About current situation with IIAIDC project in Florida, USA and our immediate task

Dearest Friends,
Many of you inquire about the current situation with International Information Altruism&intellect Development Center project in Florida, USA and we are also receiving suggestions  from you to organize IIAIDCs in other States of America. Please be informed that for the time being we concentrate our efforts to create the first Center in Florida . This Center will become some kind of a "basics school" for those who would like to continue bringing this unifying Idea to their home States or Canadian provinces. 

It is quite obvious, that the project of such scale in Florida will not be able to function without physical participation of large number of people (at first – 30-40 people), who have already voluntarily decided to dedicate part of their life to realize this project. And who also during the prolonged joined contact, in continuous process of self-development will become able to cultivate in their Self-Consciousness the new experience of intellectually-altruistic – Ayfaar – relations that are totally based on principles of positivity and mutual understanding, tolerance and compassion, cordiality and mercy. Furthermore, it is very clear that every from these people has to possess high Intellect in order to deeply understand various new ideas and scientific conceptions about the structure of the Universe, and also the methods of utilizing this structure for effective evolution of all the humanity. So the special trainings for such people are extremely needed. And we are ready to start giving to you the knowledge,  all our unique techniques  as well as methods of radical Consciousness changing absolutely free!

However right now we, the first organizers of this global Idea in the USA, do not have any financial abilities for the facilitation of temporarily joint stay to share information and nourishment for such number of future Iiaidcans. All financial means that were donated by some of us for this high purpose were spent on purchasing a house not far from the territory where, with joint efforts of all who are interested in realization of this Idea, future IIAIDC is planned to be built soon.

Many people also ask us to organize the visit of the author of Iissiidiology and IIAIDC idea to the United States in order to let Americans meet him, ask questions  and receive answers directly from the source of unique information. Unfortunately we do not have funds to arrange such a visit ether, so we would appreciate your support if you want to give many people in the US and Canada the unique opportunity to talk to Oris personally. However if you want to address your questions to Oris now,  please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to us and we will pass all your questions directly to him. Please also visit this page to watch Oris answering  some of your questions (more than 40 videos will be posted in the nearest future).

We would like to repeat that as a first step of realization of IIAIDC project (if to imagine that funds have been found and the project is finished) we need at least to organize the conditions for joint stay for 30-40 people, who by synthesising the necessary experience of Ayfaar relations in themselves, would be able to actively and competently teach others.

Although there are only two of us here in Florida at present time due to the financial issues mentioned above, we are welcome all people who are interested in this unique project and Iissiidiology to visit us and meet us in person. We think only personal meetings and conversations should be done in order to let you decide yourselves if you would like to participate, cooperate or help us in some ways.

Thanks to your efforts, we have paid off a mortgage in May 2016!

In addition we are also preparing the special introduction training (sloulling) for people who wish  to have a first more detailed impression about IIAIDC idea and Iissiidiology. Soon the people visiting us will be able to become familiar with the following:

  • Introduction to Iissiidiology fundamentals. The basic axiomatic concepts. Principles of immortality.
  • Multi-dimensional and multi-levels structure of our Self -Consciousness. Energy and informational IISSIIDI Centers.
  • Introduction to our unique technique that helps people to start getting rid of negative and selfish behavioral reactions.
  • Introduction to your control and management of surrounding reality. Personalistic Worlds. Materialization of desired from Iissiidiological point of view.
  • The Altruistic and Intellectual model of relationship between people that we cultivate at IIAIDCs is a basis for development in real Human direction.


Team Member

Florida, USA

Please, watch the videos:

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Team Member

Florida, USA

 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Thank you all for your attention,
With best wishes, Love and Light