What about a healthy lifestyle?


HLS is one of the programs of our business. Everything that promotes the health, well-being, vitality, concentration is welcome at the Ayfaar as events contribute to improve the overall emotional background of a person. It's like a kind of base or background that allows you to generate initial responsibility and awareness for the most effective sensory mental creativity.


Healthy lifestyle - it's the right initiative, but it should not become an aim in itself. Moreover, when the states of intelligence and altruism are cultured in the individual any health problems will disappear.


If a person does not make healthy lifestyle the main business of his life and turns it into a skillful fight for survival, it is positive. Moderate attention to the health has its own wisdom. Although thanks to those who made great efforts to maintain their health, some can support it easier and more efficiently through the experience of the first ones. So, any extreme has its benefits.


Each person individually, according to own ideas about it.


Positively. HLS is a respect for yourself and for other people. If possible, we make massages to each other, run and swim.


Certainly positive! In my opinion, the whole atmosphere at the Ayfaar is impregnated with healthy lifestyle.


Positively. But healthy lifestyle - is not only running, swimming, etc. – It means to be always in love, joy and harmony with the environment.


As for me it`s positive. Healthy Living covers many aspects of our life, to take care of your health and mental state.


It is good. As for me it can be different ideas and criteria for healthy life. I believe a healthy lifestyle when a person is committed to self-improvement in the human direction.


I am for a healthy lifestyle! It affects the mental and physical condition, self-identity, image and quality of life, attitude towards all living beings, the actions and choices, the well-being of all life implementations. The purity of our thoughts and feelings is a reflection of our health.


A healthy lifestyle is encouraged and cultivated at the Ayfaar, as it is believed that a healthy body is a reflection of the inner harmonious state.


Positively. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle - is the ability to maintain your body in good shape. HLS - is one of the factors that have a positive impact also on the mental state of the person as a whole. Popular expression "in a healthy body there is a healthy mind" does not lose its relevance at present.


Positive, but without looping and fanaticism.


Healthy lifestyle - the key to achieving the Goals, because the quality of our lives, our manifestations and opportunities depends on whether we are healthy or not, whether we have enough strength and capacity to perform certain actions. Health of the physical body depends on the psycho-mental health and careful attitude to your body.

Therefore, we support healthy lifestyles to some extent and without fanaticism, doing occupational therapy, giving yourself plenty of time to sleep when visiting a swimming pool and spa treatments, taking care of your diet and getting rid of bad habits (though there almost none of them at the Ayfaar). We also try to rest properly and to switch just in time to prevent "burnout", restore stamina and aspirations towards our goals.


Healthy lifestyle - is the foundation of the life of any of the developing human. This is the point each person has to start, in my opinion. There is a saying: "A healthy body - healthy mind". Our bodies are designed for a long lifetime. Scientific studies confirm that everyone can live much longer than 100 years. And only our attitude towards the health - especially for mental health - can influence how much our body can serve safely.

All kinds of stress, quarrels, negative emotions affect our feelings and, of course, affect the health. Therefore, we must try to meet positively and joyfully everything that happens in our life, follow the diet, engage in physical activity and intellectual reflections and, of course, to enjoy life.


Positively! We try to combine wisely in your lifestyle many aspects that maintain good physical shape and purity of the body.

At the Ayfaar it is firstly meant psycho-mental health as a healthy lifestyle. High-quality, cleanliness and positivity of our thoughts and feelings - that's the basis of our pledge of good health. We have been convinced many times and have seen when a radical change of mental conditions instantly reflected the physical well-being. Concentrating on keeping yourself in a state of positivism, acceptance, philokalia, empathy, gratitude, not only provide excellent condition of the body, but also help to avoid injuries and damages during physical activities.

I note that many of the ayraarians practice systematic cleansing of the body: the liver, intestines, kidneys, circulatory system, stomach. Also, many people use diet - from starvation (short dry or water) unloading and narrowly-specific. We try to guzzle several multivitamin courses for a year. Some people donate blood, acting as donors for those who need blood, and at the same time stimulating your body to the upgrade process. There is also a practice when some of the ayfaarians make the groups of sport interests and jogging, general physical exercise, stretching, bar exercise, gymnastics. Also various breathing and yoga techniques are practiced.

The systematic physical work outdoors contributes a healthy lifestyle. Everyone chooses his own load level here. The combination of physical work with altruistic motivations is one of the self-development practices.

It is also important to note that the principle of a healthy way should not be an end in itself. As I wrote above, a healthy lifestyle - this is a wise combination of many aspects of life, when "healthy lifestyle" is a consequence of the implementation of higher goals and aspirations. For example, properly planned and organized physical labor not only helps us to stay fit, but also addresses issues of construction, garden, backyard, household activities.


In the future, we are all healthy, no more problems of aging, survival ... to get there you need to keep clean not only the body but the mind and the feelings.


Very positive! Healthy lifestyle is reflected in the positive mental health, gives a good sense of humor and high spirits.


Very positive and welcome everybody who are engaged in active self-development, goes to the joint campaigns, to the sea, to the countryside or simply engaged in active sports desirably with a combination of inner self development for the benefit of all people.


Positive attitude. Healthy lifestyle helps to accumulate quality of willpower, dedication, giving a good mood, vigor and confidence - all this impact positively on the spiritual growth of the person.


That’s good. The main thing is that the principles of your lifestyle does not interfere the life of others.


Positively. Healthy lifestyle brings volitional aspects, strengthens the spirit, has a beneficial effect not only on the body but also the mental state of the person as a whole.


Wonderful! In a healthy body - healthy mind!


I do not dwell on your physical health. At the Ayfaar there are necessary conditions for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, in particular psycho-emotional state.

Due to the method of "2 minutes" the ability to cope with the own emotions, problems is produced, and thus maintain the emotional health and to be in harmony with the environment. Joint (Group) development of new and fairly complex iissiidiological information, and its usage for the best action in the new circumstances, allows you to keep with high-level intellectual well-being (with the involvement in the election of intelligence and altruism positive thinking develops).

Learning to establish meaningful, constructive life goals, commitment to them through making radical choices, develops optimism and enhances spiritual well-being.


A healthy lifestyle includes not only care about the health of the biological body, but also about the "purity" of consciousness, as inseparable from one another.


Life at the Ayfaar, I believe, implies a healthy lifestyle. Any occupation, interests that promote better health, are a way of obtaining a volitional qualities for me. And this is expressed primarily in overcoming selfishly-comfortable habits, trends, obstacles to the goal. It is achieved by applying a lot of efforts, and the more you apply the more cherish and appreciate it.


Perfect treat! Healthy life style, when there is no fanaticism, is to be welcomed, as through taking care of the physical health a person synthesizes many volitional factors, more information and learns his physical body, being functional and in good spirits. If all this is to improve his condition, then that's great!


As a necessary component of spiritual growth as a result of understanding that responsible attitude towards the health will lead to a fruitful creativity and states, which in turn has a positive effect on the amount of energy in the body and thus becomes available for the brain, which is necessary for the formation of new neurons networks.


Of course, good, but if so to say "do not go too far." After all, you can be very categorical in following a healthy lifestyle and cause inconvenience to other people. So, the main thing - do not induce tensor moments at those around. You should always remain in your world, although. Such training takes place at the Ayfaar. As it turned out, to live in such a way is not so easy.


From my own experience I would say that this is an important stage in the life achievements to be responsible for your biological form and the forms of other people, sharing the knowledge. Mens sana in corpore sano. There is some truth. When we feel bad, it requires a lot of efforts for existence and lowers quality living implementations. A healthy person can do much more.

In addition, a healthy lifestyle trains will, so that we need in many circumstances. It is important to understand everything and take with no frills and bigotry, then more harmonious circumstances will appear in our life.


Wonderful. For this, the inner spiritual work just need a strong and healthy physical body. Everything that makes a person weak physically and spiritually is to be understood as a poison.


Positively, the state of the physical body affects the focal dynamics of a person. But it should not be the main thing in the daily selection. After all, we are not the body only.


In fact, the ayfaarians have already lead a healthy lifestyle, or hold some of its principles, or seek to do so, knowing that it is necessary for us as future People.


If your attitude to health does not make you dependent (like addict) of some drugs, foods, or it does not change your attitude towards life and the people around you, bringing discomfort and dissonance into your and their lives, it is positive.


Wellbeing, intermittent fasting, healthy eating, jogging is also a part of our development program. The most important thing in this case - is a positive attitude towards themselves and others, without the excesses and fanaticism.


As for the need to keep in shape in appropriate state for the most harmonious existence.


I have positive attitude for a healthy lifestyle, if this process is not accompanied by fanaticism and criticism to those does not adhere such a lifestyle.


A healthy lifestyle optimally maintaining allows a person to realize the ambitious plans and dreams. If a healthy lifestyle is the main objective, it is, in my opinion - rather limited attitude to life, it is quite selfish, taking into account the criteria lluu-vvu (human) way of development - when a person is committed to selfless service to others, and there are intelligence and altruism in his elections.

But the people who transmit knowledge about the creation of a healthy lifestyle, using the media and based on scientific evidence and convincing practical results show the elements of service to others (this is my subjective opinion).


Leading a healthy lifestyle is good, but more important is to monitor the state of mind and spend time just for personal development and cultivation of positive qualities in oneself.


Its a weird question. Is there someone against a healthy way? But here, too, there must be a sense of proportion, while using a biological body, we are not this body. And if a healthy lifestyle for the supply end in itself, it can significantly harm his sincerity, and inhibit the development of sensory and mental components, as constant distraction to own health is necessary, but still selfish and limited. I think that our health, primarily depends on the quality of internal global idea, or the way which people should fallow, and everything else (diet, exercise) - a further auxiliary factors.


Everyone has its own view on a healthy way of life. If the result of a healthy lifestyle is the development of positive qualities of its personality (e.g. self-control, responsibility, etc.), thus increase its degree of awareness, altruism and deep analytical intuitive approach to decision-making, such a healthy lifestyle is always welcome in its various manifestations.




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