Dear Friends, today we want to tell you about the characteristics that is normal for the human of the future.

Each one of us have the oppurtunity to be a human of the future, all have already traveled through the wide open spaces of the universe and have had lives not only inside our planet, but also on other planets. To continue our concious existence as humans of the future we need to find features that are peculiar to a Human of the Future, putting emphasis on Human with a capital letter. There is no comparison to what lies ahead for the future of Humanity with regard to electronic communications and various scientific achievents of today.

Existing relationships between people are deprived of warm heartedness, openness and a deeper sense of connections. For some modern humans, there is no time to indulge in spiritual experiences, because they are so wrapped up in the
technological innovations and all the things it gives them.Some people are so wrapped up in rational selsfish behaviors and they have no idea what kind of future they are manifesting.

Most modern people of today are drawn to rational selfish tendencies that manifest in the form of consumerism and is thus guided by their choices that benefit only themselves. Each one of us are able to create our future with our thoughts and emotions. We can create a life for you where we use not just single letters, but a combination of words that fit together to enlighten you. Most people are not able to experience high spiritual experiences and does not even know what it is.

The relationship between a mother and a child is accepted as the standard for the highest altruistic manifestation, but even in this kind of relationship there are moms that only want to be a mother due to beneficial reasons to receive merchandise.

Maternal feelings are often dictated by intuitional behavior that is also inherent in animals. There are many examples within nature. Animals and birds are able to show no less love and care towards their cubs and even show the courage and endurance that is not inherent within humans. Some species of birds extract food for their chicks for twenty four hours a day. Penguins do not eat or drink for four months, keeping milk in the craw for a future penguin and at they same time
they hold the egg carefully in their paws, protecting it from the cold and any damage and by doing this they save the life of their future chick.

There are still many other qualities like loyalty that is common not only for us as humans, but also for animals. Everyone knows about the ability of cats and dogs to experience a deep devotion towards a human. A dog or cat can wait for years for a guardian that has left them. We cannot call qualities like that a manifestation of altruism, because it is a manifestation of instinctive natural altruism and has nothing to do with human altruism.

The love between a mother and her child is not a manifestation of concious altruism. The love is dictated by the innate instincts to preserve the generation inherent in all animals and a blind mother's love can even harm society. A mother that love's blindly condones certain behavioral patterns onto a beloved child and as a result, when the child becomes an adult, he is extremely callous, brutal and aggresive towards other people, because this kind of love makes him unable to show compassion,
empathy and an understanding of which many species of animals are able to show.

This kind of love becomes the main cause of the particularly cruel, cynical, ruthless and immoral monsters within the human community. Fanatical love for ones own people or nation leads to such consequences, converting many people with underdeveloped personalities into blind slaves of another persons will and they do not notice any victims to their criminal devotion. Their altruism is based on despotism and cruelty. Their readiness for self sacrifice has nothing to do with highly intelligent and high sensual conditions peculiar for the Future Human.

Another very common type of a false type of altruism that does not have the slightest relevance to it, but is exibited by religious fans, skillfully manipulating people for their own selfish gain, rather than sincere aspirations to the people within spirituality.
Even today the world religions become the hotbeds of the categorically inadmissable and malicious ignorance, the war mongers of intranational discords and the cruelest religious wars.

Therefore, the religious trends and concepts, which for some reason limits peoples aspirations to qualitive self improvement, to the intelectual and spiritual development, that is not inherent in the concept of the development of the direction of
human evolution and this is also foreign to people. It is simply unacceptale to mix the fanatical religious devotion and self sacrifice generated by this devotion, bordering on recklessness and savagery with the manifestations of high intelligence and high sensual conditions of the Future Humans.

So what is Concious Altruism?

When you begin to feel a clear need to give to others and share sincerely, then it is a clear sign that you show true altruism. The dynamic of your state of awareness refocus you in a scenario where this implememtation is maximally pronounced
and it allows you to refocus in more qualitive implementations. It is a well known fact that those who give have far more than the rich who only own things temporarily. When you give, you never lose anything and you gain so much more in the process and you gain something that is more valuable and neccesary for your growth as a person.

From a psycological point of view, the greedy and avaricious people, no matter how rich they are, is poorer than a begger, because they are not able to feel the joy of giving to others. Charity is just one of infinite variations of partial satisfaction methods
of the imperishable internal state of this spiritual need. This act of kindess never fades and increases constantly by doing good for others without expecting any gratitude, honor or recognition.

This is the same as high intelligence and if it is not implemented then why is there a need to live?

Altruism and Intelligence are two inseperatable parts of a single highly creative stream in which one cannot exist without the other. The intelligence opens up the possibilities of the continuous mastering of increasingly complex information.
The altruism allows experiencing the deepest and highest feelings. In the dynamic of close interaction of these two forces, a reliable meaning is born when a similtanious realization occurs and that is a biological type for the Future Human.

Here is what can happen without high, logical, analytical and intuitive motivations, without the presence of an unconditional desire in self conciousness to serve the other "people" gratuitously.

  • In a state of emergency the need for unconditional spiritual experiences comes forth with responsibility.
  • That is no different than the liability of a watchman, accountant or any other person that holds the position of a materialistic kind of profession to personally gain from the experience.
  • Love and Mercy will be replaced by full hearted affection by the ones who are loved the most and will become a blind maternal devotion to a precious child, but this will allow an indifference or negativite side to all other children and their parents.
  • Self Esteem and decency within human behavior will be ostentatious, generously flavored by a hypocrisy and a desire to look better, more successfull, intelligent and spiritual than they really are.
  • Preserverence will fall to a level of stupid mulish obstinacy in achieving sordid motives.
  • Aspiration to higher ideas and creative spiritual realiztions will be replaced by the powerful selfish desire to publicly put out a deep rooted ambition, shoving common place truths down people's throats and none will be understood deeply nor apply to anyone's lives.

Gradually mastering the different states of high sensual intellect and high intellectual wisdom, takes us beyond any kind of selfish implementations. This determines our potential readiness to create active participation in the Cosmic Programs that are no longer limited to the creative field of just our Planetary entity. These programs allow all to conciously realize the purpose of inherent altruistic wisdom, along with many formo-systems of the worlds that structure  the Star-Galactic levels of other realities and continuums.

Those who read or study Iissiidiology, already know in which time we are living and that it is moving along rapidly and how changing of eras is going by within a fast pace, due to the fact of all of us that are intesively improving the quality of our own thinking and feeling.

Before now, transitional periods use to take decades, but now it only takes years in which things change at an immense speed and along with this the population of earth change and the attitudes within society and thus society itself. In as much as everything exists in accordance with the law of parrarel worlds, there are many options for the development of humanity in this present moment and thus many scenarios through which humanity must pass. If we want to stay within the pure human state of being and continue our creativity within the human worlds, we need to imagine how we would like our reality to be and what qualities a person of the futue would hold and what we need to change to become such person.

If we do not begin to conciously change we will change unconciously, shifting narually and automatically into non human worlds where there will either be bio-robots or we will undergo a variety of natural disasters, pandemics, wars and other corrective planetary mechanisms.

Major orienting points for the development of a natural human way are high sensual intelligence and highly intelligent altruism. These are the features of our thinking and the sensual dynamic that moves us closer to the natural human of the future.

Our task is to develop these features and to apply it within our daily lives and then into the choices we make. After all, a human is not able to approve him/herself as a human if he/she is alone. For a collective creativity to rise, IIAIDC's, International, Information Altruism and Intellect Development Centers are being build, where anyone can expand not only the ideas about themsleves and the surrounding world, but also to contribute to our common future by actively participating in joint collective activity with people who want to work together to build a human society based on the ideas and principles that IISSIIDIOLOGY offers.

Thank you dear friends for paying attention to this message. We would like everyone who watch this video to feel the degree of responsibility and the importance of the time in which we find ourselves. We embrace you and wish you full understanding, patience and continious spiritual growth, for the benefit of yourselves and all of our human community.


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