What is “the 2 minutes rule "?


The rule we follow in the interaction with the outside world on destructive levels of the identity. It lies in the fact that any non-positive reaction or attitude does not deserve to continue for more than two minutes. If you exceed this time, the person at the Ayfaar goes to the "sunny days", described below. In the two minutes a person seeks to resolve the resulting conflict situation in relation to others.


This is a rule of the radical alterations of the negative reactions to circumstances arising in a very short period of time. This almost instantaneous processing requires powerful mental effort, and does not allow the person to "float away" from the responsibility in the destructive states by mobilizing all the intuitive reserves.


This is the rule of harmonization your destructive selfish states and of the other people no longer than 2 minutes. In fact, it is possible with a powerful desire to improve ourselves and the world for the better all the time, right now. 2 minutes - the average time, when it is possible to cope with the hormonal and emotional non positive background and maybe if it is incomplete solution to the problem, the harmonization of the current situation, to prevent its development in a bad way.


"The rule of 2 minutes" - is to find the motivation to get out of non positive states for two minutes.


"The rule of 2 minutes" promotes conscious tracking of the non positive states. It is the desire as soon as possible to find the necessary motivation to make the highest quality choice in a particular situation. This practice is based on a thorough understanding of a full responsibility, both to others and to yourself for your thoughts, words, feelings and actions.


The essence of the rule is that within two minutes to solve a conflict situation and bring your consciousness in a positive and harmonious state.


Within 2 minutes you should try to get out of the state of negativity and conflict to a positive attitude to each other, disidentify with its negative manifestations and ask for forgiveness.


The essence of this rule is in two minutes to get out of non positive state. As for me, this radical choice is the following: if I let low-quality levels to win the better of me, or consciously controlling them I'll be able to take the conflict situation as an opportunity that can be used effectively in the spiritual development.


"The rule of 2 minutes" is the main technique for Ayfaar to work with non positive reactions and states. If there is negative reaction when talking to some person you were not able to neutralize in 2 minutes, then you should enter the "solar days" which last for 3 days from sunrise to sunset, for conscious work and analysis of the negative reactions. The work should be conducted on the understanding that your non positive reaction is the resonance to the same reaction in the other person, and in such a case it is necessary to work primarily looking for a motivation justifying another person. Analyze the situation together and ask each other for forgiveness. During the "sunny days" heavy physical work is expected, which contributes an output to the positive states.


This is one of the principles of the Ayfaar relationships: it is impossible to remain human beings in any conflict (non positive) mental state in relation to someone else (including - themselves) for more than two minutes. Without a high iissiidiological motivations it is not possible practically implement this universal principle of radical refocusing. They are the most effective method of development in precisely lluuvvumicheskom direction, passing by the phenomena of the structured in all protoform directions a set of lower-quality "time loops", stretched in time for many years and decades. To exit the "time loops" you need to make a lot of mental and energy costs. Answering with kindness and understanding to someone's anger or irritation, you stay focused in the favorable worlds. That is why it is very important in life to learn how to find instantly any positive motivation to explain any offense.


The rule of the " two minutes" - means if a person have found itself in non positive state, it must as soon as possible (but no more than two minutes) to do everything possible to put itself in a balanced harmonious state. Also, this rule implies a removal of non positive state of his companion. If you have noticed that your partner in a non positive state, then you need to make any effort to find the right words, to do everything possible to help this person to find a positive state. Of course, it is clear I need to be balanced in a positive state, while helping others. A minute or two – it is an averaged time period for which may suspend the development of the hormonal activity, which encourages people to all kinds of non positive and negative states.


The rule of "two minutes" is a resolution of any conflict (negative reaction) and the stabilization in the positive state in 2 minutes. Why 2 minutes? Because during this time the activity of the hormone system can be controlled by Creators-curators and you can use the motivation and self-examination to stop the activity of the low vibration levels.


The resolution of any non positive situation, finding motivation and stabilization of self-consciousness in a positive state for 2 minutes.


The rule of "2 minutes" - this is an internal commitment that takes an aspiring to selfdevelopment person in order to intensify its work with no npositive states and trends and to realize himself faster the more qualitative One, he or she decided to become.

Implementation of the rules implies a permanent self control of psycho-mental states and, in case of non positive - immediate internal response to transform the detected condition. According to the rule, every practitioner is trying to make everything possible to neutralize the conflict -  internal or external - in 2 minutes.

A more sophisticated version of this rule is in taking responsibility for the conflicts and provocations we create: in addition to the obligation to withdraw from non positive state itself, a person also commits itself in whatever was to help others to neutralize the conflict in 2 minutes.

For productive work with the non positive manifestations and full effect of this method party determines its failure "consequence" to withdraw from the conflict in 2 minutes. One of the drastic measures to learn from such situations is the decision to undergo the practice of sunny days and the practice of disidentification.


Studing Iissiidiology, you'll learn about the correlation of mental states to your further development scenarios. The more positively and happily you are able to accept any circumstances, the better your life scenarios are. While being in a non positive states, accordingly, are structured and increasing complex situations. And the harder it will be to get out of them, since by resonance in your consciousness will be projected in the form of thoughts and non positive actions proposed more and more negative perceptions, which will aggravate your mental state even more. That`s why there is Ayfaar "Rule of 2 minutes", according to which it is necessary to try all means to respond positively to everything that happened to you, and if the reaction still manifested in your self-consciousness, then try within two minutes, with the help of motivation or some action to get in a positive state, and also to bring in a positive state the interlocutor (if available). In case of failure of the withdrawal and prolonged non positive background, participant or participants in such situations go to the "Sunny Days."


"The rule of 2 minutes" – at the Ayfaar it is one of the ways to keep your mind in a positive state of alert and to avoid "slippage" to depliativnye levels. The essence of the rule is that if you have noticed in your own self-consciousness negative activity (aggressive thoughts or feelings of any type), then you need in any possible way to get out of this state in 120 seconds and annihilate the conflict situation.


This is the rule of conscious exit as soon as possible from the non positive states. Now a high bar is set: not only you need not to be in the non positive, but (if it happened) to withdraw from the negative state your interlocutor. Why 2 minutes? As I understand it, this is the maximum period for which your refocusing do not become more irreversible, i.e. your low levels do not drag you in their scripts. If you want to improve yourself, you need to learn to live consciously, very good practice.


Unresolved conflicts on the internal situations at the Ayfaar must be resolved in 2 minutes. This means it is necessary to find motivation and understanding enough for justifying human that caused non positive reaction. This time depends on the reactions of stress hormones released in the brain. After 2 minutes irreversible adverse reactions begin and it becomes much more difficult to work on the positive!


Emerging tensor situations at the Ayfaar and basically everywhere, no matter where you are must be resolved according to the rule of 2 minutes. Why 2 minutes? Because it is precisely of this time period you should have time to find a positive motivation to justify the behavior of those who caused your non positive reaction and after 2 minutes it is much more difficult to get out of these states, since the hormonal activity captured your entire Focal Dynamics. That time between positive motivation, self-deprecation for the transmutation of these Formo-Creators from arglaamuni into the heart center is very important in this training. And of course the effectiveness of efforts, if it is a powerful desire as soon as possible to get out of these tensor states and to secure the release of a positive level you need to try to hug your opponent with a hearty gratitude and acceptance.


"The rule of 2 minutes" - is an important tool for dealing with negative states and reactions. When a negative reaction is detected, it is important to get a state of inner observer to analyze your own situation and the causal relationship that led to this negative situation. It is important to find an excuse for a person or situation in two minutes who provoked a non positive state, and motivate your own positive attitude to the circumstances. It is important to make it faster for a long misunderstanding, resentment and other negative reactions could not be recorded in our own Focus Dynamics by resonance vibrations in the worlds with a predominance of the corresponding negative states (like ourselves and other people), which in turn has a negative impact on further development of life circumstances. It is important to be always in a state of observer to recognize the reactions, not to identify with them. Intellectually and sensually working with these levels, we bring better information in "our" negative states. It is important to note that during a conflict situation reactions can go in waves, and explaining the first wave, it is possible to relax and miss the second or third. To do this, you need to be able to be an observer as long as possible, consciously and carefully monitor your own thoughts, and in the case of return of negative trends, it is necessary once again to continue to work with them and find positive motivation in two minutes.


The rule of "2 minutes" is the principle of the most rapid "exit" of the negative state. For this purpose, any personal achievements, psychological techniques and motivations on the basis of knowledge are used. If, nevertheless, failed to "get" that a person has the opportunity to work with the causes of the other states using the practice of "Sunny Days".


The Rulef 2 minutes - this is a unique technique to develop the skills of positive perception of objective reality. In the case of non positive reaction you have two minutes to be able to understand motivationally and take the position of another person or circumstance. You must take into account that today you might be inclined to assess the circumstances of life (the situation with people, society, etc.), as misfortune, failure, false, or something else "bad" and incomprehensible, and in your tomorrow - more objective – understanding can open to you much deeper Meaning and, therefore, can be perceived very differently by you.


This rule is intended to help to solve the conflict within your own consciousness, and in the event of conflict with the outside world.

It means to keep within 2 minutes in the solution of any conflict situation with a favorable outcome for all parties. Why is it important and what does it do? In the event of a conflict situation you need to think about how change scenarios rezonationally related to this tensor current configuration (located in the grievance, hatred, aggression) in a few minutes with a great speed , and how far away they can take from the previous target. And if not to change urgently the course of events, returning your states and all the participants in the situation, at least, at the previous positive state, the situation may worsen further. In such a case happens, "the entrance to the time loop", followed by events of involving people in an even more unfavorable life circumstances to get more experience.


2 minutes is a conditional temporary boundary to exit non positive states or bifurcation point, after passing through it, if it is no motivated engage in positive perception, there is an abrupt change to less favorable scenarios, which will require more time and energy costs. There is the practice of "sunny days" allowing with an altruistic labor deeper insight into the causes of manifested negative states that in the future will more quickly find the motivation and return to the track of favorable scenarios.


It is a period of time that is given to resolve non positive tensors to find any means to justify the behavior, words, deeds of people, leading to some degree of rejection, negativism. The Rule of 2 minutes helps to bring the skills of positive attitude to everything, the initial positive approach to all moments of life.


"The rule of 2 minutes" - it is a possibility if non positive reaction appears to find better motivation to justify what happened, as it happened according to rezonation principle and at the background of precipitated hormones (their effect can be strong) still handle most qualitatively with the reaction. To find an exit of the situation and to help everyone involved in it. If the conflict dragged on for more than two minutes - this means that a person can not control the situation. At this point it is amenable to reaction and reacts negatively. During less than two minutes it is quite difficult to cope with the release of hormones. If the person have positive motivation and given the opportunity to a better level (curator) to solve this situation more hearty, friendly, positively, by the same token do not miss the opportunity to refocus as quickly as possible in the better scenario. This rule helps to be more aware and keep track of your thoughts, reactions, and also to be honest with yourself.


This is one of ayfaar working conditions and a way of tracking, awareness and transformation of different "pools" of consciousness of non positive character.


If a person has negative or non positive reaction to something or someone, it have to find the motivation within two minutes to be able to neutralize it. Ideally, you have to enter the full positive. If it does not, the person goes to the "Sunny Days", which is the physical work, which will last three days from sunrise to sunset. In fact, this is hours of let-go, understanding and responsibility to others.


The Rule of 2 minutes - this is the practice to switch quickly the focus of the dynamics from the levels of negativity, at least to the level of the neutral attitude towards the situation through the use of motivation, that allows you to change the view. We can say that this is the practice of underchakra refocusing when possible due to the quality of motivation to get out on that better focal dynamics that without this it would be necessary to live through, to synthesize a lot of situations and psychisms.


Limited amount of time allotted chronologically within which it is possible due to the adoption of radical solutions to resolve the conflict tension both within and between the self-consciousness to maintain the refocusing dynamics in the Human Development direction without consequence of consciousness sliding in the protoform direction of development.


This is an opportunity to learn mindfulness, as well as an opportunity to develop the skills to quickly explain to ourselves the objectivity of reality.


Within 2 minutes you should try to get out of the conflict to the tolerant, positive attitude to each other, ask for forgiveness, disidentify with the negative manifestations, to embrace, to express love and gratitude for the opportunity to see something of poor quality, which is still present in the "personal" Self-Consciousness and (because everything is manifested only by resonance) to "work" with it together. At this point, the transformation or transmutation of "rough" energy vibrations into a "thin", and the relationship move from the level of instinctuality to the level of consciousness, become more human friendly. It is given only two minutes because testing for more than two minutes non-human reaction (anger, jealousy, resentment, envy, hatred), we "deviate" from the Human Development Trends into the Protoform (animal) and "get" into the "time loop" in which "forced" to live less qualitative than the former, scenario from where you have to "get out" with great efforts and "expenditure" of time.


This practice contributes the development of such qualities as: altruism, positivism, Immunitant responsibility, openness, and maybe something else. It gives an opportunity to develop the mobility of the focal dynamics to switch from a low-frequency (destructive) states to the higher frequency (neutral or more positive). The main purpose of the rule is that in case of destructive circumstances when interacting with someone, to find the strength to "resist" occurring in the focal dynamics aggressive tendencies through altruistic impulse to help those you have a similar situation with. Help is annihilation of the interlocutor of any kind of negativism due to self-deprecation, the recognition of his own guilt that because of you / your behavior / ignorance etc. your interlocutor has such destructive state. To resolve any kind of conflict 2 minutes is given, after which, if the situation was not resolved harmoniously, "sunny days" should be practiced.


A person who is at the Ayfaar has no right to be at non positional state with himself or other people (objective life circumstances) for more than two minutes. During this time, using a variety of methods of self-abasement, asking forgiveness, outside observer practice, the practice of disidentification, getting up on the knees this person must balance his mental emotional state to positive and lead the other person out from non positive state of consciousness.

If he violates the rule, it must immediately begin the practice of 3 or more solar days and shone this time of heavy physical work to relieve pent-up low-frequency potential of the self-consciousness interfering with a lesser degree of subjectivity happily, highly intellectually, highly altruistically, openly accept any life situations and circumstances.


It is a practice of leaving non positive states for 2 minutes.


The Rule of 2 minutes - this is an opportunity when non positive mental reaction detected in the consciousness , which is the result of hormonal reactions, quickly replace (transform) it by positive. This will affect the change in the hormonal pattern of the body and mental state of the individual. 2 minutes - this is the time period during which the person is able to change a given biological organism program release of hormones and to prevent prolonged state of aggression, anger, depression. Quick access to the positive and constructive state is possible with the regular practice of the analysis of causal relationships between events occurring in the lives and subconscious interests of the individual. Such a process of introspection allows you to find for yourself the universal motivation to help the rapid transformation of possible negative states into positive ones.


In short - it's a way of quick annihilating of non positive states that hinder opportunities to refocus in those space-time continuum, where there is no strife, aggression, war, and people live in a single work of implementing general, needful and interesting for the community projects. "The Rule of 2 minutes" and sunny days - these are the steps that lead to the worlds of Humanity.

And now in details. If you find a reaction (deviation from the state of tranquility / calm benevolent), it would be the best - fast yourself to confess in this reaction, to find the motivation to justify the behavior of the person or the circumstances that caused this reaction. And the problem is that you need to find it anyway. The best, in my view, the motivation of understanding, which includes compassion for the person or people, because of the poor quality of the election you will inevitably get out of your life script "into the loop" (living through the events of the same quality). In order your refocusing at this moment to be more powerful, it is possible to reinforce it (in the same 2 minutes) with the state of gratitude for this event, test. For the fact that you have a lot of different tools to get out of many "loops", and one of them the very radical - 2 minutes rule.


It is the practice of leaving the negative conditions that actively practiced in the methodology of IIAIDC.


It is a technique of self-development for people who want to learn how to manage their mental states. The Rule of 2 minutes means the possibility of a person to get out of the conflict or negative state for 2 minutes. Of course, at first it is necessary to learn to identify these states, because often people do not even notice them. A person responds by habit and enters a state of resentment, anger, discontent, rejection, aggression, often believing that such reactions are natural. If he does not have accumulated experience of the observer state, then at first it will be difficult to track he has negative psychological stress. I want to note for those who want to reach a state of inner observer the practice of meditation could help. And if the person was not able to catch himself at some negative reaction, he can realize it later, or it could be told from the outside, then it is to be taken as a prolonged stay in a negative state of the tensor. In the beginning, a person begins to work with bright emotional reactions that are hard to miss. And in that moment we must stop first, and then find a way to switch to a positive state. If not, the person practices "sunny days" (see below). During the "sunny days" goes in-depth analysis of its states, causes of negative reaction and search for opportunities to cope with it in the future. Basically stable motivation is formed to facilitate the control of mental states.


This time was given to a person to get out of a negative state, or rather the person gives it himself. If you can not disidentificate with non positive there are so-called Sunny Days, where negative energy potential is generated through physical labor for 3 days of sunshine. Such stress, by producing low-quality energy solutions and the original motivation of the tensor of the situation, allows a person to manifest itself through high-energy, which carry the experience and information to arrange constructively the causes of the conflict. Also, if precedents, instinctive levels would behave more cautiously, because they will already contain information on possible "punishment" and become more interested in finding a positive resolution of conflict. Eventually, the positive state, through the alignment of the relevant new neural networks, becomes active so that any problems will not be able to display the configuration of equilibrium, and, hence, most of the elections will be made on the basis of high dynamics of thinking and feeling that speeds up greatly the implementation of the plan.


This rule is one of the major techniques in dealing with non positive symptoms for those who have decided to learn the basic principles of the Ayfaar relations. The gist of it is to neutralize (i.e., transform into a positive) absolutely any noticed non positive psychic reaction less than 2 minutes. The main method for the transformation of non positive states is a method of positive projections. If we describe briefly its essence, it is to find such an information context (frame), which is able to neutralize the negative connotation of someone's actions (words), or life circumstances that cause these non positive states. Method of 2x minute neutralization of non positive reactions is very important in case of "moderate severity" reactions in order to prevent the intensification of negative experiences. After all, it often happens that we "crush the bones" due to the fact that we are unable to stop in time. This is due to the fact that not started work on the harmonization of the state just in time, and allocated adrenaline and cortisol greatly reduced the opportunity to hear the "voice of the heart or mind."




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