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Maria Deutsch from Wisconsin and Kraullarrd from Florida, USA. Riilltuurrs, Illigllarass, Ormala, Oollsprookkss, Braallbriong, Draaolldliss, Akstandillia, Vella (all from Crimea, Russia). Saygorssollona from St. Petersburg and Dmitry Gerasimov from Moscow, Russia as well as Valeriy Sirotyuk from Kiev, Ukraine. Special thanks to people of Sevastopol, Russia for expressing their views about Love.
Thank you ALL from the bottom of our hearts! This is a simple characteristic example of how the people from different countries, regardless of their prevailing mentalities and points of view, are definitely able to successfully CO-CREATE together. To CO-CREATE, a common idea, will for collaboration, and wish to make something for others are necessary! If you care not only about yourselves but also not indifferent to others, a steady "crisis of ideas" in the modern community simply force us to look for new, innovative solutions for radically changing the existing order. PLEASE JOIN our unique project to CO-Create together the INTERNATIONAL INFORMATION ALTRUISM AND INTELLECT DEVELOPMENT CENTERS (IIAIDC) all over the world. The Centers will focus on the most advanced scientific, spiritual and psychological knowledge in the modern society including the latest cosmological concepts. Such awakening will become the first step in the transition to creating new real heart-human governance systems for our world in the nearest future.


Love is always unconditional caring, sincere interest for the welfare and spiritual development of those we love and the need to share everything that is within us like joy, beautiful thoughts and feelings, information, interests and our good moods.

Love means to always be active with your own manifestations. Love means to always be ready to help, sincerely respond to a call and in case of need, gladly sacrificing the most valuable of what you have, for the sake of someone else's spiritual self improvement and development.

However, it is not your responsibility to be liable for someone else and to believe that you need to facilitate him, that will only aggravate and complicate his spiritual growth. In fact, depriving him of the better opportunities for independent implementation of more qualitative choices.

To be able to learn how to truly love, it is necessary to truly know, because high frequency knowledge can contribute to the understanding of many complex, ambiguous things, that which cause confusion and effects on relationships.

Whenever you are in a difficult moment and you are having trouble to figure out what to do in a situation, ask yourself the question: "What would love do in this case" and then follow your heart and your intuition.

It will happen often that the best choice you make do not serve other people and they might not be satisfied with how the events have turned out or they cannot see your decision in perspective. In this case you should trust yourself even more, even if people blame you or call you out for it.

Starting now, use every moment in your life to have thoughts that serve you on the highest level and pronounce to all people, no matter what your relationship with them, most noble and loving words and commit to the most worthy and respectable actions, maintaining the highest aspirations and altruistic interests of each other. Then you will disclose the the true warmth in every human.

Love with love so that every moment of your relationship with someone else is a manifestation of love. Use your amiability and tolerance as gifts to others, do not give in to misunderstandings, eternal cavils and criticism.

Forgive any form of insult that manifests itself in relation to you.

Go through life in a positive manner and with understanding.

Be sincere and people will believe you and start to follow you.

With love!


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