Help the unifying Idea become a reality!

We are calling all people who believe in this wonderful idea, to create International Information Altruism and Intellect Development Centers all over the world. The Idea which will help many people to master an abundance of skills in unity and to acquire the newest knowledge that is available to date. The harmonious development of each individual will be crafted by pure intelligence. Here is a shout out to each and everyone one of you to join this project! Let us all work together to make this dream and idea a reality! Together we will create a society with "NEW and IMPROVED “moral and ethical human PRINCIPLES”

A society with no place for fear, violence, hostility, spite or vengeance! If we all consciously believe in this idea, it will become a reality. We simply attract what we think and believe! Let us all come together and create these Centers so that humanity can thrive. For all people who struggle to find answers within the current society, these Centers will help people to find the answers to all of their questions.

These Centers will help people to find their inner potential and to become more in touch with their inner selves by releasing any kind of egoistic driven nature. Each individual will learn that the day to day or month to month struggle for survival is not how we are supposed to live. Everyone will learn through our methods that living a life in unity and embracing the knowledge available at these Centers will help all to live a better life. Letting go of any old egoistic tendencies and moving forward into a new realization on how their reality can be. At the end of the day every single person will have a better understanding of what it means to connect with their true self in order to live a happier life.

Our wish is to attract all kinds of people who would like to see a Center like this come to life. For people like this, intellect and altruism are not just words, but an actual lifestyle. We are calling all people who are able to invest intellectually-altruistically. We are calling all people who can make a donation for the construction of these Centers and all who wish to share their experiences in the global economic and social schemes of interaction. It is essential to know that the biggest value of this project lies with the people and not just with the funding. It is also obvious that even a project which is based on the most powerful, magnificent and theoretical foundation, needs people to move forward!

Join us!

Helping with this common cause will literally have endless possibilities for all who wish to show their Altruism and Intellect. You can contribute by donating funds, land, equipments etc. You can contribute by helping out with skills that is within your profession, your qualification or any skills you have acquired through your life. You can help in any area that you feel you might be beneficial or you can participate directly in the project. We also need volunteers for the following: Translators in as many different languages as possible, editing, proofreading, creating the promotional materials, publications, technical and promotion and design assistance on our websites.

By spreading the word of this amazing project, you will already help to bring this idea to life. Find us on the web and social networks and hit the "share" or "like" button. By this simple action you give this idea your possible energy.

Where there is a will there is a way and of you are sincere in your desire to help, you will definitely find your place in the grand scheme of this idea.

If at least 1 out of 10 people will take part in the creation of IIAIDC – a place of UNITY, then there will already be more happiness in the world.

If you like the Idea please "vote" for its realization by donating at least $1 or any amount you feel is needed. It is not the amount that matters but the monetary equivalent of your sincere desire to support this project. This idea will be promoted by your altruistic intentions and will enhance the long-awaited moment of hundreds and thousands of Centers across the earth to become a reality!

We would be forever grateful to all who support and contribute to this project.

To make a contribution by PayPal or credit card please use the Donate bottom above

You could also send your contributions to:

Ayfaar Foundation Inc
P.O. Box 7767, Indian Lake Estates, Florida, 33855, USA

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Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery

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Design concepts

Design concepts

Typical concept of standard model for IIAIDC construction

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Our Logo

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