Ayfaar – is it a society or association?


This is the name of a project to improve the self-consciousness of people from an International Information Altruism and Intellect Development Center (IIAIDC). In this center, there are other development projects, such as vocal ensembles, public lectures, computer games and others. Specialty of this project is that it allows the participants to try their hands directly to live in a relationship based on microsocium unique representations of people enjoying their life in practice a completely new outlook about themselves and the world around them, the relationship of the Human with the Universe. Participation in this project requires the transfer of lifestyle from carriers to newcomers and visitors of the center. This is due to the direct cohabitation of all participants, daily communication, organizational solutions and domestic issues, and participation in all activities. What is special about this world outlook and what specific advantage it gives a person compared to a person living the average historically formed representations could be understood by further questions and articles on this site.


IIAIDC is an association of creative and enterprising people, the purpose of which is to deliver to the society all the benefits of intellectual and altruistic human development.


This is a venue of Oris with the readers of Iissiidiology.


At the moment a few groups of people in different cities of Russia and some other countries, united by a common thought and intellectual development of altruistic society. As the formalization of International Information Altruism and Intellect Development Centers (IIAIDC), development and implementation of community service projects such associations will specialize in some of the areas of creative implementation and research, but it will contribute to a balanced development of the intellectual and altruistic humanity.


Ayfaar is a place with the conditions for communication and association of like-minded.


Ayfaar is an association of people united by a high single purpose and creative search for the ways to achieve it.


We share a common goal - the ministry for people.


This is a community of people seeking spiritual - intellectual self-improvement.


International Information Altruism and Intellect Development Centers (IIAIDC). These centers are all over our planet, as an urgent need for internally ready-Consciousness, to develop the qualities of highly sensual Intelligence and Altruism, on the basis of existing knowledge.


Ayfaar - International Information Altruism and Intellect Development Center. The society of people united by a common vision, aspirations and common purpose.


International Information Altruism and Intellect Development Centers, the purpose of which is to unite people on the basis of the best positive experience accumulated by mankind to date.


Crimean Ayfaar initially is bringing people together based on common goals, aspirations and inspiring ideas. Further, the relevance of the ideas, created the conditions for the emergence of such centers under the name IIAIDC in different countries, in order to develop a model of a new perspective and intellectual altruistic society.


Ayfaar is an association of people of high purpose - ministry for the humanity.


Center for Intellectual and Altruistic Development based on altruistic activities of public organizations, which, in turn, brings together people who support the objectives of the Organization, and provides them with the opportunity to realize their creative aspirations. As for any public organization anyone can join IIAIDC who tune with the ideas and objectives of the Centre.


Ayfaar is a movement of like-minded, whose interests gradually shifted towards deeper knowledge of its essence, its soul. These are people who are interested in mysteries of the universe, which for some reason is not satisfied with the other available knowledge on the ground who are not afraid of complex spiritual work on themselves and are ready to bear their experience and share their knowledge with those who needs it.

Legally - is a public organization, the purpose of which is including the dissemination of new knowledge, altruistic and intellectual way of life and much more.


Crimean Ayfaar and newly formed IIAIDCs in different countries represent the community of people with common goals - the cultivation of altruism in their minds, intelligence and commitment to selfless service for universal values. In practice, the implementation of these goals through the creation of projects to popularize the principles of positivism, the mechanisms of self-development, development of leadership skills and improve personal effectiveness. One of the ways to implement the projects of our community is to live together and create a new model of social relations based on the concept Human (lluuvvu) values.

These communities are formed on the initiative of Iissiidiology readers in different countries and cities, occupying the most active and proactive in life. At the moment such initiative groups united on different principles and foundations exist in six countries. For more information, visit the homepage of our website - "contacts".

P.S. The word "Ayfaar" and the abbreviation IIAIDC although originated in different time periods, are synonymous.


You can call it whatever you like ... What way you call people who are united by one idea, they decided to come together to combine physical and psycho-mental efforts to help others to find the meaning of life, to give them hope, to open them information that will enable to make life happier and more interesting.


It is a society where all kinds of people of different ages, professions and from different cities, have become ready to unite and dedicate their lives to the overall high Ideas, general iissiidiological creativity, ministry for the humanity.


This is a community of people of different ages, nationalities and gender, united by one grand purpose of planetary scale - building 144,000 Ayfaar - Cities of Light and Knowledge and willing to develop in one Lluuvvumicheskom (human) way of development.


Ayfaar - this is the first prototype of the future Cities of Light. Its goal is to give humanity an opportunity to unleash the inner creativity, based on the implementation as a highbrow Altruism and highly sensual Intelligence. This is completely a new level of feeling and thinking. It is based on a deeper understanding of the relationship of surrounding reality, the human individual and the laws of the universe. That`s why it is so important for newcomers to study deeply a new iissiidiological ideas and on their basis in practice ayfaar life to reconsider more of the old life and the ideas, form qualitatively new behavior, creativity and relationships, based on a sense of unity, responsibility, altruism and high intellect.


Ayfaar is primarily intellectual and altruistic way of life, which brings together people from different countries. When in any city there is a group of readers of Iissiidiology, then sooner or later there is a question of social activity, while such groups are free to decide the legal registration. In Russia, they are usually registered as public organization or movement. Ayfaar in Crimea is a heart of the movement. Here on practice cohabitation based Iissiidiology, psychological practices, various scientific fields produced intellectual and altruistic principles of the future human and society.


Ayfaar is a public organization whose members are united by ideas and intellectual altruistic transformation not only their life, but also a whole society.


It is a society that tends to a highly intelligent and highly sensual development of people on a planet.


Officially - a public organization uniting people according to their common interests.


There is another question: what is fundamentally different between a society, association, creative team, organization, etc? In each of them you can find the components from another. For ex.: people united on the basis of creative interests with the aim of creating a public organization which mission ... The main thing is the purpose of such association.


This is a Center of altruistic intellectual development, where everyone using knowledge of Iissiidiology, its methods singing ayfaar songs, practices installed on Ayfaar running towards improving configuration.


Ayfaar - is an association of people on the basis of shared beliefs, aspirations and common ideas. In order to put it into practice it is necessary to share experiences. The centers of intellectual and altruistic development are created to do this.


AYFAAR word has several meanings -1) the code of the Universe; 2) the general name of the centers of intellectual and altruistic development (community of people united by common goals) where the lifestyle of ayfaar is cultured in people.


If we talk about the official status, still Ayfaar is neither society nor the union. IIAIDC will be officially registered. But in its essence Ayfaar - an association of like-minded people who have a general idea, goal. They united for its realization.


Ayfaar – this is a society and association. What is meant by these words. Society of people united by common views, ideas, aspirations. Regarding other items about this I can not add anything.


Ayfaar - is the sound space code of higher intelligence of the Universe. It was taken for the name of the first city of light and knowledge built on a planet, later on spreading as many international centers of highly intellectual and highly altruistic development.


An association of people with interests and objectives to develop the skills of humanity, to move away from selfish trends into the state of intellectual wisdom, learn to be conscious every moment.


Rather, the association of people who are building the future society on the basis of a truly human principles. Previously, it was a movement "Harbinger of Light," and now - a center of intellectual, altruistic development.


This is a community of people psycho-mental basis for the realization of which is highly sensual Intelligence in conjunction with a highly intelligent altruism.


Ayfaar - is the International Information Center of Intellectual and Altruistic Development where enthusiasts, supporters gathered united by one idea - the harmonization of relations in society based on highly intellectual – highly sensual thinking.


It is the center of self-development, in which the greatest attention is paid to the development of the human intellectual and altruistic tendencies. Contribute to this study Iissiidiology, participation in seminars, colloquia, singing meditation, altruistic work and social projects.


Ayfaar- a community of people who were attracted by different facets and the depth of the latest cosmological knowledge about the place and role of the human in the Universe, the laws of the relationships of all life forms. It is a community of people united by the experience of selfless ministry, these are people who live and work on common tasks of life in the nearest and very distant future – creating of 144000 Ayfaars, and cooperation with other civilizations.


It is a society of people with common ideas.


It is a society or association of like-minded people, fully open, aimed at cultivating relations based on highly altruistic Intelligence and highly intellectual Sensuality.


Ayfaar - this is how we refer to the form and method of implementation of the idea of harmonious relationships between people, based on the best and the brightest of their manifestations. It's also the path to these relationships, a kind of School of the transformation of Self-Consciousness. Ayfaar is more immaterial structure, and the dream (and the mechanism of its implementation), which lives in the hearts of everybody who are inspired by it. So, Ayfaar is a product of collective psycho-mental creativity of many people.




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