How tension relationships are regulated at the Ayfaar?


There are certain motivations and knowledge to help you understand quickly the point of view of the other person and find a way to come to a compromise.


In IIAIDCs honesty, openness, responsibility and initiative are cultivated on the basis of emotional intelligence and highly sensual altruism. If there is local tensor situation, the parties apply the rule of "two minutes".


First of all, openly and confidentially. Verbal recognition and analysis of nonpositive reactions with a sincere apology for them are welcome. It is especially difficult to admit to those nonpositive views that manage to hide in appearance - it is difficult to overcome the hypocrisy, the effort to keep evil thoughts. Also to express them openly so that there was not just their splash but conscious work with them and replacing them with ideas about friendship, love, gratitude and compassion is a true art. Therefore, the resolution of any tensor relationship conflicts is based on conscious openness and sincerity.


First of all, finding the motivation to understand the behavior of another person. Often tensor arises from the lack of information and it`s enough to talk with the person and find out how he justified his choice. You can safely offer an alternative, and if the person deems it more palatable, he will use it. In most cases we see in others what we do not like in ourselves. You can find a lot of examples of this behavior in other circumstances, if you try. Own irresponsibility can not be shown in such situations for which there is a tensor, but in others. For example, if I agreed with someone about the meeting, but he did not come, and I always try to be punctual in such cases, there may be a lack of understanding of such behavior. But I can forget, for example, to turn off the pot of soup and also fail someone this forgetfulness.


The most important thing in solving tensor relations - is to work with each other, which is a profound transformation of your consciousness, your submissions. This could be done by a variety of practices. Such as forgiveness, disidentification, work, motivation search, working with high-frequency information, openness, honesty, help "in the spirit", etc.


It is an individual process. One way - is to understand the other person. If you learn to understand the other, then you learn to love. After all, every Ayfaarovets realizes that the reason of tensor primarily lies in himself. He can ask openly and friendly for forgiveness or just another heart hug. The following way – is to talk friendly and openly, because often we simply do not have enough information, why a person has committed a particular act or did not express himself very heartily. Another way - is to go mutually on "sunny days" and, finally, to find out why it is aversion to each other.


This is primarily to recognize a state of nonpositive and apologize sincerely. Understanding, openness, honesty and a desire to help yourself and others to achieve a more harmonious state.


There are different methods to resolve tensor. First of all, look at your self-consciousness about the origin of the tensor and disidentify with the low levels, which currently require the implementation. Often, it is not enough experience to find the right motivation - in such cases it is better to focus on sensory perception (intuition), and to take this difficult situation for granted. And then gradually the images appear in the consciousness and the understanding.


First of all, there must be a desire to understand the other person, to understand that each of us work out certain baseline quality that leads to different reactions to the same situation developed. To be able to open up to each other, to analyze the situatio together and sincerely ask for forgiveness from each other.


It is above all an understanding and acceptance of the other person's desire to resolve the conflict and try to reach the heart and friendship, as well as quickly as possible truly open, confess and apologize in their nonpositive states, views, views. This is an opportunity to analyze the situation positively, to find the reasons, motivation, and the ability to share their experiences and knowledge is very helpful.


If there is a misunderstanding between people expressed in the existence of some tension in relations, these people are trying to communicate with the openness in conversation with each other, to learn more about each other. It helps to find the deeper causes of the tensor that arises between them. The key to the success of such a conversation is a friendly attitude to each other and a sincere desire on both sides to change for the better.


One of the main tasks at Ayfaar - is mastering the skills of non-conflictual communication. Everybody has its own individual experience of tensor resolution in relations, which will be collected and compiled in IIAIDC technique. Often such consistent methods are used:

  1. Individual work, an analysis of the tensor that appears, search for the causes in ourselves.
  2. The practice of openness and personal disidentification with specific tensors to person, ask for forgiveness and find the image of a new attitude towards him.
  3. Trustful mutual communication and access to the level of a new relationships.

If a conflict situation is not settled, these people go on sunny days to parse the reasons for its occurrence to a more detailed way.


After a 2-minute rule, if you can not deal with nonpositive states in 2 minutes, you should go for a sunny days (minimum 3 days) to work with the lower levels of your Self-Consciousness.


Conflicts - internal or external - Ayfaarovtsy try to solve quickly, in accordance with Rule "2 minutes." For this purpose there are various methods, including: motivational chain that help to justify a person or situation, to find a positive sense of what is happening; systematic self-examination of the situation; practice of open disidentification to another person or team for the purpose of gaining control of nonpositive state and exit; forgiveness, acceptance, humility; open conversation with the person with whom there is a conflict to determine the cause-and-effect relationships, eliminate nonpositive projections; Sunny Days as a radical way of working over the uncontrolled reactions.


Tensor relations are solved by recognition of your poor quality, awareness of the need to apologize for any disturbance or inconvenience, openness to another person, sincerity and friendliness. You need to figure out calmly the position of another person and its motivation, because often we do not have enough information, why a person does this way nor those and certainly not as we would have done ourselves. And just quietly need to explain your position and your motivation of this action. There is also a practice of "2 minutes", and if there is an inability or a "reluctance" of the participants of "conflict" to solve everything positively, in force of ambition, arrogance or conviction of the correctness, the deeper work is continuing on "Sunny Days".


With highly sensual Intelligence, which is the knowledge of Iissiidiology for us and highly intellectual Altruism - is our wise and unusual songs. Knowledge handles a large number of vital issues, helps to understand the complex situations and the Songs pour grace into the soul! The unique combination of these attributes helps to resolve tensor relations.


The very image of Ayfaar life gives us the opportunity to learn to live more and more conscious... and this is the working hours of ability to trace the cause-and-effect relationship, i.e. to develop a deep understanding of what is happening at levels of circumstances, thoughts, feelings... all of us, unfortunately, are not perfect yet, but more importantly, in my opinion, to seek to become better every conscious moment, not someday...


The settlement of the tensor situation and escapement from nonpositive state.

Here is a short algorithm, which we practice in ayfaarovskoy life:

  1. disidentification with external displays and search for the causes of the negative state in yourself (for example, the model of "I am Focus").
  2. Role analysis and identification of intensified depliative conglomerate.
  3. Using the principle of the Observer (consciousness, disidentification).
  4. Find the motivation for removing of the tensor.
  5. The mechanism of conscience and shame.
  6. The use of motivational patterns as mechanisms of tensor annihilation:
    • Forgiveness.
    • Self-humiliation.
    • Remorse.
    • Disidentification.
    • Gratefulness.
  7. Analysis of the causes of negativity (after leaving the negativity and conflict resolution).

And if no complications the most effective mean is a timely candid and frank conversation "heart to heart", where each party tries to identify a manifestation caused tensor situation and to establish warm and friendly relations.

More detailed information on this subject you can find in our instructional materials, workshops and classes.


Usually tensor arises in the relationship because of a lack of information from one of the parties and thereby causing a lack of understanding causes of action the other party or the difference in ideas on a completely different topic and the behavior of people in different situations. On Ayfaar we resolve these tensions by openness to the person in relation to which this situation emerged. There is an opportunity to talk with the person through attunement to the heart levels and explain the reasons for misunderstanding and caused reactions and if both are aware of the need as soon as possible to resolve the situation positively, since it is given two minutes, otherwise there will be consolidation in nonpositive states and dip for a long time loop occurs rapidly enough, because both are willing to be accountable for their actions and reactions. But we all learn to master the method of settlement of tensor relations operated by greater openness to each other, warmth, acceptance and tolerance, and the knowledge of Iissiidiology helps us.


Tensor relations are solved by cultivating of ayfaarovskoy Openness, feelings of Cordiality and the ability to find and build the causal relationships underlying the tensor situations. Every happening event has its reasons, which are primarily inside ourselves. Therefore, the entire responsibility for all, no matter what happens in our lives is just on us and our ability to apply this knowledge in practice. It is also important to remember that in addition to the responsibility for our own condition and scenario, we are also responsible for the state of the people around us, their scenario and Ayfaar scenario. Therefore, to solve the tensor of the situation as quickly as possible, it is important to enter the state of hearty warmth and acceptance of the circumstances, no matter how unfair they are at first glance. You need to open on a cordial level to a person when tensor or misunderstanding appeared. It is important to disidentify with the own low-quality levels that caused this situation, ask for forgiveness for their manifestation, listen carefully and understand the other person - its motives and states, the reasons for the behavior, put yourself in his place. Normally, this additional information builds the relationship and you can realize a more complete picture of what is happening.


The basic rule for solving tensor relations is the rule of "2 minutes", the basic principles - responsibility, initiative, openness and honesty, and the selection criteria - highly intellectual Altruism and highly sensual Intelligence. All of these concepts are explained in Volume 15 Iissiidiology. Let me just say that any "tensor", any conflict, resentment, or otherwise positive development are best addressed through an understanding of personal responsibility for the ongoing, public recognition and scoring of internal imperfections, apologize to the object of your negativism for such reactions. Open discussion, when you first try to find their weaknesses, your reactions to the person in relation to which they are manifested in 90% of cases shows subjectivity and haste's judgment and allows "tensor".


Differently. The main thing to Ayfaar - an atmosphere of trust and desire of everybody to harmonize relationships and self-development. Due to this there are always ways to solve tensor situations.


With the understanding, acceptance, love.


Tensor situation between ayfaarovtsami can be solved in different ways: a candid conversation, sincere letters, joint work on sunny days, and others. Most important thing is that people should feel during conflict resolution - a sincere desire to change the situation and bring the relationship to a more trusting and open. Misunderstandings and false perception of each other's behavior are solved in the process of a frank talk, so that in the future the situation has not led to an open confrontation and next door to the "sunny days".


Tensor is a lack of desire to find something that unites people and fixation on the isolated perception of others. At AYFAAR people learn openness, which negates any manifestation of separation and as a result prevents conflicts.


There are different methods. Here are some of them: 1.By conversations, interviews with people with whom there is some degree of nonpositivism. Attitude for a positive outcome at the beginning of the conversation helps to reveal the essence, the cause of the conflict deeper and to come to a mutual decision. 2 The practice of "sunny days" through the motivated altruistic physical labor helps maximize the result during the work. Such an approach leads to activation of more humane levels, resulting in a finding wise outputs arising from a problem situation. 3 colloquia, seminars, consultations, held on Ayfaar (in IIAIDC) Increase the sffuurmm forms (ideas) of Iissiidiology, develop intuitive perseption. Multi purposed worldview, views, leads to a better understanding of other people, developing the ability to explain a certain events, improves understanding of the fact that everything that happens is a product of our own creative ideas and images.


All the inhabitants of the Ayfaar study Iissiidiology, try to open and look for the ways to understand each other. Everyone studies and to learn how to resolve the tensor situation you must have the desire to do it, experience and knowledge. As for me, the main point is the recognition of substandard levels, first of all in yourself. Honest recognition of them and a desire for change leads to the fact that person is trying to track them itself and helps others to work with this. This work can not be done without goodwill, warmth, understanding, knowing that everyone is different and see the world differently. To resolve the conflict - it means change, to become better. If you do not work, then there is an opportunity to work altruistically for sunny days, and to understand the reasons that led to the conflict. If there is a tensor relationship with someone, the best way to neutralize them is a conversation in which, if people open to each other, it is possible better vision of each other and mutual understanding. And it means the removal of tensor.


In general a settlement (neutralization, leveling, transformation, access to positive) of tensor situations is multifaceted process with a different duration in time and associated with individual configuration of each person. You can identify a common approach to tensors - it is a mutual desire (!!) to find, feel and be established in a harmonious relationships to each other.


The first thing that is needed to resolve the tensor relations - the desire and aspiration to free deliberately from the reactions of resentment, laziness, anger, condemnation, rejection in personal identity. Sincere cooperation in this area gives a positive result, neutralizes karmic relationship (cause and effect) in interpersonal relationships. Presently the work to establish the methods of work with tensors is underway.


Since the tensor - is generally the basis of manifestations of our Universe, it appears sometimes on Ayfaar. But the most important is how to react and what to do.

There is understanding here for this, above all, everyone works individually, because he knows that the reason for any tensor is inside, and not in another person. But sometimes it is necessary to talk to a person to eliminate the tensor . This talk must be based on the warmth, the desire to understand and to help with something, if necessary. Even if person is given some additional information it already helps the situation. Because inherently tensor is a lack of the information.


First of all, must be willing to understand the other person, why is he acting now this way responding to your words or behavior. Tensor can not be exhausted without this. Also, it is important to explain your position from different angles, so that it becomes easy to understand other people. Often it is the motivation to justify the behavior and actions of the person. But more important is to understand yourself why there are reactions exactly on Such behavior and Such words. The basic rule of life which teaches Iissiidiology - all causes of conflict are inside of us.


As soon as possible, as soon as the person realized his mistake, misconduct or nonpositive reaction he strongly and immediately seeks to correct it, as a rule, in the first place, starting with a sincere recognition of his own mistakes and sincere openness in his states. Anytime, in any case, everyone would help each other here.


By open recognition in yourself of nonpositive perception of something. Openness is the key to understanding.


In the process of confidential conversation, because everyone knows (there is iissiidiologic information about it) that both parties are in a situation of conflict not occasionally and do not just "blame" someone, both have to "work" themselves, not to approve the quality, which forms the basis of the conflict. Ideally tensors must be resolved (and everything on Ayfaar seek to do so) adhering to rule of "2 minutes" (just as soon as the tensor sitation arises) or "Sunny Days", which are both members of a conflict, if failed to get out of negative states immediately, but also in the process of disidentification (mostly after Song Meditation, in particular high-quality conditions, in front of everyone), when you realize "those" manifested through you, is not you, you do not want to be it no longer, you find out these levels to yourself or to others and declare that you are not equal with these levels now, ask for forgiveness for such manifestations of you and say, what kind of You now identify yourself from this moment.


Understanding, honesty, openness and a desire to help others as well as yourself and optimally and successfully move in this direction of development in the harmonious worlds of the future.


Through the practice of disidentification, the casual observer, self-abasement, to ask for forgiveness, openness, honesty, abidance to "the rule of two minutes," the practice of sunny days, deep introspection and analysis of the internal tensor.


Any interpersonal conflict is a reflection of intrapersonal one, in other words, the contradictory interests of the individual. Therefore, the solution of tensor relations is through determination of the type of the tensor to the other person, to find the same qualities in yourself and disidentify with such manifestations in a particular election. In solving the tensor relations the need is important for each of the parties to achieve harmonious relationships and is accompanied by a full openness of the parties (which means - a willingness to recognize their true negative reactions, selfish interests and transform their motivations into intellectually altruistic ones).


If a person feels the tensor in a relationship, its task is to:

  • harmonize itself within 2 minutes. And if the next person (or persons), to which the tensor emerged, the most important thing is:
  • apologize immediately for his state, tell the essence of the state, and disidentify with these levels of consciousness, and then verbalize, what quality levels (in return) is identified;
  • try to reach the heart communication, and if need – start to communicate respectfully, warmly and openly to clarify misunderstandings. And sometimes they can have a long term ...

This is the path to the synthesis of AIGLLILLIAA ORLAAKTOR (cordiality and intellect). In order such a quality contact to take place and then give the opportunity to build positive relationships, and you have to make the mental and sensual best - investing in communication all the best.


There is usually a 2-minute practice and sunny days to do this. If tensor relations are interpersonal naturally, it is solved by sincere conversation with the person to get the full information about a possible misunderstanding of his situation, as well as, the use of self-abasement, humility and forgiveness in relation to the companion.


Tensor relations are resolved through forgiveness, openness, conversation and recognition of a negative reaction. At the same time, in order not to delay the resolution for a long time, there are usually two minutes; for a better understanding and analysis of tensor situations -the practice of "sunny days".


Through the dialogue, and if it does not help then the practice of sunny days. Starting solutions are in the motivation of each of the participants in the first place to understand yourself, i.e. to answer the question: "What is it about me that provoked another person appear so, and not otherwise." Otherwise, if everyone becomes completely shifting the blame to the other, then, as they say, "we`ll get nothing."


Tensor (or nonpositive) attitude to anything occurs with a lack of information, and therefore understanding the causes and nature of certain manifestations of the surrounding reality. And as the surrounding reality is formed by subjective perception of each person individually, to change the attitude to anything we must first change our ideas about it to neutralize nonpositive. The method of positive projections is often used for this as a result of the successful application of which, a new look is formed at these or those objects of the world, and therefore, there is the installation of a new neural pathways. For fixing and more gain neural interconnections it is important to playback repeatedly in your imagination the conflict situation in different ways, and the most positive reaction to it. It is important to share your experiences and reflections with others to secure a new outlook and attitude. The ideal option is when we openly and sincerely speak out the entire chain of tensor solution process to a person who was the cause of these destructive emotions. And the more sincere, open, no embellishing, people will be able to express your feelings, the more effective will be work with the tensor relation to anything.




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