The only acceptable interpretation of International Information Altruism and Intellect Development Centers logotype

The Heart is a symbol of unconditional love, the idea of service to other people. That Love is wise, and its wisdom is expressed through intuition.

Intuition (lat. Intuitio - "contemplation", from the verb intueor - "to stare") - the ability to comprehend the truth by direct its discretion without justification by a proof (please see the detailed definition here).

Therefore at the center of the heart is the eye - a symbol of intuitive knowledge. It is framed by the character of empirical scientific knowledge and intelligence – the orbits of six electrons. The character of the orbits with electrons also symbolizes the science of the future.

In the upper part there are two white doves holding an olive-branch in beaks. The traditional symbol is the idea of peace keepers’ rapprochement, the idea of unity of all people.

Thus, since all the characters are arranged in one logo, the whole composition embodies the basic principles of ллуувумический {lluuvuumicheskiy} direction (iissiidiological term means the veritable human development): Highintellectual Altruism and Highperceptional Intellect. These basic principles serve for the benefit of the whole humanity on the planet.

This logo has only the above mentioned meaning and has nothing to do with any other interpretations made by various religious or esoteric systems.