What do you need to do to find / get your name?


It should be at least an interest, you should have an idea of the sound codes and about the work with them. Nothing special needs to be done, but to help Oris to catch "frequency" of your higher levels of self-awareness so that he could identify it with a frequency of one from a list of already received in meditation codes. In this process there is still some secret, because these levels are extremely passive in the daily lives of each of us, but in spite of this it is possible to establish a sufficiently clear and definite relationship between the frequencies of our present and future in this direction of development. It should also be noted that there are infinitely many other areas of development in which it is presented each of us and in each of these areas, our sound code varies widely. About the direction of development, you can learn more from other issues or articles at our site.


You must read Iissiidiology, communicate with ayfaarians, practice highly sensual singing and strive to the most highly sensual and highly intellectual states.


You must sincerely desire and not just desire, but become a Human - responsible, honest, sincere, initiative, open. And do not be lazy to be at the Ayfaar in these beautifully states near Oris! Perhaps he will be able to identify your name!


For a name, a person must reveal itself its best light and good states, showing altruistic impulses of the soul. Need to find inner harmony and a sense of gratitude to the world, forgetting the selfishness. Also it is very important to feel the urgent need for the service in the name of life on the planet.


I would advise to reach a higher sensibility - Spiritual, altruistic, warmth, cultivate the unity with the world. While only Oris can identify your Tone name, so you need to visit the Ayfaar.


To get the name you need to open in a very bright, kind and joyful states, to experience inner harmony with the environment and the urgent need for the service of others.


While staying at Ayfaar, when singing the Ayfaarian songs, if a person reaches the high levels of self-awareness, Oris can identify his name. Getting the tone name should not be an aim in itself.


For this you need to learn Iissiidiology cultivating a highly intelligent Altruism and highly sensual Intellect, thus, it should become an urgent inner need to help to reach the higher levels of the identity, where your name already exists, but only Oris can identify these vibrations.


To get the name - is an individual, internal process, when it comes an understanding that you can no longer live this way, and urgently need to change something for the better. Striving to change, to become the other person, a Human, readiness of disinterested and selfless service to the people - enables getting your name.


To learn as often as possible to be in a state of inner peace, joy, goodwill toward all other people and the world. This will allow to feel deeply at higher levels and to create opportunities for meditation, where you will be able to learn the tonal name or you will be able to help in this more experienced mentor. Now, most people get the names at the Ayfaar during a song meditation when we manage to tune to highly sensual states and then Oris helps to identify these states with a specific individual letter code that reflects these conditions.


Getting the tone name, that is the individual voice code, one of the most important and significant moments in the life of every ayfaarian. Almost every person who knows about such a possibility, wants to get his "real name", which truly reflects the multifaceted inner essence. To get the name, it is important to reach a certain high frequency condition that Oris was able to identify it. Sometimes, there is an obsessive and selfish desire to reach such a state that prevents tune to the necessary thoughts and feelings. One of the major challenges for its production - is the perfect choice on the basis of sincere altruistic dedication for the benefit of others.


It is possible to get Tone Name in an altered state of consciousness (deep meditation) being on the high-level, or while being at the Ayfaar near Oris, staying at the highest quality level of consciousness, to identify your vibrations with the vibrations of the tone Name.


The Name as a Sonic Cosmic Code can be found reaching a certain states of consciousness: the altruistic aspiration to service, responsibility, empathy, acceptance, and others that characterize the high-frequency condition of the spiritually aspiring person who already transformed in himself in some degree an ambitious tendencies, aggression, jealousy, greed, etc. A song meditation applied to the Ayfaar development highly intellectual altruism is an opportunity to feel yourself in these states and begin to generate them in everyday life. Therefore, to "reach" your name is recommended to concentrate less at the desire to learn the name (because this desire is not compatible with the above qualitative states), and more - at lyrics meaning, communion with the world, at a depth stays highly sensual states. As they achieve resonation relationship forms with Him, better quality and it becomes possible to identify the name.


Tone Name (space) code - this is a very high vibrations, comparable to my feelings with feelings of Unity with Everything that surrounds us, as if dissolving in Everything. It is felt most at the "exit" in the process of meditation song with levels of household perception of everyday life on a more sublime and pure feelings. In these moments in our consciousness can manifest feelings associated with Oneness, Inspired, joy, feeling that something inside of you "woke up" and it seems that the whole world - it's you. At these moments Starry memory manifests itself - the memory of the future where we are more qualitative. Finding Tone name, that is the individual voice code - one of the most important and significant moments in the life of each of us. This is also an opportunity to find your destiny, replacing the usual earthly name, which belongs simultaneously to millions of different people (Sergei, Andrew, Ivan, Peter, etc.) on their individual name, also carrying the essence and direction of development of the personality in the world - I would say the individual evolutionary program. What to do? Learn to live, make choices, to make decisions that will be based on intelligence and altruism, service, at the same time cultivating the qualities of openness, honesty, initiative, and other evolutionarily qualities. And then, in one of the collective singing meditations, you will be able with the help of other participants to reach the higher levels of consciousness and, albeit not for long, to become the other, which is already in the bright future. In these moments, according to Oris, some transformations happen and changing colors in the aura, and he can memorize these new for us, vibrations, and then compare them with the list of names and identificate with some inherent right for you, Sound Code. And even if all of a sudden your name is not in the existing list - when your self-consciousness is ready to such vibrations Oris, in his system of perception, it may be your individual code that later he will be able to record and announce to you. And then you already decide to use them in your life works or not.


To "reach" your name it will help you: 1) activation of high levels of self-consciousness through the harmonious development of the mental-sensory aspects of consciousness; 2) the development of the practice of meditation.

It is also important to understand what is " the starry name" ?, what is the bear SSC (sound space codes) ?, and also a powerful aspiration to develop in the direction of intelligence (uoldmiizm) and altruism (stoollmiizm). The latter is crucial - if you're familiar with the information of the Iissiidiology, you have the idea that in our universe multiverse virtually infinite number of directions of development of mankind exists. In each of the areas there is a "personal interpretation" of each of us, all of these "interpretations" differ greatly among themselves, and each has its own direction of development with a unique name. Therefore, if you have not defined a system of spiritual and moral values, which could serve as a guide to you in development for many, many years, it is likely you are still "at the crossroads", when "all the outcomes are good." In such uncertainty it is early to talk about the Name - the name is associated with certain groups of scenarios.

Direction described in books of the Iissiidiology by Oris has its own name - lluuvvumicheskoe, and in this regard, each of us has a "self configuration identifier" (conventionally called "Starry name"). To enter this "identifier", the person needs to focus the mind in a certain direction of development. To focus in lluuvvu direction you can take ayfaarian practices and techniques.

If you are unable to meditate and your main life values are not yet coincide with the signs of stoollmiizm and uoldmiizm, you will need to turn to someone who has succeeded to rebuild sufficiently its consciousness. At the Ayfaar there are such people, and their number is gradually increasing.

Good luck in your meditations!


Probably you need to know that there is you another, more kind and sympathetic, sincere and honest, more conscious and responsible, intelligent and willing to give joy to others ... and with all your heart desire to become it.


First you need to decide, what motivates you, why do you want to get the name? Having read the necessary iissiidiological literature, you arrive at Ayfaar and during the singing of songs, reaching the most cardiac condition Your Name can "come" through Oris. Oris identifies it with your vibrations in order to make sure that it belongs to you. But it happens that some of the guys could not get the name for years ...


First, you need to understand accurately - why do you need it? What drives your desire? Idle curiosity, momentary impulse, interest, or is it an opportunity for you with the help of the high-tone code name by careful work with your configuration gradually to become a spiritual transformation of a Human and gradually reproject (refocuse) in other more advanced worlds and continua. After all, when you resonate with the vibrations of your tone name you have to take responsibility for the further life and destiny already in that direction, which is interwoven with Lluuvuu Path of the development, and it automatically imposes you to make a radical choices, almost opposite to the way you lived before receiving the star, tone name and then have tosynchronize all the time your life and elections-marked vector. Think over and weigh. I think you will succeed! Dare!


To get the name you need to establish in your creative life implementations at a more qualitative level of consciousness, which is characterized by a high sense of love and unity with the people, the pursuit of knowledge of the Laws of reality and selfless service to humanity.


It is necessary to intensify the highest quality levels of the identity and reduce the dynamics of the least quality. Psychological practice and the knowledge outlined in Iissiidiology will be good enough. From ayfaarian practice it is necessary to master the practice of "song meditation" (see. Preface to the book of the song meditations - http://www.ayfaar.org/iissiidiology/books). It will not only help to feel through a higher quality image, but will also promote the absorption of intelligent information, harmonization of mental-sensory development, and synchronization of the left and right hemispheres of the brain.

Usually, a person is able to reach the states that Oris can fix in his perception system during the song meditations at the Ayfaar and then compare with the vibrations of the Name, but there are also other cases.

The Iissiidiology study, the development of high sensibility and the gradual transformation of the selfish tendencies are also necessary.


The most important thing is not to put this issue as a goal. Getting the tone name is a very important moment in life. Often, self-doubt, or selfish desire prevents to tune during the song meditation on certain high-states, thoughts, feelings, and to get the star name.


Open up and reach the desired state. Often this happens during the song singing.


Getting the star names should not be a goal in itself. The very desire is fundamentally selfish, and this means that in the process of a song meditation, you will likely not be able to break away from the usual selfish and domestic levels of self-awareness and dive (reading carefully the lyrics) in a completely atypical and "non daily" state of joy, respect for all people.

In fact, your overall readiness for global change trends of your choices in the direction of greater altruism and intelligence is important; Self research in a completely new creative process, aimed not only at the small "group" of relatives, but at least a group of strangers (the number of which will only increase further); to review all of your attitudes and goals. And while you're not ready for such changes in yourself, and your identification with the name of the most likely "be postponed until better times."


Our mental and sensual creativity has its frequency characteristics (in iissiidiological interpretation), which should coincide with the frequency of psycho-mental experiences (often this happens during the song meditation), which in turn are inherent to our more qualitative configurations with appropriate names.


Singing of the songs and ayfaarian altruistically-intelligent choice helping to feel the state of unconditional love, joy and positivism are the main reference points for the name.


Tone Name is no regalia, nor something you can flaunt and boast. It's a great responsibility. Name - is the sound vibration - Code, which is the setting for better creative status, as a beacon. To find it, you need to visit the Ayfaar, to open your heart for the altruistic manifestations. And then Oris has the ability to identify resonation of this person and existing code.


To learn / get your name is possible only by a succession of the better elections aimed at self-knowledge and the disclosure of the most sincere, hearty and mental qualities leading to unity. Which in turn will contribute to disclosure in person of all the best (ampliative levels of consciousness - see. Iissiidiological dictionary of terms).


To resonate with the tone name, you need to be in a state of altruistic return to people the best of life experience, which has a certain vibration, vibrational resonance with the tone name and open it to anyone being in a state of unconditional love.


Because the Tone Name - this is a high frequency vibration, it is necessary at least once reach a better level of the identity at the Ayfaar. Typically, this is the third AIGLLILLIAA. Usually this happens during the song singing, but there are different cases.


It is necessary to understand the core of the name first, and understand why you need it. Because to get it is simple, and not so simple. I would say that this should correspond to the interests, life principles and be preceded by a series of specific elections, helping to reveal the levels in the configuration that can be identified for compliance of the Name vibrations. Most often, the name is got during the song meditation, when person live through the better states, images bringing it to the qualitative essence of Itself. Then Oris can identify the name.


Align your own vibrations with your best ideas about yourselves to the maximum extent.


We must sincerely want to disidentify with the selfish tendencies.


To do this, activate the intellectual and sensual higher vibrational levels of the identity. This is possible due to the regular practice of deep study of the Iissiidiology and singing of the Ayfaarian songs. When the activity of these levels in the consciousness of the person reaches a certain quality limit, Oris can identify these vibrations with a specific tone name.


:) I wish you to do nothing to learn your name in the codes. Aspiring to such a result, you will be farther from it. Because it "activates" not the energy altruism and purity of soul Status Word, and energy ambition to get spiritual "value". If you will reach the heart feelings at the Ayfaar and Oris will feel your vibrations, and he will help you to know your name, trying to identify the high-frequency vibrations of your mental state with the vibrations of the names he have got in meditation some time ago. In an effort to get the name, you will certainly generate another energy and Oris can catch its activity only. And then the name "will not come" to you in such states.


At the IIAIDC tone names are identified by Oris, providing the stable development of the individual in the lluuvvu direction of the development.


Name is one of the tools for disclosure of the innate reserves of creativity. And it is the assistant of those who decided to dedicate his life to the conscious self-development, the cultivation of highly intellectual altruism and highly sensual intelligence. When a person is more or less stabilized in this quest and began active inner transformational work, the configuration of its individual field intensifies and certain frequency domain becomes discernible, by which it is possible to identify the name.




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