Why the word "Ayfaar" is used as a greeting?


I think this mechanism operates on the principle of NLP. On the one hand every time he sets mind on something not characteristic for our everyday life, thus claiming to have additional clues for those more global goals and targets we set for ourselves. We can say that this is to some extent a lower internal ritual that reinforces in the minds of binding to this lifestyle. It must also be understood that it is always a voluntary choice of each member of our team, who are interested to communicate with each other.


It is synonymous with the usual saying "hello" or "good day", which implies a disposition to intellectual and altruistic state, which is the basis for the formation of responsibility, initiative, honesty and openness in dealing with others.


Pleased to note the meeting and parting, not banal "hello, bye" but "Ayfaar!" And it adjusts to the word friendly way, because speaking to a person mean to start or finish intercourse according to the Ayfaarian methods: friendly, hearty and openly. This is one of the small auxiliary methods to activate awareness when meeting and treating the person in Ayfaarian rather than splash out any kind of mood mechanically, saying "hello, bye", if you have a bad mood.


The idea of the Ayfaar involves intellectual altruistic human improving, cultivation of unconditional love for everything around and use of your own intellectual abilities for the common goodness. Welcoming the other by this word, we want them to follow this path.


Greeting by the word "Ayfaar" implies that when a person says a word to other one, he wants to share the best he has. He is trying to tune to a bright, positive status and to send it to those addressed this greeting. Uttering the word implies taking responsibility for what we share with someone. The word "Ayfaar" helps to mobilize, activate the inner most qualitative levels of consciousness at “stellar memory” levels.


Greeting "Ayfaar!" sets the person to share his best qualities, because in each of us there is a spark of light, goodness and love that we can give to others. "Hello" has become so conventional, that we often do not put back the positive experiences and feelings.


This is one of the ways to wish a person love, kindly joy and harmony.


"Ayfaar !! - the greeting in which we wish all the high-quality, positive to each other .


This word means the Highest Collective Mind of the Universe. Greeting each other, we tried to activate in us all the best that we can do at the moment. It also helps us always remember who we really are.


The word "Ayfaar" brings high frequency vibration. While pronouncing each time this cosmic code, we tune to its high frequency vibration and share it with others.


The beep code "Ayfaar" carries a high frequency vibration in itself, tuning to the manifestation of the best human qualities. And it turns out that when greeting with this word, people get the opportunity to share all the most gracious and positive that they have.


The word "Ayfaar!" - is used as a greeting and a farewell, to enhance quality interaction between people. This is an opportunity to share through this Sound Space Code (SSC) the most high-vibration states.


I think it helps us to customize the greeting on the Sound Space Code and be in the higher-frequency condition than usual "hello" and "bye".


At the Ayfaar we try to establish ourselves in Ayfaarian lifestyle that involves the transformation of many familiar social perceptions, behavior patterns, unconscious habits to a more informed and intellectually altruistic. Cordial greeting "Ayfaar!" Connects us with the sense of the word (the name of the Center of altruistic and intellectual development, the highest collective Cosmic Mind of the Universe), it creates a special atmosphere, which is very different from a social, often unconscious and empty "Hi" or "Hello". Greeting "Ayfaar!" is a switch from the social environment to a more informed dialogue with like-minded people for the participants of the regional groups, that activates conscious experience of Ayfaarian lifestyle.


The "Ayfaar" Beep Code  - used by us as a greeting and farewell, in order to improve  immediately the quality interaction between us, by making regular household life of these higher vibrations. This allows you to be more conscious in your elections, communicating with another person. Intensify the most light and joyful states and share them with others. And the word "Hello", "Hi", "How are you" and others became for many household, automatic and non-carrier, as I think, a higher ideas.


The usual words of welcome: "hello", "hi", "how are you", are in general use so, they are only "containers" for the transmission of real emotions, which are influenced by the people at this moment. Few people enjoy the full form of greeting in the form of "good morning", "Hello", "Good morning." Many people forget that the act of greeting carries a deep enough positive meaning. This is the joy of meeting, and the respect and good wishes, and the wishes of health. Immediate emotions that are engulfing the human consciousness at the meeting often correspond to flirt, playful, outrageous, arrogant or similar qualitative aspects of behavior.

Ayfaar is a place of high cultivation of mindfulness, Philokalia, warmth, tolerance and many other spiritual qualities. For it was easier to us to deal with social patterns of behavior through which often manifest unconscious levels of "reasonably aggression" and "non-intrusive sexual swagger," we decided to greet each other with a word that would be associated with something sublime and aspiring. We have chosen the "Ayfaar", which as a greeting is written entirely in small letters. This word is a reduced form of the sound of outer code AIIYVVFF classifier - Ayfaar, meaning the highest collective intelligence of our Universe. This greeting allows to inset the most positive emotional content when meeting with another person.


The word "Ayfaar" we use as a greeting to set up a high-frequency state and transfer the best and good feelings to another person when greeting!


In my opinion, because we, as multidimensional beings are anywhere in the multiverse and the entire Universe with our Focuses of Consciousness ,so, knowing this, at the meeting, we welcome in the face of a specific person, the individual whole the Universe and everything than it is filled with. Agree, it is grander and greater than just "hello"!


"Ayfaar!" the greeting is the symbol of our unity with each other for me, as we are the one at the level of the Highest Collective Mind of our Universe.


Saying "hello" we wish health, saying "Ayfaar" we wish the best one can only imagine what you want to share. Why it reflects this? Because, as mentioned above, is the most synthesized and qualitative state of our Universe.


The idea of Ayfaar is cultivating intellectual and altruistic relations, unconditional love and service. Using the word "Ayfaar" as a greeting (goodbye) we would like to remind each other about the Idea uniting us.


It is used because of the desire to share all the best and bright.


Uttering this word, we are moving away from the stereotypical greeting "Hi!", which meaning in our time is already quite "devalued". Instead, the high vibration sounding of the "Ayfaar!", adjusting those pronounces it, as well as the recipient of such a greeting to a positive way of thinking.


To establish ourselves in the selected direction and do not lose touch with the lighthouse.


Greeting "Ayfaar" implies a desire to share all the best that has been developed by each person.


Welcome and farewell "Ayfaar!" Is used by us as a wish of the light, wise, hearty. We try to put in it our kindness and empathy towards unity.


It is a way of attunement to high vibration sense of the word, thus enhancing the awareness and mindfulness in elections and states.


In our world the word "Hello" being used as a greeting, contains in itself a kinder wish of health to another one, this word contains of a certain frequency. The word Ayfaar - being a cosmic source of our Supreme Universal Mind - carries the vibrations of incomparably higher frequency. Saying Ayfaar - it is an opportunity to touch the high vibrational frequency through the recitation of the greeting Ayfaar, shifting your consciousness there even for a moment.


Ayfaar is a Supreme Mind of the Universe, and it is a very high frequency concept for us. But at the same time, we still can associate it with something. Perhaps that is why it was selected to welcome people at the meeting sharing the best they have and set up each other for the most available to them high frequency.


Ayfaar - the highest collective mind of the Universe and greeting each other through the pronunciation of this word, we are strengthen ourselves in the quest for the unity that exists at the level of the Universal Mind, and in some way disidentify with lower levels of your consciousness. This is a reminder for Who we are.


At least because in the combination of these sounds lies almost bottomless depth of the higher levels of self-awareness of our universal essence, allowing for each data verbalization combinations of letters and sounds to generate specific high frequency vibrations specifically structuring the geometry of the surrounding space-time for bringing to our type of reality the prototype of future cities of the world.


Everything we say is in the space of a certain quality of information by means of sound vibrations. Given the high quality sound vibrations "Ayfaar", we set up the perception of each other on this unique high frequency.


Because it reflects the most sacred word, which is close to the heart of every Ayfaarian - the name of the place that unites people living here with Love, Knowledge, Unity.


For this you need to understand Ayfaar as the Highest Collective Mind "of our Universe." When you understand and get a feeling that "it is" through meditation at the sound cosmic code, you will want to share the understanding and your experiences with others. And every time, saying this cosmic code, you will have to cram something incredibly beautiful, and then you will welcome every person this word as handing him everything unimaginable that we could understand and feel.


Ayfaar is a greeting, which has invested in the meaning of all of the high-quality, close to the heart and dear that is possible to wish upon meeting most beloved and dear Friend. This is what brings us together here at the Ayfaar!


Each time meeting a person to remember those highest goals that unite you and have already been achieved in a more qualitative scenarios.


"Ayfaar" the greeting carries a higher frequency vibrations than the word "hi", "hello!" And helps in meeting and parting to share the best states with other people, which are peculiar to the person at that time.


Ayfaar – in a cosmic codes - a Higher Mind of the Universe. Each spoken word (verbalized)structures in a certain way (creates) the energy-informational space surrounding a person or a group of people of any scale according to quality of spoken words, the meaning of which person (or team) understands deeply, and it changes the quality of the reality that surrounds him. "Ayfaar" in my mind of a person may mean the highest level of harmonious unity of all forms and manifestations of life. Uttering daily as a greeting (i.e. positive energies) by staunch people this word (including the created culture of speech, behavior, communication and course material manifestation of targeted actions) led to the creation in our lives at the Crimean Ayfaar real opportunities for work, and for detailed and in-depth study of the knowledge of a new paradigm of thinking of a Person - Iissiidiology, and a lively exchange of this knowledge with those who are interested in it.


We can welcome by casual greetings, but saying "Ayfaar" we put in it all the best, heartfelt quality that is in us.


This word carries a positive attitude.


Associates the perception for positive feelings.


Each word carries a certain energetic "baggage": what it means, the context in which it is most commonly used and has been ever used, what experiences, thoughts and associations associated with it most often. And at an unconscious level, all this affects the various aspects of our mental states when we use certain words. The word "Ayfaar" as a cosmic code of higher collective Intelligence of the Universe, yet has no psycho-mental "filling", so it was taken as a greeting between the Ayfaarians. It was enclosed a new meaning, open my heart and soul when meeting other person, and to send part of warmth, joy, care, attention, and all the best. This is another way to "reformat" consciousness, a kind of auditory training, linking the most high-vibration states and ideas to the specific words that then, these words (like a triggers), help to call these states back easily.




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