What is the song meditation and what is it for?


The song meditation is one of the main practices, the main task of which is to intensify highly sensual human experiences. The basis of Meditation is lyrics by Oris, in which the author has laid high ethical manifestations such as: Philokalia, openness, sincerity, let-go, self-sacrifice, optimism and confidence that all the failures and troubles - are temporal, high representation of friendship, love, support and compassion. The most valuable and unique in these texts is not just to be bright, clean and full of love, but also modeled specific life situations with the examples of the reactions and behavior of the person who already has these qualities. During the singing of these songs a person tries to figure this ideal behavior itself – finds out the resonance point (as the quality you already have, and what you can already "lean") and dissonance (any reactions and choices he can not "hold out"). Often during the singing there are different situations in life - comes the understanding that should not have offended, envy, irritated and embittered - forgiven many past grievances, come plenty of insight, enlightenment concerning more correct answers to a particular questions. And the person is playing the role of himself the same for a while, but better, brave, able to love and forgive in any situation. During these song practices establishment of certain neural interconnections occurs in the brain - it has been proven that the simulation in the imagination of some of the behavior leads to the same brain activity, as if the person actually being committed these acts. So, during the songs a kind of "pumping muscle of love and kindness," "rehearsal" before the actual situation happens, when you need to answer with understanding and love on offense or insult.


A song meditation - is the opportunity to enter through the concentration on highly sensual song content and collective performance the levels of consciousness, which is more superior by the quality than median household levels of implementation in our daily lives. Respectively, in this moment we are able to response intuitively by resonation in the current configuration of Consciousness experiences inherent to us more perfect and realize ourselves in our so-called future, i.e. resonance with a higher quality yourself. This greatly speeds up the evolutionary growth. Processes accompanying our evolutionary movement are described in detail in IAE Volumes (Immortality is available to everyone).


Song meditation - is one of the components, which helps to develop a highly intelligent altruism, which is one of the qualities necessarily inherent to us in the future. Another component that complements the practice of song meditation is the practice of studying Iissiidiology promoting the development of highly sensual intelligence. Songs, offered for the meditation are an inexhaustible source of joy of heart, unconditional love for all and everything, and the profound faith in our common future, which gives hope and optimism to the tired human hearts to overcome all of life's difficulties and internal obstacles along the difficult path of self-improvement. The content of each song adjusts powerfully and reliably  to a deep meditation on ourselves, being consciously transfigured in the light of the highest feelings and thoughts, dissolved in experiences of infinite love, sincerely wish to give people all the purest and the most light that is the best part of you. Each song will inspire confidence and will lead to the knowledge of the essence through the path of love and light of heart knowledge (Website of Ayfaar songs).


The Ayfaar song meditation - this is when you sing the Ayfaar songs, and nothing distracts you from a deep immersion in the emotion of this song. While most accessible to everyone here is the main singing - 4 times a week, the whole team - near the campfire.

If you just read the lyrics, it can make a strong impression on you. You may suddenly reach a state of the deep sense of meaning verses of songs. And the performance of the songs combined with melody can awaken deep feelings, expressing your heart condition. When people are singing smoothly and harmoniously, it strengthens your heart feeling. So if you are singing together, the effect of singing is much stronger than if you sing alone.

The purpose of song meditation - giving you the opportunity to refocus when singing more and more in those Stereo-Types (and dwell in them initially at least for a time of singing) that meet your better quality life scenarios. Most importantly, the song meditation balances your iissiidiological intellectual activity and facilitates the synthesis in luuvvu (human) qualities in your consciousness.


Song meditations include singing lyrical, emotional songs. Texts of the Ayfaar songs written by the author of Iissiidiology, content the same meaning and frequency of information inherent to the books. Regular practice of song meditation and the study of Iissiidiology promote symmetrical activation of high levels of sensibility and mentality, facilitating the synthesis of these two components in the consciousness of the individual. This leads to increased activity in the consciousness of the individual of the curators of Human development trends (intuition) that contribute to the implementation of this persons` elections, leading in the direction of the Human Development.


Song Meditation is an effective method of highly sensual and physical self-improvement. During the meditation, tuning in to the meaning of texts with highly altruistic content, agreeing with them and being approved in the words of these songs, we focus our consciousness steadily stabilizing in these high-vibration levels of attitude, constantly increasing the energy interconnections, so later we could use without training these familiar, operating state of our consciousness in our life work.


In view of different meditation techniques are used by people to achieve some not peculiar to ordinary state of consciousness, we can say that the song meditation is a form of achieving such states, but only through the singing of the lyrics. Considering that wordings are laid in the basis of lyrics, tuning the awareness on altruistic, positive and profound way, the singing of these songs gives an accelerated opportunity to enter consciousness in the above condition. In addition, there is a sense of peace, harmony with the environment and the desire of creativity for the benefit of others. Such feelings are characterized by a calm alpha rhythm of brain activity, in which the accelerated recovery processes in the body, increases resistance to stress, decreases the propensity to depression condition etc.


Song Meditation is a daily joint singing of Ayfaar songs, the texts of which are written by Oris on the famous melodies. They activate a highly sensual component of self-awareness (one of two, along with a highly intelligent, which develops by learning of Iissiidiology) that is necessary for following the path of a true Human.


This is an opportunity to reach a quality level of the identity by connecting to its focal dynamics (current perception) more sublime states by investing in a song of universal concepts, which differ radically from daily current trends.


The reflection of highly sensual concepts holistically and harmoniously complementing the highly intelligent part provided in Iissiidiology.


A song meditation - it is an opportunity to reach the levels of consciousness that is not used in everyday life, because there is no way to implement them. And the lyrics contain the highest images and ideas that set us on highly sensual images, and help to live through them while singing. Regular practice of singing of the ayfaar songs gradually accumulates the activity of those understandings and representations, which are incorporated in the song by the author. More about this you can read in the preface to the song-book, which can be found on the website.


Meditation is a concentration on something. In this case, on lyrics, which has a deep meaning. But the main thing - it is not only our own experience but also to pass it through singing to other people. During the song meditation a person has the opportunity to reach a high level of consciousness, as high-frequency vibrations are incorporated in songs, and also transmit these energies to others. And not just for those who are near by. After all, for energy there are no barriers and distances. So while these songs are sung, the Universe is permeated with a high frequency, which can leave the whole singing team. This depends on the state of each person.


The songs meditation - a sensual part of Iissiidiology when through singing of songs everyone can uncover a heartfelt feeling and learn to give selflessly love and joy to people.


This practice is necessary to harmonize the intellectual component of self-awareness through the activation of sensuality, through highly sensual state of openness, warmth, sincerity, kindness, and others. The text of songs sung with all my heart sets us on the very best of ourselves, for the best aspirations, contributes to rethink actions in the past, which in turn activates intuition and conscience in everybody.


The song meditation is a joint attunement of everybody to more positive, heartfelt, emotional state. If a person uses it, he will feel necessarily a change of his state after singing. Beautiful melodies help to tune into a sensual mood, and the lyrics help to think about life, the choices and to seek a more beautiful and wise.


The song meditation involves access to a better level of thinking, feeling, a state of active altruism, unconditional love. High-frequency vibrations in the mind of the songs support the singing positive background, setting on goodwill, complacency, tolerance, understanding to all people. Prolonged exposure to such conditions refocuses into favorable scenario identical to harmonious, light experiences.


This means the performance of songs in a meditative state (as far as configuration, deep experience and sensory perception of meaning embedded in the text). Essential for maintaining mental and sensual balance, when studying Iissiidiology.


A song meditation is a process of joint singing of the ayfaar songs, the texts of which is adapted to the state of positivism and joy.

The songs meditation is a method of transmitting high-frequency information through the experience of highly emotional sensuality still not inherent to our consciousness. Each line Oris laid strictly defined meaning (thought-forms) by respecting a certain sequence and semantic matching words. If inaccurate translation of the text of such songs ​​(accompanied by rearrangement of words, the loss of rhyme and rhythm) original meaning of the text is distorted, leading to difficulties in perception. Originally founded flow of information embedded in the song, in this case, change, and perhaps even singer experiences discomfort (such as in the case of the cacophony of music) and does not reach the required high psycho-emotional states. That's why the ayfaar songs will be distributed at the Ayfaar (IIAIDC) without translation and hummed in the original language. Thus, there is a high psycho-emotional adjustment of all the participants in a single high-frequency current during the song meditations.


Song meditation is a singing in the group. It is needed to improve the disclosure of the identity and sensuality.


For the harmonious development of the individual, for producing images highly sensual practice of singing meditation is used, during which people consciously immerse in singing of the ayfaar songs and attune to the content, revealing the concept of unconditional love, kindness, service, and all the best in human nature.


A song meditation is singing of the songs inspiring and encouraging with their lyrics and music. Accompanied by the setting on your highest quality image. Serves to harmonize the powerful mental development in the study of the Iissiidiology with the sensory component of the similar level. Aligns the activity of the left and right hemispheres of the brain. More details see the preface to the book "Songs for the song meditation."


Song sensual meditation develop the spiritual side of a person, help to set up a harmonious state, to reach a quality level of consciousness. Thus consciousness is experiencing a sense of unity with the world, unconditional love and let-go. Staying in these states has an enormous influence on the formation of more favorable circumstances and a positive impact on the people near by.


Song meditations are conducted on a daily basis at the Ayfaar as necessary harmonizing and balancing part to the intellectual work of the Iissiidiology study. Singing of the ayfaarian songs with positive mental attitude, understanding the essence of the lyrics really helps to align the unbalanced state of the Focal dynamics during the working day and displays the AIGLLILLIAA heart level. The longer you can keep your Focus of the close attention to these vibrations, the more effective you will be in a more stabilized ampliative Configuration. And this is the gradual phasing out to your better Form -Types.


Deepest meaning of our ayfaarian Songs, the wisdom planted in, helps to dwell in most cardiac conditions, and to find the motivation to difficult life challenges! And when these songs are sung by the team, it creates a positive, spiritual stream to reconfigure the identity to the higher impulses of the soul! Over the history of our songs, letters from readers come about the health improvement of the singers, and even listeners, illnesses leave, thoughts enlightens, peoples` mood became more intimate and peaceful! You can try it for yourself! Just sing with us! Feel the full depth of our beautiful songs!!!


Musical harmony inherent to us at the DNA level, that`s why the song meditations, which are connected to the harmony of sounds, deep lyrics, the influence of our own voice and resonationally increased exposure due to highly vibrational team work, allows you to enter quickly and easily (of course for the person who wants to do it ) the high levels of sensuality, and accumulated a mechanism to keep longer and stable at a level close to our higher Self.


Ayfaarian lifestyle implies the harmonious development of both parts of consciousness - mental and sensual. If the mental part is quite certain, and the dynamics is very diverse, the highly sensual implementations are more complicated. Images and behaviors that reflect a high sensitivity in the last decade began to use less demand, giving way to low and medium sexual patterns. Under high sensuality I understand deep spiritual experiences, not aimed at you (for example, the sublime satisfaction of the desires), not in the direction of your interests (e.g. positive emotions from buying and wearing beautiful clothes, gourmandism, showcasing your erudition ...), but for the other person or group of people. Such experiences can be mercy, compassion, inner joy from the opportunity to share a good mood, altruistic help.

Such experiences allow you to turn out in your minds a baggage of high motivations designed from the positive images and associative sensations. For effective and profound transformation of our mind, it is important to create and try to feel deeply the high quality image of yourself - the future, the one that in some parallel existence is able to embody universal qualities such as kindness, sincerity, responsibility, openness, wisdom, and all the best that we can imagine now.

And here I ask myself - how often we are able to commit such acts of life and to experience such feelings? My experience tells me that until fairly rare, but every such act is filled with joy and love. Our daily routine is stingy enough to high feelings, but we want to learn to do good deeds as often as possible.

That is why there is the practice of the song meditation at the Ayfaar. This meditation could be classified as dynamic - it is a collective performance of songs. The meaning of these songs and images that arise in the performance, help to recreate in our mind all the best and positive life moments, connect them together and repeatedly relive those high feelings. Our consciousness in multiple and diverse experience of any emotions and feelings, tends to reproduce it in the future. That is, the more we help ourselves to be in the positive state, the easier it becomes to cause subsequently this feeling in everyday life. The song meditation, through the sensual aspects of the process of singing, along with peace and highly positive meaning of the song, adjusts and helps to remember unconsciously feeling of joy, happiness, love, sincerity, emotional openness, friendliness.

Song Meditation helps to learn to perceive yourself as a positive and joyful person, gradually creating a bright and loveable image of yourself as a person carrying other people kindness, care, warmth and love.


A song meditation - this is a very important part of our Ayfaarian life. Every day, except weekends, we're gathering and sing our songs for 30 minutes. This group singing, often near the campfire is a song meditation. Why is it a meditation? Because the lyrics carry a very bright idea of ​​us in the future, about how to live now, about "where from" we have come, about "The Star House", the Milky Way, the Spirit and the Soul. These words activate the Star memory, which allows everyone to realize your earthly destiny, your way. When all the voices seem to merge into one, all surrounding subjectively ceases to exist, and sometimes it turns out to feel the unity with everything around. That is the meditation. Exactly in these conditions you may "reach" the vibration of your Tone Name.


Song meditation - this is the practice of collective or individual meditative singing of songs bearing highly sensual images of goodness, love, mutual support, unity, altruism, repentance, forgiveness, and aspirations to the most qualitative manifestation of ourselves. During meditative singing participants focus their attention on the images and the semantic content, as if the words were written and personally lived through them, and gradually eliminating the mentality of everyday worries, come in highly sensual altruistic state. Collective performance enhances the overall dynamics.

The practice aims to help participants to reveal itself in levels of altruism, kindness, transpersonal joy, and experience the state of unity that we do not tend to in everyday life.


Song meditation - is the collective performance of songs collections "My Testament" written by Oris on melodies of the 20th century. Words and melodies of these songs help to derive our identity at the higher frequency levels. Many of us have managed to get their tone names on such meditations.


Ayfaarian song meditation is the collective singing of highly sensual, soulful ayfaarian songs that allow to activate those areas of the brain, which in the ordinary state is rarely available. By practicing a song meditation, a person tunes to friendly and loving states, various intuitive insight could come, a sense of unity with everything, quiet joy and inspiration.


The songs meditation is the concentration and stabilization of the person on the best that exists in him, through the singing of ayfaarian songs. At this time, there is a deep understanding of the positive meaning inherent in the text of the songs sung and the harmonization of the internal state. This allows you to feel intuitive insights, rethink anew difficult life situations and begin to treat everything with greater ease, friendly and with understanding. Being in these states will be the key to the existence of favorable circumstances in the life of such a person.


The technique of singing highly sensual Ayfaarian songs (song meditation) activates human consciousness levels of warmth, kindness, acceptance, unconditional altruism and wisdom. For the successful assimilation of the Iissiidiology knowledge, must be constantly learning new information to combine with singing of Ayfaarian songs.


Collective song meditation derive our identity at the higher frequency levels, which are incorporated in words of these songs. Owing to them we can feel these higher states, which in ordinary life is impossible to feel through. Everyday singing of these songs helps to perpetuate our Self-Consciousness in the most positive reactions and conditions.


Song meditation tunes to the hearty joy, love for people, goodwill, opportunity to experience a state of active altruism enlightenment. Daily performance of songs - it's a great method for both physical and psychological self-improvement. In each of the songs I find spiritual criteria and the purposes for which I try to orient my life. (see the art. "The influence of music, sound and vibration on the psyche and consciousness of a person")


Song meditation activates sensory and mental (as images) components of consciousness - a joint attunement of everybody at more positive and emotional state.


Song meditation - is singing of ayfaarian songs. In the text the author of songs nested deep sensual and intelligent images allowing us to tune to the better levels of self-awareness.


Singing of ayfaarian songs promotes harmonization of the energy of a person, allows him to switch to a better self-image. This practice can be compared with the process of pray or meditation during which activates "the Star Memory." Positive meaning of texts of the ayfaarian songs allows to take thought about the quality of our elections and re-evaluate them. Singing of the songs awakens in person the altruistic desire to give, to share the internal states of joy, kindness, love.


This is a singing of songs with a high content, such as ayfaarian songs with deep feeling of the meaning inherent to the words of each song. After the singing of several songs aloud or silently harmonization of identity occurs, fussy thoughts go out, one feels a deeper understanding of what is happening around, seen in a different life challenges come insights about conflict resolution. That is the better (ampliative) levels of consciousness are activated.


The songs meditation is a thoughtful and sensual singing of the songs with a deep sensual and intellectual content. For example, ayfaarian songs. This attunement and focus on the deep soulful qualities, the possibility of sudden insight and understanding of how to proceed in any situation. Ability to abandon briefly the bustle of different tasks and tune to intuition, with the voice of your heart and soul.


A song meditation - it is an opportunity to stop the running of everyday life and experience and restore in Self-Consciousness the states that are the basis for human development: highly sensual intellect and highly intellectual altruism.


This practice is increasing the sensual part of our consciousness, lies in collective singing lyrical spiritual songs, filled with deep meaning and highly decorated artistic images. This is also a kind of NLP mechanism that creates an image of better relations between people in the minds and actively tuning singer to fit it. More details about what qualities are cultivated in person by our songs can be read on our website.




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