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 Astiyraalls from Saskatchewan, Canada

Nov 12, 2014. IIAIDC AYFAAR, Aylliiss, Crimea, Russia

Here I’m, somewhere I thought of going to 10 years ago, but never found the courage. And now, being in the most far away point I have ever been from Crimea I decided that it was finally the time to go. I flew on six plains, leaving my 4 year old boy half way through with relatives. Today is only day 3 and I can only say that it was more than worth it, I should have came 100 years ago!

So what is this training about? The main goal is to show how far we are away from real human with a capital “H”, to demonstrate us through various analysis techniques as to who we really are (and not who we think we are, or pretend to be), and to provide and explain techniques on breaching the gap between Us Today and Us Future.

Who are we today? Various techniques of monitoring/recognising inner reactions, analysing them against certain criteria, will demonstrate the weight we carry inside. These can be not just reactions, but states of so called fake “harmony” when we are calm but do not wish for anyone to come near us. It shows how we hide our reactions pretending they do not exist, instead of dealing with them. And yes, how do we know how to deal with them? They did not teach us that in school. But thank you Oris, there is a place now where people, who felt there is more in life, who do not find answers in blaming others, can come and learn how to improve themselves and as a consequence improve the life around them.

Who are we in the future? In the future humanity is in the state of constant love and happiness, and does not have any, even minimal, negative reactions like envy, arrogance, hatred, condemnation, and loads of others, please note that I’m not even talking about killing, stealing, and the rest of 10 commandments, we are far beyond that.

As my personal analysis, not being the official Iissiidiology view, I noted for myself that there are currently a lot of people in the world who obey the 10 commandments, and I want to ask them two questions. Are they truly happy with their lives? Do they see what they have as the end of what there is to achieve for them? As I see 10 commandments were given 2,000 years ago, and it played the role of beacon, the direction of where to move to in order to achieve better future, and it was very very very valid at the time. But today’s humanity is much more complex, our daily lives are at much faster pace than ever before, and a lot of people are ready for new knowledge which goes beyond standard understanding of God and Soul, the knowledge which explains all what was a mystery before.

I want to say that I found here my answers, explanations to all what was not explained before, and have no hesitation in recommending visiting this training. My elevated, wonderful, full of excitement feelings are hard to explain. Today is only day 3 and I’m so so happy I have another 18 days before its time to go home.

With Love, Astiyraalls.

Kruallksallaris St-Petersburg, Russia

Translated from Russian by Nikolay Fandorin

Nov 13, 2014.

Dearest friends! Today finally, I have a chance to describe the ongoing events on Crimea Ayfaar at least to some degree (now I have a small break between classes. It is my third day here (is a second day of the training itself), however, I feel that I have spent few months here because of the informational density! The morning begins with physical excises for these, who wishes to participate, and it takes place out in the nature, among mountains, vineyards and pine trees. On one side is a Black Sea, while on the other – the Ai-Petri Mountains. The rising sun colors the life’s picture of beautiful autumn vividly. Walking, jogging, stretching, breathing, excellent mood! Ayfaarians have prepared very dense and capacious program containing lectures, case discussions, and one-off events – personal trainings (practice) in particular, and help everyone to join and become a full time participant of the International Informational Altruism and Intellect Development Center (IIAIDC).

In the morning, there were following activities:

1. "Setting up the Objectives and qualitative individual image” (We have found out how to choose and set up various objectives and will develop this topic in the next class.)
2. “Study of non-positiveness." (We have reviewed the following questions - What is non-positiveness, how it is different from negativism and positivism, why should anyone even bother working with their non-positiveness, which algorithm is the best in terms of neutralizing them.

The first “Iissiidiology axiomatic” lecture has included the following information blocks:

  • Energy-Information theory
  • SSS-model
  • Self-Consciousness
  • Space-Time theory
  • Immortality
  • Astrophysics elements
  • New evolution cosmic theory
  • Lluuvvumicheskiy (True Human) development Path
  • Self-development and self-improvement

The following classes took place after dinner:

3. “Radical non-positivism improvement techniques” (we talked about such methodologies as “sunny days”, disassociation and confession –repentance).
4. Singing meditation evening. Here we have discussed the nuances of song mediation practices and relaxation techniques, which should enable us to relax our body enough for successful enteringinto a meditation as well as attention focus concentration.

Every class has taken approximately 1.5 – 2 hours; our focus was constantly shifted from the intellectual activity over to sensual and vice versa in order to stabilize the left and right brain hemisphere dynamics, as well as to maximize the harmonious synthesis.

Once all that was behind us later on, we had an opportunity to take a singing lesion from an incredible teacher; we simply could not afford to miss that!

It is simply impossible to describeeverything since there is anexorbitant volume of information, new experience, new awareness, new joy and participation.

The busiest day of my life ceases, I wish you all the best inspiration in the morning! Wake up to your Dreams!


Nov 19, 2014.

I would love to describeas much as possible, and only wish I had more time to do thatJCompared to my previous visits to Ayfaar in Crimea, this time (apparently my Configuration has improvedin theflow of new knowledgeacquisition) the activityflux is continuous, which is so different from my way of life in the city, that it can be compared with life in two different worlds.

The entire Ayfaarian dynamics is concentratedaround creating of higher quality choices implementation conditionsfor everyone, cultivating at the same time the aspiration towards higher levels of Self-Consciousness behavior.

Nurtured states of positivism, openness, honesty, responsibility and spiritual initiative, create an extraordinary atmosphere of relations;virtually any simplest action here teaches to develop these qualities, calling for mindfulness at every moment of life.

The entire spectrum of communication, gatherings, songs, lectures, seminars, collective activity and even every "household trifle", designed to create the most effective conditions for self-development.

The primarypeculiarity of self-improvement methodologyworkhere is the fact that I is based on iissiidiological knowledge, the world outlook of whichserves the informational foundation, very logically and profoundly explaining many of the key processes,occurring within our Self-Awareness, which still cannot be explained nether by the science, nor religion or traditional spirituality trends.

People, wholiveand study here for many years,for the most part, embody in theiraffairstherelationshipsof the future, which, if you think about it, almost everyone desires. People dream about such harmonious relationships, but do not know how to approach them. I was also dreaming about such way of life, and finally here I saw that such relationships are definitely possible!


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