Ayfaar practice of the "Sunny Days"


If a person fails to cope with non positive states in 2 minutes, then it is offered to take the practice of "sunny days". The name "sunny days" of this practice was due to the fact that in the days of the practice one gets an opportunity to get rid of the heavy load of crushed emotions, which he had accumulated over a lifetime, as a consequence of unresolved conflicts with others and with himself. As a result, during and after the practice the human enlightenment and inspiration visits him regarding the burden, acts which he committed in the past, and the actions that intends to implement in the future. "Sunny days" training has the specificity for each individual, so more detail about the practice can be found by contacting any of Ayfaarians.


This practice is a continuation of the art to control states. When a person is unable to cope with its negative reactions, then it goes to the "sunny days". This is three-day physical work from dawn till dusk. The purpose of this is to find a way out of an unresolved situation, as well as to realize the potential of the accumulated negative energy through the physical body fatigue. In this case, if a person does not give favors himself and steadily endeavor to find a solution and answer, after some time a consciousness is released and there is an opportunity to assess soberly the situation and your reaction, take a look at ourselves. But we must understand that it is meaningless to blame the other person or circumstances, the goal is to find a reason provoking similar circumstances.


"Sunny days", this is one of the practices of conscious work on non positive reactions, which could not find corroborative motivations. If anyone staying at IIAIDC, will not be able to get out of the not positive state within 2 minutes , then he will have 3 days (from sunrise to sunset) to devote all the time for altruistic physical work on the landscaping and the search for the psycho-mental reasons for his reactions.


When some situation has "shaken" you to the tensor of its perception, and you are not able to cope with these states (irritation, criticism, rudeness, anger, jealousy, and a lot of similar things ...) - it means that your focal trend became substandard property (in principle - aggressive) in terms of Human development. This is a fairly fragmented energy which goal is to receive their experience in this quality - regular for them. Your form is a tool for them to gain experience. It is their level of behavior and response. You could not cope with this flow. Then you apply the knowledge of Iissiidiology and methodology of sunny days. Sunny days (SD) - a form of work with poor quality states, and these are fragmented pieces of your own Self-consciousness, they are thinking! (And these are this sub-personalities) and you will interact with them on a sunny days by loading them with hard work so they realize if they continue the same activity, they often go to the SD, and that they do not like it very much. Therefore, sooner or later, realizing the futility of their attempts to be implemented through your consciousness in these scenarios, they will leave you after some time, switching to the realization of your same, but in other scenarios. And the most important way you work with this kind of consciousness is the motivation.

Sunny Day (SD) begins at dawn and ends with sunset, and these are good tools of thinking, but fragmented parts of low quality of your self-consciousness.


This is a possibility of transformation through physical labor of aggressive internal mental reactions and states into the creative. This practice makes possible to "opt out" focus on more universal vision of yourselves and of the reality, and to find intellectual and altruistic motivation for their further use in situations like this to come out in the positive conditions for 2 minutes.


This is a very powerful and effective practice of spiritual perfection. It lies in the discharge of the low frequency levels of self-consciousness by hard work and the search for the causes that led to the sunny days. This way you can "collapse" with your better configuration that was originally adopted better choices and could cope with the created non positive reactions for this period of 2 minutes.


To understand this, you need to know how is structured your self-consciousness, your focal dynamics, to understand what the people are at various mental realizations. Realizing this, you will know that our mind is like a motley team of young athletes, and you as a coach, it will be necessary to form a cohesive team. At the same time, you will have to act more radically to certain players, giving them additional stress, that they keep up with the basic structure, but to use other measures to other team members to promote them more "strong" (positive) side. "Sunny days" are like loads for weak players of your team, striving for their goals, victories, etc.


If a person can not get out of the negative state for 2 minutes - he is going to "Sunny Days" to "load" "personal" Self-Consciousness  with altruistic (for the benefit of others, Ayfaar) work instead of implementing in the levels of negativism and to hear the higher quality levels (their voice, the voice of conscience). During the "Sunny Days" refocusing takes place in the configuration of Self-Consciousness, which is already inactive the negative manifestations, because of which "had to" go to the "Sunny Days", there is a kind of "collapse" with Those a higher quality, Who has not given a hostile reaction did not go to the conflict, was not in the tensor - so there is a "collapse of the temporary loops" at the "sunny days".


Any personal growth occurs during the overcoming of something in ourselves, sunny days just give the opportunity of finding the motivation to overcome in itself everything that is frankly irresponsible through physical labor from dawn to dusk.


In order to work consciously with the lower quality levels of self-consciousness the practice of sunny days was introduced to be executed when the rule of two minutes is not followed, after which the person comes to certain community service within three days from sunrise to sunset. Formulating and putting a goal to work with certain substandard parties of its identity.


This practice aims to work with different levels of negativity and non positive in our consciousness. These levels have their own view of life and the rules of conduct, they are quite self-conscious and easily manage us. The knowledge of multilevel consciousness helps to understand them. Energy levels of negativity and non positive are just realized in the gross physical manifestation and at sunny days we redirect this energy to a good cause, for altruistic participation in work for the benefit of others, overcoming their resistance and unwillingness to work and change. We can say that we educate them, punish, explain what will be next time, if they do this way. Physical activity can be of varying severity, but the harder the better. While these levels are busy working until they fatigue, more ampliative levels have the opportunity to appear in the mind more freely, they do not have to break through the noise and hubbub of coarse uncontrollable energy and at this time the answers to the questions could come that concern us.


"Sunny days" - is, on the one hand, powerful work with our own negativity and on the other - the maximum opportunity to altruistic benefits. In fact, it happens at the same time, if a person is suitable configured. In general, "Sunny Days" - a physical work from sunrise to sunset. And usually it's pretty hard to be able to load up the most low-frequency levels of consciousness. Due to this there is an ability to manifest high levels. How and when - it occurs individually. But anyone agrees that this practice helps a lot if you really have no motivation. Three days is a minimum period for this work. Sometimes, at the option of extending, but it's a last resort when inner job is not over for three days and you want to continue.


Sunny days is a universal practice that allows through deepening into your consciousness within 3 days of physical work, to reveal your identity to destructive levels that cause ambition, resentment, many of the fears and so on, while disidentify with them you learn to remain in a positive state of harmony and joy.


This is the next stage in the individual work, suggesting a deeper transformation of revealed nonpositive reaction which nothing has been done within 2 minutes. This practice allows to deepen into the causes of reactions, to find motivation (approach) and deal with the causes of these conditions and reactions of non positive character.


The practice of "Sunny Days" aimed at sensitizing during altruistic physical work (3 days) the reasons that led to the conflict. If you are unable to neutralize the conflict situation immediately (within 2 minutes), it is necessary to fix in your consciousness this fact. To show your low-frequency levels that after such manifestations the sanctions will follow. During heavy work, there is a transformation of low-frequency levels with the release of energy in self-consciousness to realize the reasons, to find motivations, there is an understanding of the other person and the situation. Many times applied practice of "sunny days" leads to greater awareness, a more thorough search of motivation, the deeper individual work.


This is one of the main methods of resolving internal conflicts. Heavy, but altruistic physical work that is performed during the sunny days, helps get rid of the aggression, irritability, and various other non positivisms hindering find the correct answer, a way out of any conflict states. Just a hard physical work has a more effective impact, because maximum negative potential annihilation occurs during heavy physical strain with altruistic motivation. At the level of biology, this process is accompanied by cleavage of hormones that are produced at the time of destructive psychism, with the release of the energy needed for the task. Thus, makes room for the more qualitative concepts, ideas, images, connect a more detailed analysis of what happened. And you begin to differentiate amongst others - a more harmonious choices that can and should have been carried out. The situation itself is seen as an opportunity or as a "bridge" to those of the states, where there is an understanding of the causes of events, some or other elections the people, the natural need to live for others. I have been associated "sunny days"  with an ambulance or surgery, depending on the severity of the internal conflict, the forces of desire to get rid of all the negative and change for the better.


Better integrate with the previous question, to be able to make the connection between the rule and practice, for example: Tell me what is the "rule of 2 minutes" and the practice of "sunny days" at Ayfaar?

The practice of "Sunny Days" has two stages. First - the physical labor from dawn to dusk for 3 days for work (search and awareness of the causes) with your negative manifestations, and the second - "enlightenment of consciousness", which can be thought of associative as the end of the night (darkness) and the beginning of something bright, full of sunshine.


The practice of sunny days on the one hand is a kind of a motivator for those levels of consciousness who do not want or can not cope with negative states within 2 minutes. On the other hand - it is an opportunity for the 3 days of hard physical labor to reflect deeply on the causes of conflict and to be able to solve it, so next time (remembering the hard work) to come out of negativity and be able to regulate the own and others states in 2 minutes.


This is work with its internal non positive states using an extended physical labor. In the process of work the interpretation of these conditions occurs, understanding the causes of occurrence and elimination of these states.


The practice of "sunny days" is the process of self-conscious training, used in the case of non-compliance with Rules 2 minutes. This practice makes a more sober look at the situation and the circumstances that led to make such a choice. Sometimes we tend to idealize the behavior and choices of people and circumstances. Time on sunny days gives an opportunity of in-depth analysis and physical labor. Unloading levels of temper, resentment, aggression, etc. through physical work, frees space in consciousness for a more peaceful and harmonious thinking about the reasons of your non positive perception of reality. After all, if you remember, everything is objective and only our perception is subjective, everything by resonance (i.e., everything around us the events and phenomena of life are in full compliance with the activity of the different levels of our consciousness, thereby introducing them a possibility to gain experience) - intellectual humility is born, turn out enough quality ofacceptance and respect for the election of another person.


The practice of "sunny days" (SD) can be used as an element for individual trainig when you follow the rule of "2 minutes" or how to recycle some sort of stable negative trait. In the first case, if I did not cope with the negative manifestations of the "2 minutes", then I have the opportunity to think of the internal reasons, which  doesn`t allow me to do so within 3 working days from dawn to dusk doing hard physical work. I know that I have three working days when nothing else I will not do, do not think about anything except the task - to find the internal causes of adverse reaction or situation - and gradually it certainly opens, comes understanding and a new vision. On the background of hard work the motivation forms not to repeat such reactions. The second stage, when I realize a trend or some stable negative development. Usually it is formed when there is no awareness or fortitude enough in the conscientious adherence to the rule of 2 minutes, i.e. each time the output on the SD when not managed for "2 minutes" with a negative reaction. The idea is to associate a certain amount of physical labor, preferably having a specific result (bring order to any territory, something to build or renovate, wash or anything else - the main thing it to be hard, and it is desirable altruistically, i.e. not for yourself) with the manifestation, which is no more desire to be identified. This symbolism plays a very useful role in the psychological process of your revision. It is important to record the observations and conclusions, and then talk about that at a general meeting, and you can burn then the recordings for more psychological effect. Outside Ayfaar it is quite difficult to carry out such practices, although if you look closely at your yard or porch, you will surely find a work for 3 days.smiley


The practice of "sunny days" - this is an opportunity to transform a stable negative trait if it is impossible to handle the "Rule 2 minutes." You need to go at the "sunny days" with the understanding what interferes your configuration and what I would like to get rid of. It is necessary to formulate a powerful impulse to your higher levels and feel a great desire to change. On the "sunny days" people for 3 days from dawn to dusk are engaged in altruistic heavy physical work. It is very important the work to be altruistic and unpleasant, difficult. This allows at the background of the high altruistic aspirations to strengthen low-quality manifestations of negativism - fatigue from work or acute mental states. In the interaction of these levels there is a synthesis and correlation between the severely fragmented low levels. They often come during the necessary motivation, insight, and a new awareness of the situation that allows you to translate the perception of the circumstances to a new level. Such an experience is fixed in the minds and helps in future conflict situations to realize more quickly the cause-and-effect relationships and to deal with your own negative reactions.


Practice of Sunny Days on Ayfaar made ​​for those who could not resolve the tensor situation for 2 minutes and the initiator of the incident appoints himself three altruistic working days from dawn to dusk and tries to find the positive motivation during the maximum heavy physical labor that will justify a person to find a deeply hidden projection of long-standing unresolved grievances, perhaps of other personal interpretations, and the most important thing is to find the state of joy and gratitude for the person flashing the qualities shown through this tensor situation, what qualities or quality range an abuser should master.


Sunny days are appointed personally by ayfaarovtsem for a period of 3 days in violation of a 2-minute rule for showing the internal non positive state. During this time, one finds the key to understand the problem, looking for the root cause in itself, and not in the charge of another person or of life itself. Working diligent with the internal qualities, you can find very deep and versatile motivation of forgiveness, understanding, patience, empathy, compassion, and, subsequently, of joy, a sense of responsibility for the words, emotions and actions, and gratitude for the life lesson! Sunny days can be extended at will. They begin with the rising sun and end with its sunset.


Read the answer to the question "What is the rule of 2 minutes?" If you have not track at once non positive reaction and realized falling into a negative state only after some time, or have not been able to stem the flow of low levels being realized through your self-consciousness, for producing awareness and transmutation of excess low frequency energy the practice of "sunny days" is applied. When using high motivation, you altruistically invest physically, and for the implementation of the work tough energy potential is activated, and higher levels of consciousness are the curators. It is the educational process with the possible transformation or transmutation of the low frequency energy.


The practice of "sunny days" is a radical psycho-emotional training, based on a strong physical exertion during the sunny day, lasting for three days. This practice is designed to solve a few questions: 1) to overcome many fears associated with intense physical exertion; 2) to accumulate the will aspect in the mind, allowing further prevention of uncontrolled "slippage" in the negativism; 3) If you select monotonous work, to be able to go into a meditative state and prudent supervision over the "internal dialogue" to reveal the internal tensors (repressed psycho-emotional states) and remotivate them in a positive way.


Sunny days - it's a hard, monotonous physical work for a minimum of 3 days from sunrise to sunset, irrespective of the days of the week. This is a kind of educational work with low-grade levels of consciousness. During the exercise, and the onset of fatigue they release a "place" in the consciousness for mental work, self-examination of their reactions, behavior, attitudes, recapitulation of life, behavior, life goals. Consciousness is calming, view brightens, eyes gradually begin to glow. Attitude changes to many things about which a person was pondering, understanding and awareness comes. There is an opportunity to see the substandard parties which were previously accustomed to and did not notice, and you can disidentify with them.


"Sunny Days" - the practice of heavy physical labor for three days from dawn to dusk. Due to the fact the most "coarse" levels of consciousness during physical work can realize their potential, the possibility arises for the activation of "curators" and more in-depth analysis of the analytical situation, status, trends, due to which it was decided to do sunny days internship . During sunny days there are records of maintained insights, ideas, motivations, which subsequently are shared at the general meeting.


This practice is used when the person is not able to come to a positive state in the tensor situation or unable to withdraw the partner from the non positive reaction in a tensor situation. Then there is a work with the low-frequency levels of consciousness through physical labor from sunrise to sunset for a minimum 3 days. In-depth analysis of the tensor situation during exercise leads to the transformation of low-frequency levels of consciousness.


The practice of "sunny days" is an opportunity to in-depth analysis and rethinking of the manifested negative states (reactions) during heavy exercises. The method consists of the fact that the activity of the most brutal and destructive levels of our psyche is embedded in the process of work, freeing up space in the consciousness for a more high-vibration levels. Therefore, it becomes possible to realize the depth and versatility of the causes of these negative conditions, to achieve the levels of forgiveness and self-discovery.


The practice of "sunny days" is a way to work with the lower levels of self-consciosness in order to eliminate their appearance through your focal dynamics. If a person is unable after the discovery of non positive to translate it into a positive within two minutes, then it is at least three days to do hard physical work from dawn to dusk. This is to ensure that those low levels of vibration, a person could not cope in itself could be realized through physical activity. This will ease the psychological pressure of these levels on the human consciousness and help him to understand better the causes of these manifestations in himself and to identify more effective the ways of working with them.


The criterion for entering the "sunny days" is being non positive for more than two minutes. During the "sunny days" in order to compensate non positive reactions the physical labor is used. During altruistic physical labor there is a realization of low-grade levels. In the process of work the thought processes occur, comes more understanding. This method helps to resolve conflict and collapse the "time loop". Much more "profitable" to be kind, sympathetic, understanding, and it will stimulate the search for a variety of motivations.


The practice of "sunny days" is to work with the negative manifestations in conversation with the person, provided when you are not able to go out of the negative in 2 minutes. Then you have to go to the "sunny days" if you want to find motivation justifying another person, being understood that it is your "mirror" that it is your resonance to the words or actions of other, saying that the film is primarily for you, and to blame only yourself, and that means you need to ask forgiveness from each other and talk openly to understand the situation better. "Sunny Days" last for 3 days, and is expected for hard physical labor, which promotes the release from negative reactions.


The practice of "sunny days" is used when a person does not came out and put the other person to non positive reactions "in two minutes." These days you are working with low quality levels of consciousness through altruistic motivational physical labor, which lasts 3 days. And with the help of in-depth analysis of the situation there is a transformation of the low-frequency levels.


If a person in 2 minutes can not get out of the negative state, it goes to the "sunny days" to get the physical performance for the levels realized in negativism. This is an opportunity through physical labor to transform the negative psychological reactions to a more positive and harmonious.


On the "sunny days" it is given the opportunity for a person to make more in-depth analysis of their substandard conditions and to find a sustainable motivation that would help to get out of this non positive situation.


If a person can not be in a 2-minute deal with the non positive states and reactions, the practice of "sunny days" could help. It is a voluntary three-day physical work, where people work from sunrise to sunset. Such a method of exercise helps to cope with laziness, arrogance, ambition, resentment, jealousy, greed, and other human selfish manifestations.


This is a possibility of a deeper analysis of tensor situations. If you are unable to find the motivation to get out of non positive states within two minutes, a person chooses any job and performs it for three days from dawn to dusk. First, such a choice is altruistic for everyone, because the force is applied not in favor of the own interests, but to do the work, the results of which will be useful to others. Secondly, during the "sunny days" a person is considering a specific tensor situation from different perspectives, finds motivation, can communicate closer with those who originated tensor, can recall many cases of his own, which behaved in a similar way. Prolonged application of physical effort (the realization of the different levels of ARGLLAAMUNI) also has a balancing effect on the psyche. As a result of this practice deeper understanding appears regarding the situation and the elections of other people in general.


This is the practice of conscious work of a person with non positive reactions that occur on a regular basis and for which there is no positive and wise behavior and thinking. Then a person builds this dependence: the inability to exit the non positive state (which occurs not for the first time) for 2 minutes entails 3 days of physical altruistic labor (domestic, construction). These three days are devoted to deepening a person and to find a way out of these non positive manifestations. When the levels of consciousness responsible for the survival instincts and body are loaded with physical work, the mind becomes free from their mental pressure, free for new understanding and vision of the usual things.


The practice of sunny days means altruistic voluntary community work (preferably with intensive and heavy exercise) for at least three days, lasting from sunrise to sunset. This practice is used to find the mental motivation to resolve internal tensor state, emerged in some situations, if the rule is "two minutes" did not help.


This is kind of occupational therapy, which is used by us individually in cases where more than 2 minutes, we are unable to resolve a conflict situation to the family either, or adjust it to ourselves from another person. Just used for urgent internal conflict with ourselves, depression, or other destructive conditions. Cycle of sunshine lasts for three days, involves hard physical labor from dawn to sunset. Nobody does control and forces to do it. There are successful stories of overcoming a very complex mental states as a result of such practices, as well as advances to improve awareness, deepening into the essence of the mental states. This is the most effective and radical of existing practices, but initially requires awareness and understanding of the principles taking place in this time of mental processes, in order to be successfully applicable in practice. More details about this can be found in direct contact.




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