. Only the ‘live example “can demonstrate the many advantages of intellectual-altruistic model of behavior.

Members of our Centers are intended to be such an example. They show to other people by their own daily choices, all the details and advantages of these new relationships.You may certainly note that every person can have a very subjective interpretation of any concept, especially when it comes to moral and ethical norms and rules.

Where do we get criteria that everyone can use to define individually the real meaning of the human qualities I have mentioned before? We extremely need a completely new idea, which can help to pull billions of people out of deep cloaca of selfishness and ego-centrism, arrogance and desire to survive at any cost. The new idea should be based on absolutely new knowledge. And such knowledge already exists!

Iissiidiology - the newest cosmological knowledge about the Universe and a human being. The knowledge is able to teach people how to create a new society, more perfect, more human-like than the current one. It is the basis for implementation of the intellectual and altruistic way of development for some part of our humanity. In my opinion, all other options either less effective and reliable, or just lead us to a dead end.

For the past 15 years at IIAIDCs we have been developing and adopting the unique methods of radical escape from the most selfish and negative behavioral reactions. The special techniques also help people who are interested to discover their own psyche and intellectual potential. This technique is called “Method of positive projections”.

You are welcome to visit our websites to learn in details about Iissiidiology, our methods, program, goals and objectives.

But you should better visit one of our existent Centers to see it your own eyes, to experience the new human relationships yourself.

In a conclusion, I would like to say that today there are certainly many great projects aimed to create a bright future for humanity, but, in my opinion, most of these projects do not consider the main component of what I was saying.

It is the need to change radically people’s Consciousness and mind toward real Human principles. The qualities I have mentioned above are vital in that respect: Positivism and Responsibility, Mercy and Compassion, Acceptance and Understanding, Openness and Tolerance, Oneness and Making Good for all people, Intellect and Altruism

We are ready to enrich any existing project by our unique methods and we will be glad to collaborate with any positive groups and communities, in case their goal is to ensure the common good for all on our beloved planet.

I understand that for many of you, all that I have said may sound naïve.

Unfortunately, for such a short time it is simply impossible to prove why the reorientation of the human Consciousness to these human qualities will radically change the situation in the society. But this is not my goal today to convince sceptics. Although I am quite confident in the idea myself. I just invite the skeptical parties to try it themselves! Do not simply sweep our idea away as another utopia!

Just imagine that there are centers like this in every country, every city, and every place in the world. Everywhere. People become better anyway and it will definitely change the world around us to better.

Joint our project! Let us try together to change something! It is also possible that the joint process of co- creation International Information Altruism and Intellect Development Centers will finally bring to you personally, like many of us, the happiness incomparable to anything. The happiness that your heart and soul have already pined away from nostalgia.




Author: Kraullarrd