Dearest Friends!

With the fast growth of technological and industrial development in our modern society today, many of us are unable to master and stay on track with the latest and newest technological novelties. Even if one has the time to master these skills, there is always an acceleration of fast pace technological growth. These rapid technological developments that facilitate our existence and scientific discoveries expand the horizon of our knowledge and are undoubtedly very good and useful for all people living on earth.

However in this fast and boundless chase of new achievements, we completely lose the conscious awareness of ourselves and become detached from our natural state of being. Most have become detached from their natural state of existence, their spirituality, cordiality and sincerity, sympathy and tolerance, mercy and self-sacrifice, mutual help and altruism. People today live in a comfort zone, more civilized, more communicable, more operational, but with that something very good and necessary started to gradually leave our way of being and living. Our interrelations are lost within the matrix and our children do not remember it at all...

Our intentions are to enhance every person’s state of being, so that the very Idea of our existence is lived once again. It is truly necessary for this technological race to start living better, more comfortable, HAPPIER, INSPIRED and MORE SINCERE.

It is not too late for us to start recalling, restoring, and anew a quality state of living. It will take all of us to bring this Idea to life! Allot of things have been lost and forgotten, but it is possible to bring it all back and to help every single person on earth to harmoniously connect with new technologies and modern communication possibilities.

Our desire to build international informational Centers, of intellectual-altruistic people development,(IIAIDC), in many countries of our planet, is exactly linked to the realization of this global Idea. These Centers will become the possibility for many people to overcome the fear of solitude. It will distract young people from drugs, crime, and computer dependence.

The main essence of the realization of this great project consists of: A general and in-depth introduction to make all people on earth consciously aware of what is possible and to introduce a clear understanding to be fully present in the process of development. All people have TWO main components – Intellect and Altruism and without that there is even no point to discuss any effective evolution the human civilization.

There is already a huge number of people who are ready for these choices and who can’t wait to unite with other people. The inner vision, understanding and mutual realization of this universal concept can become a reality for our planets future. We refer to intellect as the essence of all intellectual experience. This is already accumulated not only by science, but also by other applicable knowledge. The same goes for universal interpretation of Altruism – a natural state of any human to use their own talents within a community for the greater good of all. To step away from the current popular, but extremely limited conceptions about family, religions, nations, countries, political structures would be good for the sake of rapid harmonious development of all people on earth. If we don’t help to raise the self-consciousness of all people on earth, we can only expect more wars, aggression, and lack of understanding, selfishness, and quick degradation as humans in the future.

We need to be able to harmoniously and effectively coexist with one another. This new way of living comes forth only after the successful implementation of organizational preconditions and after the introduction of this global Idea that can be implemented into modern human society. Our society is overrun by various religions, political societies, economical and philosophical dogmas, artificial limitations, unintelligent and arrogant ego centrism, nationalism and chauvinism which are extremely ignorant by its consuming nature.

Let’s examine what exactly IIAIDC offers to the society today.

Why Altruism was chosen for IIAIDC?

If anyone has to choose between altruism and egoism, then altruistic would be the better choice for the harmonious development of any individual. An altruistic position is more evolutionary, then egoistic.

Altruism (from Latin alter – “other”) is a moral principle and implies to generously help other people and sacrifice your own interests for the benefit of the interests of the majority of other individuals. The term was introduced by French philosopher Auguste Might in 19th century, who summarized the fundamental principle of altruism as: “Live for others”.

When experiencing the state of altruism, a person does not think about how he looks or how people will view his/her actions, or if people will notice the good deeds done by him/her. Altruism goes hand in hand with qualities such as openness, spiritual initiative and honesty. In this state you want to give away all the best that you have, to share with others the wonderful thoughts, feelings, information, good spirit and any help that may be required.

For the successful development of a society today, people need to invest themselves into public projects. An open world brings freedom. Altruistic openness means cooperation between people and understanding the interdependence of their interests.

Why Intellect was chosen for IIAIDC?

"Intellect (from Latin intellectus – “understanding”) – it is the ability to be cognitive of the world, solving real life scenarios and achievements of set goals which unite all cognitive capabilities of human (feeling, perception, memory, representation, thinking, imagination).

Intellect is based on logic and analysis, as well as the interrelation of mind with intuition, leading to “sudden” insights in understanding to a set task and finding a solution. Deficiencies of intellect development in a greater degree, prohibits the process of adaptation of an individual in a group and in a professional development. It also contributes to frequent depression and increase of internal psychological state of conflict. With weak intellect development in general, an individual demonstrates low indices of IQ, knowledge and self-development, analysis of one’s own experience (adequate judgment of own weak and strong sides) and insufficient all-round development. Such individuals often do not understand or do not know where to direct their activity, which provokes them in a state of apathy, weak will, deep depression, tendency to consume alcohol and various drug dependency, emotional emptiness, phobia and suicidal moods.

It is possible to make a conclusion - An increase of the quality of social interrelations in a society is not possible without the increase of intellectual level of the population.

Why altruistic-intellectual model of behavior in society – is the model of the future?

Intellect brings the ideas, and Altruism directs the application of these ideas appropriately so that they would serve for the good of everything.

The “Intellectually-altruistic” model of relations in a society implies the necessity of a gradual conscious move from egoism and an influence of limiting programs of consciousness towards altruism. Supported by deep intellect (which by nature is positive, constructive and not egoistic), the desire to be beneficial to a common cause, inspiring people around them to think positive by showing their own happiness, beautiful thoughts and feelings, information, interests and just being in a good mood.

Life based on “intellectual-altruistic” interrelations leads to unity (synchronization of the right and left hemispheres of human brain). As a consequence, this leads towards a natural acquisition of a human with wisdom and an understanding that we are responsible for everything around us.

In order to be really altruistic, it is necessary to be well educated. Without deep intellectual analysis of a prevailing situation one can demonstrate behavior such as “naked” altruism and then it is possible to make a lot of irreversible mistakes.

An example of this is when one is in a situation to show a person with an addictive personality that they can change their lifestyle. Then without any necessary judgment an intelligent conversation should take place to convince this person of his/her destructive lifestyle. One must see in advance that perhaps by helping out with money, that it can be used for buying whatever this person is addictive to. Then it is possible to push this person to making his/her situation even worse.

Therefore IIAIDS’s methods develop Intellect on the same level as Altruism.

Why IIAIDC is the International Center?

In IIAIDC every individual who is willing to focus on their own development and the development of society in general, irrespective of their religion, nationality, and social level, will develop their own view of the world, learn to love, respect and help others, be less egoistic, to think about how people are effected people around them, and to trust.

Why IIAIDC is Informational Center?

“IIAIDC – it is an Informational Center that presents an opportunity for everyone to obtain answers to vital questions that are of interest.

It presents the possibility to all who are willing to learn and become educated within various professions in modern knowledge of medicine, physics, psychology etc. These kinds of studies will allow that individual to see humanity and the Universe in new light.

Another idea that we have for this Center, is to harmoniously promote an ordinary person to realize that he/she can become a psychologist or a healer themselves. People will then learn how to be a perfect example for others, by studying the newest information that holds the structure of the surrounding reality and nature of the human psyche.

The following will be brought together into the IIAIDC: cosmology (design and evolution of the Universe), iissiidiology (the connection of a human with the Universe), psychology (development of consciousness), and sociology (conception of positivismin a society). All this knowledge that lies in the foundation of the Center’s activity will intersect with other scientific directions like quantum mechanics, medicine, genetics etc. Each category will be continuously updated and developed.

What is the essence if IIAIDC Idea?

The main Idea behind the creation of this Center is to unite people who want to develop their skills and their perceptions of the world and implementing that into society as well as the rest of the world, creating a positive outlook on life for all and living by example to show the possibility of a radical evolutionary change within society today.

The main idea behind IIAIDC is the creation of a confident and positive psychological atmosphere where people will learn harmonious and peaceful interaction with one another. To learn to live according these principles and implementing it within their own lives as well.

What is the importance and uniqueness of IIAIDC Idea?

IIAIDC Uniqueness:

Although there are many other places that practice peaceful and harmonious interactions, IIAIDC does not have any analogues to date and will be the first to have all these combined ideas to help each individual develop in a positive manner within any society.

In this Center a person will have the opportunity to be introduced with the newest scientific achievements and will have a clearer perspective of knowledge within each field. With the help of experienced specialists working within the Center, people will better understand their own psyche and solve accumulated, old family and inner-conflicts.

Each person will have the opportunity to learn how to be within a highly positive state and to have a good perspective in knowing how we can all live harmoniously as a collective conscious race.

IIAIDC Importance:

The work that will be studied and practiced within the Center will help to solve acute problems of modern society.

  For example: the lack of fresh, positive and universal global Ideas in different fields, captivating masses, to unite and inspire in a powerful way, for radical and evolutionary reform within humanity, the increase of depressive mental conditions, dependencies among young people as an element of disappointment in current model of moral relations and the lack of vital purpose;

  separation, dissociation and the feeling of loneliness, generated by the absence of Goals and our true Purpose in life (as the root cause for unlimited depressions and disbelief in all that is good).

  These Centers will offer people the ability to overcome the fear of loneliness, it will distract young people from drugs, crime and computer dependency.

Such Centers will offer to many people the ability to overcome the fear of loneliness, will distract young people from drugs, crime and computer dependency.

Who will realize this project?

We represent a group of enthusiasts from different parts for the world, united with one idea: to start living in in all societies without any violence and hostility, with new “moral ethics” based on new knowledge and values. We – are not healers or esoteric thinkers, not sectarians and not pragmatics, who decided to earn extra money on someone else’s problems.

The work for the Center's visitors is based on intensive developing methods that were created over the course of 10 years by enthusiasts in different areas of science. This includes people with PhD's in physics, mathematics, science, medicine and psychologists. There were also people who helped and participated in this project on a voluntary basis for the support of this project.

Every person who has experience in these methods as iiaidcians will be the people who will be supervising the IIAIDC project.

How will work be conducted with people visiting the Center?

The education model in the Center is based not only on theoretical lectures and practical exercises, but also in the form of informal interaction with people, who have already achieved serious results in work on non-positive states, diseases and depressive states. With an atmosphere of trust and informality this allows a quick and effective understanding of the Intellectual-Altruistic behavior model.

The work with visitors in the center will be conducted by enthusiasts who have accumulated the experience of transformation of negative mental reaction into positive in the way of techniques that help in ordinary day to day scenarios and have accumulated the practice of activating high levels of consciousness (development of Altruism and Intellect) with experience of their deep and constant application and study.

There will be two main directions on how work will be done with people coming to the center.

  Deep inner work with any, even very small, non-positive reactions, touchiness, censure, criticism, irritability, unhappiness, not to mention aggression, malice, hostility, hatred, depression and other non-positive manifestations.

  An activation of high levels of consciousness: Mind (Intellect) and Sensuality (Altruism) in an atmosphere of deep and friendly trust.

The life of people who would live within the Center will be based on a variety of complex activities such as:

Practices and training on working with transformation from negative to positive and hidden aggression (practice of exiting from any non-positive state during 2 minutes).

Cultivation of positive thinking and Intellectual-Altruistic behavior model (the method of “Observer”, practice of identification, forgiveness, remorse, self-disparagement)

Heart meditations (practice of activation of high Sensuality), choral singing of popular songs with sincere content, and collective singing at camp fire

Practice of “Sun days” (method of combination of physical work with inner psychological work)

General-physical collective work as a mechanism of accumulation of Altruism and method of detection and solving inner conflicts

Individual work with specialists

Collective control and resolution of household day to day questions, including the practice of duties and personal responsibility for household objects in IIAIDC infrastructure”

Holding informational, educational and creative activities within the framework and tasks of the Center

Realization of joint projects with educational institutions (colleges, institutes, universities and other) within the framework of IIAIDC;

Organization of “festivals of self-development practices”, “festivals of healthy and positive lifestyle”

To learn more please visit the link to Our Program.

What is the purpose of donations?

We would like to highlight, that due to this project being non-commercial, it will be financed solely by donations by those who will support this Idea.

We also have no intention to issue certificates and diplomas following the visit of the Center. Our goal is not to nurture ambition, but to change people’s life, to bring more positive attributes and knowledge. “Intellectually-Altruistic” – These two words separate won't be as interesting as combining the two!

From one side it is possible to work with and help orphanages, create clinics for mentally ill people, donate a huge amount of money to find treatments for various diseases, hunger and poverty. But from the other side IT DOESN'T REALLY HELP- it does not get any less of orphans, sick and poor people, and the number of mental diseases in modern society that is growing and progressing.

It is possible to learn various meditation methods, mind and body relaxation, but no answers can be found to vital questions.

Currently there exist a number of methods and centers which goal it is to improve the integral and comprehensive development of men and woman around the world.

IIAIDC’s (International Informational Altruistic Intellectual Development Centers) are one of the promising versions of these centers. A place where any person can develop their intellectually-sensual potential and be freed from devised limitations by manifesting the best of what exists within and in order to become more conscious.

We already have all that is needed to start the IIAIDC project:

  A unique Idea: model of Intellectually-Altruistic interrelations;

  People who have experience by using this model in practice (iiaidcians);

  An inspired group of enthusiasts, who solve all organizational and financial questions;

  Unique information underlying the project - Iissiidiology which open people’s minds to the newest conceptions about a human being and our surrounding reality. It is perfectly revolutionary, deeply intuitive, interdisciplinary knowledge. Iissiidiology is a totality of newest progressive, high intellectual, moral and ethical ideas about the reality of the nature of a human being (consciousness) and the dynamics of society's development. Iissiidiology answers many questions of current importance in detail (To learn more welcome to the section "The New knowledge for the New idea").

We appeal to all people, who can financially and organizationally implement this project. To people who can intellectually-altruistically invest not only their own capital, but also their experience, in order to have an effective organization of globally economic and social schemes of interaction. Without you our project will not be able to move forward, irrespective of how theoretically magnificent the foundation of it is. If we all gather together, we will realize it is very easy! We will be able to collect the necessary funds for the creation of these Centers and to start realizing the magnificence of our activities together. As this Idea is not commercial, it will be financed exclusively by donations of those who wish to support it.

How to bring this to life?

If we all gather together, then it will be easy!

We will be able to gather necessary funds for the organization of these Centers all over the world and we will begin to realize how this will be created together.

From here we turn to you all, to those who are not indifferent towards this wonderful idea, that will help many people to acquire together and master not only the newest knowledge, but also continue their development in more harmonious and intelligent directions.


Join our project!

Let’s make this global Idea and dream a reality within our lifetime.

If at least one out of 10 people will take part in the creation of IIAIDC – the place of UNITY, then more smiles, harmony, love, compassion and grace will appear in our world!

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