In this video presentation we are introducing Sloullings that are held in Crimean IIAIDC “Aiilliiss.”  Sloulling is a unique mode of sharing of experience and knowledge based on combination of several approaches: seminars, lectures, practical training sessions, meditations and personal example of ayfaar way of life.

Sloullings are held during 21 days and presuppose continuous staying in IIAIDC. During this period of time you will be able to plunge into a friendly and positive ayfaar life, to switch over to perception of your inner world and to assert yourself in the newest ideas and conceptions about yourself and your personal life.

The South coast of Crimea is the important role of sloulling’s productiveness. The fresh and clean air, proximity to the sea and the greatness of Crimean mountains will give you additional opportunities contributing to reconsideration and psycho-mental refreshment.

The program is organized in a way that harmoniously combines development of mental and sensual parts of our psych.

Center’s daily schedule offers not only a rich educational program, but also an active participation in ayfaar life that contributes to an intensive self-improvement of personal psyche. Such powerful dynamic allows every participant to feel himself a NEW HUMAN by the end of the third week.

Sloulling Study Program

Sloulling’s study program consists of six general blocks. The lectures on iissiidiology axiomatic in symbiosis with the song meditation practice form the program’s foundation. The program also includes the series of lectures on intellectual-altruistic model of relationships, the study of non-positivisms theory, ayfaar self-analysis and the theory of goals formulation.

Let’s go into detail on every particular block of the study program.

A participation in ayfaar sloulling gives a unique opportunity to every participant to deepen one’s perceptions in a place, where Iissiidiology is studied scrupulously and systematically, and by this, thus, being a foundation in development of human Intellect. Sloulling’s program includes course of lectures on Issiidilogy axiomatic. Lectures are given by ayfaarians, who take an active participation in development and dissemination of this Knowledge. The goal of this course – to help listeners to form general perceptions about the origin and mechanism of Self-consciousness functioning, Space-Time structure, paths of human consciousness evolution and its place in cosmos.

A specific course of training is devoted to a subject: the Structure of Personality.  As a rule, questions about the structure of personality arouse a huge interest – as these perceptions do form the basis for every further practice of self-improvement. During the training the participants learn many-worlds structure, and Levels of Self-Consciousness, basics of Focus Dynamics formations, and also the purpose and mechanism of Issiidi centers functioning.

Ayfaar song meditation is a dynamic one – it is held in the form of collective song performance. The purpose of Ayfaar songs and images, that appear during the performance, help to recreate in your imagination the best positive life moments, aspirations and dreams. By combining them together, you can repeatedly experience these high vibrational emotions. Due to sensual aspects of the singing process, cordial and highly positive meaning of words,  -- the song meditation tunes and helps to record on unconscious levels feelings of joy, happiness, love and benevolence.

Song evenings are held every week during sloullings. This is the process of deep immersion in a world of heartfelt harmony and simultaneously – it is an opportunity to open up your inner world and to share with your positive states of mind with other participants. Also, our vocal lessons help to develop the mastery in solo and chorus singing.

The course of lectures on Ayfaar Self-analysis is presented in the form of seminars directed to master constructive analysis of one’s own psychic manifestations (reactions). This becomes possible by developing the “Observer” state of mind, and by applying analytical algorithms and instruments. During the lessons on ayfaar Self-analysis you will be learning to track cause-effect interconnections and to dis-identify yourself from destructive models of behavior.

Gradually gathering and analyzing long-term ayfaar experience of self-improvement, we step by step do form a unique method of self-analysis based on multiworld and multidimensional properties of our Self-Consciousness. Also, we gathered effective practices which, if applied on a permanent basis, will help everyone to become more conscious, to sort out in one’s own negative reactions, and to learn how to maintain positive states of mind on a constant basis.

If you are already familiar with iissiidiology, than it is not a secret for you that an intensity of our spiritual growth is held back by non-positive manifestations in our self-consciousness. In exchange of getting rid of them, we get the wings of soul – Love and inner Harmony. By coping with non-positivisms, we are able to openly and sincerely manifest Joy and unconditional Benevolence. Ayfaar practical training sessions of non-positivisms studies gives an opportunity to understand the mechanics of origin and manifestation of destructive states of mind. It helps to profoundly sort out in your psych, to find all the “hidden barriers,” that spoil relations with relatives, friends and colleagues, preventing to live to the fullest inner potential. In this course of training you will consecutively and methodically study negative reactions, as well as their manifestation signs. Also, you will learn the radical methods of working with the negative states of mind that will accelerate your spiritual growth.

Moreover, it is important to have a clarity of goals for harmonious development. The change of thinking to cultivate Intellect and Altruism principles demands a profound revision of one’s system of values, and priorities in development. During the course devoted to goals and self-image improvement, we offer to participants a complex multistage method of reconsideration of vital interests and we help to streamline and create your own Goals. Also, we will be forming a qualitative Self-image.

Simultaneously with the abovementioned courses, right from the sloulling’s start, the participants begin to master an intellectual-altruistic model of relationships. This course of training accumulates Ayfaarian long-term experience in application of Altruism and Intellect criteria. During this course of training you will get answers to the following questions: “Who are Ayfaarians?” “What are their life principles?”, “What are the practical ways to cultivate highly spiritual states of mind as highly-sensual Intellect and highly-intellectual Altruism?” and “What is the True Human development direction?”

And, of course, sloulling’s integral part is the course on meditation. First, to grasp the meditation’s principles and techniques, you will master the meditation’s theory. Second, the instructors will teach you how to quickly and effectively achieve meditative states of mind. During 15 practical lessons from this course you will develop imagination, and will form a high quality habit to meditate on a daily basis. Our experience showed that exactly collective meditation trainings are the most effective for beginners because this form of training promotes higher concentration and achievement of deeper states of mind.

Also, the sloulling’s program consists of general educational courses. Information about DNA, hormones, and the brain structure helps to build additional “bridges” in your Self-Consciousness to have a deeper understanding of Iissiidiology. Moreover, it helps to find additional motivations during the self-improvement process.

In the end of sloulling’s program overview we would like to express a hope that every participant will master the program’s materials and will express his or her feedback, sharing personal experience, knowledge and skills.

Ayfaar Lifestyle

Collective work is an integral part of Ayfaar Lifestyle. By stimulating team spirit and creating opportunities for altruism development, collective physical work creates a feeling of complicity to realization of International Intellect and Altruism Development Centers idea. The sloulling’s program proposes collective altruistic work practice three times a week.

During the good weather, -- and in Crimea this is almost always the fact – we create beauty and harmony by working outdoors with plants and trees. By developing altruism through the collective physical work practice, we solve the goal of harmonious functioning of our Center. During this practice, we don’t forget to communicate, to share impressions with each other, and to collectively look for answers on vital life issues. – and by this becoming one united Team. Collective work is a valueless opportunity to be among like-minded people who understand and share our aspirations.

When the weather permits, the song meditations are organized outdoors around ayfaar campfire. During this highly sensual practice among the true friends, we share with our reconsiderations and inspirations, make a declaration of love and ask for forgiveness. Often, exactly during this practice difficult life issues are resolved. Also, often after the song meditation is over, we discuss together our future plans, make collective decisions and share with our Joy.

The special event in the sloulling’s program is Subbotnik, which combines collective work, joint dinner and creative performances. In Crimean IIAIDC “Aiilliiss” Saturday is a special day, which from an early morning is filled with inspiration and unity. This day sums up all week’s experience and allows switching oneself from intensive perception of new information to sensual dynamic of communication and relaxation.

Sunday is a joint spare time – we organize excursions to Crimea’s attractions, visit Yalta, relaxations on the sea and hikes in mountains. Such Sunday programs allow everyone to have a rest from the intensive sloulling’s program, to summon up fresh energy for further mastering of information.

From previous sloulling’s feedback, one of the important part for participants during sloullings was their communication with each other and Ayfaarians. An atmosphere of openness and sincerity promotes faithful contact and finding the solutions of participant’s unresolved, before participating in sloulling, vital life issues. An opportunity to openly share one’s experiences and inspirations helps to resolve old, deeply restrained emotions that prevent to find inner balance and harmony.

As a rule, sloulling’s program ends with a great holiday. Ayfaar holiday is an amazing combination of creative self-realization opportunities, initiative and, of course, holiday’s feast. The holiday’s atmosphere is supported by toasts and wishes, while other participants or creative groups demonstrate their own song, music, dance or theatrical mastery. Ayfaar holiday purpose is not only to have fun, but it is also an opportunity of altruistic creative self-discovery, to overcome barriers of shyness and false modesty during public performances. This kind of holidays allow revealing hidden potential of high sensuality, heartiness and sincerity.

Dear Friends, if such words as “altruism,” “heartiness,” “truthfulness” have special meaning to you; if you are really ready to qualitatively change the world by first of all self-improvement – welcome to our Center!




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