The idea of creating International Information Altruism and Intellect Development Centers across the globe relentlessly inspires many people from different countries. But unfortunately, not everyone has the opportunity to participate directly in the organization and arrangement of these Centers. Therefore, those who are located far away from our center get involved in various joint projects remotely. Fortunately, modern means of communication allow very effectively doing that.

And so it happens that people working for several years on the same project have never met each other "personally". And now, for a group of like-minded people currently living in North America and who participate in various joint projects around the development and spread of Iissiidiology and IIAIDC ideas, finally, came the time to meet each other at IIAIDC Liiyllfliiss in Florida, USA.



The idea of ​ joint meeting was born as if from nowhere, "by accident", but it instantly inspired everyone. Almost all, in just a few hours, were able to neutralize all possible obstacles to come, and everything turned out very favorably.

For the meeting people came from different parts of the United States and Canada. Some came eo Liiyllfliiss for the first time. Many did not know each other, but it did not prevent from the first minute to feel the atmosphere of cordiality, spiritual kinship and unconditional joy of meeting like-minded people. It was amazing to see how people, who only heard of each other previously, met like good old friends, hugged each other like closest family members, as if we lived for thousand years together. So all fears went away quickly, uncertainties and stiffness were replaced by simplicity and sincerity.

All of us were full of unquenchable desire to do something useful in our common home, to bring a piece of their unconditional love to Liiyllfliiss. Therefore, all were very inspired by the idea of creating a new Ayfaar mango garden. Each gladly donated funds for the purchase of 12 exclusive varieties of mango trees and three exotic fruit trees “custard apple”.

After breakfast and song’s meditation, we started planting the garden together. Everyone worked very joyfully and enthusiastically. All intuitively felt the rise of unusual magic. It was not just the planting of trees, but also the implementation of some important sacred action that could powerfully influence the fate of everyone.

We managed to improve the garden and wine yard a lot.When working we joked and talked a lot: discussed various Iissiidiology aspects, and many features of transformational work of own inner mental state.

Various non-positive manifestations we tried to voice straight away, jointly analyzed them, and any slightest conflict situations were solved immediately. Using IIAIDC’s unique “Method of positive projections” and the new Openness made ​​it possible to experience a greater degree of sincerity and closeness between all of us.

Almost all of the time, except sleeping, was spent in conversations - we could not part until late at night. Although only few people had enough rest during those days, but it did not matter because the most important thing was the sense of community, spiritual unity and the ability to discuss important issues.

The main directions in which Liiyllfliiss can be developed in various scenarios in the near future were voiced and discussed in details. Additionally a very difficult financial situation at IIAIDC Florida was favorably resolved, thanks to firmly set altruistic intentions of Ayfajuloris from New York, United States and Aystiyraalls from Saskatchewan, Canada - to financially help by paying  bills on monthly basis, to ensure the normal functioning of Liiyllfliiss. We are glad to note that no special assistance was asked from them. They themselves have intuitively felt the situation and sincerely offered such an important help for today’s Liiyllfliiss. Such cordial impulses are invaluable for Liiyllfliiss! Thank you guys from the bottom of our hearts!

Many hours were spent discussing the strategy and tactics for further work on the dissemination of Iissiidiology knowledge, the Ideas of IIAIDC and human principles of Altruism and Intellect.

In the morning of the last day, the whole team went to the site on which the IIAIDC complex is being built in some future scenarios, where several thousand people will be able to live and work.  The original project of such a grand scale is being planned to be constructed.

Then we went to the ocean together, and on the way had a non-stop discussion about the future plans, particularities of self-development and changing consciousness by the method of "positive projection.

On the last night, we chose individual farewell songs for meditation, so it helped to answer the most important questions or problems that each has at that moment. Then until the midnight we had long diverse conversations - every minute spent with close, like-minded friends was valued.

Many have left with firm intention to move to Florida as quickly as possible to be able to give more of their spiritual and mental power to ensure more people would learn about Iissiidiology and the IIAIDC idea in order letting other people to be inspired by the atmosphere of cordiality and openness, and that they would want to support and improve it with own aspirations and inspirations. Sincere thank you for the wonderful time and altruistic help!

    See you soon at IIAIDC’s!




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