How do you feel about eating meat?


Ayfaar is a center where people can increase their Self-Consciousness. The main criteria in this process is the development of intellect and altruism. It is so arranged in our lives that food cannot, by definition, be associated with such high altruism to which we aspire, and with the intellect that we are developing in parallel in the ability of finding more subtle relationships. The food chain is selfish in nature, regardless of whether the meat or non meat food is part of it. In better scenarios of our future, the need for food completely disappears which becomes naturally, according to the configuration of our identity and the interests represented in it. While there is an interest and need in food, it needs to be considered as on of possibilities for self-cognition in various states ranging from a gourmet, altruistic treats of others, continuing with developing strong-will character and ending wtih greed, fear and condemnation.


Meat- it's quite rough food, but for most people still very necessary energy for such mental-physiological levels. The question of either to eat meat or maybe it is no longer necessary, is complex and is unique to each individual case. But certainly we can say that it should not be abused.


Normally. Eat on demand. And everyone needs are moderate.


On Ayfaar many have tried, and some continue to apply various diets and nutrition, from a raw food diet and a vegetarian diet to a food-combining diet. Therefore, all think of the meat as of one of the products, very positively when nicely cooked.


I believe that we need to feel the needs of the organism. Every individual synthesizes a certain set of background qualities, so someone is "closer" to predators, someone to herbivores. If you do not want to eat meat then you do not need to force yourself, and if the body requires it, then form-creators do not have enough of some micro elements, which are only present in the meat. I know from my own experience that one of the common reluctances to eat meat is linked to condemnation of meat eaters.

Sure it is a pitty that we can still see some barbaric treatment of farm animals by the people who show cruelty, realizing the low levels Argllaamuni. But, many people treat animals with respect and use their meat because of the need.

Fruits and vegetablesare also experiencing stress and fear, when they are eaten, and this has been proved by scientists. We know that everything has consciousness. So you need a multilateral look for an objective answer to the question of vegetarianism. In the future, the meat will be replaced with an artificially materialized food, so the need to kill animals will disappear.

By the way,many vegetarians are more selfish and less positive, than meat-eaters.


Positively, because it is the same product as the rest of the food.


Positively. It is an individual process according to the needs of your body.


I am neutral to the meat. It is yet present in my diet, but in moderation. I motivate it by the fact that the meat, as is protein, is a necessary building block for the body's cells.


Normally. Information which structures the meat - it is split up to ions level and through sucking goes into AТF to atoms informaiton level. Carbohydrates of human and animal are same. All the information that got to the state of protein and fat disappears.


On Ayfaar we think that eating meat is ok. Because it is believed that it does not adversely affect the intellectual-sensory development of the person. There are no specific rules governing what can be eaten and what cannot. Everyone decides for himself. But the general trend is towards a healthy diet.


Eating meatin the food - it is an individual choice for each individual. I am totally ok with it and I like meat. If someone does not eat meat, it is his preference right.


Some from Ayfaarianshave many year's experience of vegetarianism in the past. Now, most consume meat as they want and need. We believe that the rejection of meat will not fundamentally change people's non-human attitude towards animals - it requires much more effort to transform people’s psycho-mental perceptions about the relations between each other and towards other creatures on the planet. We are also convinced that in itself the consumption of meat has no influence on degradation of the individual, whereas in everyday life much greater harm is done by those thoughts and feelings that do not belong to Human (with capital letters) development path. For example, if to compare a man who is calm and joyful, is grateful to life when consuming meat, and who dedicated his life to the service of others, and those who do not consume meat, but experience condemnation and hatred towards meat-eaters, and to those who kill animals for food, - it becomes clear that the question of relationship is not as univocal as it may seem at first. Firstly we are focused on the intellectual and altruistic work, considering food and products as a temporary necessity of our biological forms, which will disappear with the appearance of synthetic food and transformation of our biological processes.


I personally, before Ayfaar, was vegan for about two years under influence of the Eastern culture – are no meat, no fish, no eggs. But over time, interest in protein products of animal origin has resumed, and I gradually began to include fish food first, and then chicken. Pork and beef for me were heavier products and I almost do not consume them. When visiting Ayfaar, I realized that, in principle, I should not artificially limit myself to some products, unless they are used in moderation and do not affect the health. The diet changed by itself with the particular experience, as well as natural cessation of consuming red meat. And another fact: in essence, any product falling into the gastro-intestinal tract, with special enzymes is cleaved to simple ions, of which the other systems of GIT synthesize building or nutritional material. So, I think everything is happening at the right time, and probably every one of us will come to consuming "prana", "sun-eating" and so on. And at this stage is much more important, I think, to experience the joy of deliciously cooked food rather than aggression or condemnation because of what someone eats something, that other people don’t eat for various reasons. We are all different and cannot be "single stereotyped" ... Besides, currently advanced technology already can artificially grow meat from animal stem cells and in the coming decades, a variety of farm animals will be transformed to factories where artificial meat will be produced, with the same characteristics, and the question of killing animals will disappear. Another promising direction - 3d printers / materializer that can "print" living tissue over time, too, will be in every home and, like in the movie "Armageddon" in a few seconds able to cook grilled chicken,) and more.


At the moment,calmly. I believe that nutrition should be guided by the needs of the body, meaning - not to consume the food excessively, but at the same time not to "weaken" the body with various diets and fasting. I have 5 years of a vegetarian diet in my experience; I can say that without fish and meat, I felt very comfortable, both physically and mentally. But, there was one significant drawback - in companies and at parties I had to choose separate menu or simply refuse food if it had meat (agree, it's just uncomfortable, and in some situations is kind of not friendly); also had to pay a lot of attention and time to my own exclusivity - it leads to "inflated" sense of superiority, uniqueness, exclusivity, narcissism and other forms of narcissism and arrogance.

The aspect of "animal slaughter"with time stopped worrying me, I began to look at it more soberly and without much emotion - the established habits of the people and the current state of the economy in most countries is such that the consumption of meat has become the norm. For countries with cold climate the meat - is the most efficient and high-calorie food that helps maintain the heat balance in the body. If science can help create products that are as effective supply the body with nutrients and trace elements, and will be comparable with the meat, and would be cheaper, I am sure, the issue of killing and eating animals will be solved by itself.


Quite recently wetalked a lot about this subject. I made ​​this conclusion for myself: do not need to prove anything, if a person believes that eating meat is good, he condoned the killing, if he really believes in it and so feels no need to persuade, because for some reason the configuration of its identity is structured with exactly such information. You can also say that everything is information that through consumption of foods like plants and animal collective minds of people, plants and animals share their experience, getting the missing pieces. I am sure that very soon we will be less categorical, more understanding, will look at everything wiser, smarter, and such quality, as a condemnation, will cease to manifest through us, as well as other negativism. In the future, there are options when we fill the missing elements in the body by means of synthetic drugs. Yet we have biology. Do as you see fit, the main thing is not to impose own views and lifestyles on to others, do not judge and do not get hung up, look wider at everything.


Positively! We are protein being and protein as the basic structural unit of our cells, just need a body. Otherwise, if there is lack of it, bones, nails, teeth and hair become brittle.


A positive attitude, as well as any other food. Everyone chooses what he consumed in a meal. Some people prefer vegetarian dishes, some fish or chicken, and some like to try different diets. It is very individual, and no can force anyone. There is a reasonable explanation to everything.


Meatcontains essential for our body elements, so it is better not to exclude it from the diet. For me the following scheme works well in meat consumption: 2 times a week and not more than 200 g. per meal, preferably low-fat chicken or turkey. But everything is very individual, and I think everyone should choose nutrition according to the characteristics of their digestive system, the analysis of health and states. As for the moral side of the issue, I understand people who hold a different point of view. All creatures around me - animal, vegetable, mineral, and others refer to as self-conscious forms of life. Food perceive as the necessary energy-information exchange with other forms of self-consciousness at the level of bio-Creators of the body, which brings additional required experience in both my and their configuration.


Freely. Everyone according to own feelings, decides what he/she should and should not eat. If you feel that the meat has negative influences on you - do not eat. For example, I try not to eat meat – wasn’t hard, but did not see any positive effect on my mental states, but that does not mean it will not be for other person. Experiment, if you feel that you need some experience. By analyzing the reaction of own hormonal system and its corresponding reflection on mental states I have limited the use of "short" carbohydrates and moved to caffeine-free ​​coffee.


Good. I love to cook and eat meat.


Positively! It has many useful trace elements necessary for human biological organism.


Primarily meatis a product that gives a person the necessary substances to the body through which takes place the energy exchange, and not the actions that precede the production of this product.


Products containingproteins of plant and animal origin, are necessary for the normal functioning of a biological organism. A meat is one of the major protein-containing products.


The meatitself is not harmful. This is a source of amino acids. If to look in this process for negative point (animal suffering), it, as in all other things can be easily found. On Ayfaar we have freedom of choice. If you want - eat, if you do not want - do not eat. Deeper understanding in Iissiidiology using the knowledge of science, I have no question about what's good or bad. I understand that it is a necessary building block for my body. We ourselves do not grow are animals for food, and use what is sold in stores.


If meat was deliciously cooked and there is a desire to try it thenI do it with pleasure. In any case, it is an individual choice for everyone.


Verygood attitude to the use of poultry, with age the desire to eat meat - is reduced.


There was a timein my life when I took it very negatively, because I thought about animals’ sufferings when they were killed. However, I did not become a vegetarian, because my body demanded those trace elements that are present in meat. And when I met Iissiidiology, it has expanded the limits of my understanding. Now I know that everything is energy information exchange, including eating certain foods. And every person needs the energy and information of a certain kind. Therefore, someone needs to eat meat, and someone may safely abandon it. I think that the most important thing is what motivations you have. If someone experiences condemnation towards those who kill animals in slaughterhouses and who then use it to for food, it is impossible to call this feeling as high-qualitative. Any condemnation is non positive reaction.


As a processcreated by the nature. But some moral and ethical aspects of the issue each defines for itself according the degree of synthesis of some aspects of the knowledge base. I might add that in the worlds of the future, where humanity has no active IISSIIDI centers that bring to the world violence and murder, the question of eating meat in the food solved by synthesizing it in the materialization-machine. The higher the quality of thinking of all mankind, the greater scientific and technological possibilities open to improve quality of people’s lives. So, we all have something to strive to.


No matter what weeat, in the end it is just pure energy.


Good, asto the use of any other type of food needed for normal functioning of a body and have it delivered essential nutrients to the body. As for the theory that in human by eating meat are activated aggressive manifestations, in this, of course, it makes sense if, firstly, to abuse it (though, overeating of any product will have negative effect on the mental well-being), and secondly if you treat this product not as a food ingredient but as a part of the consciousness of "consumed" animal who experience the "drama of death", but it is not so: the digestive tract gets only "material" component "that was an animal "- consciousness is no longer there, and, therefore, do not have all belonging to the consciousness of aggressive emotions. Synthesis, which goes in the digestion of any product, we - as a bio-organisms - even necessary, but in the future when we cease to focus part of their self-consciousness in the physical form, of course, the meat we will no longer be quite so necessary for life - but not because we oppose to its use, experiencing the aggression, but because we will have a lot of this experience.


Due to the factthat the meat is no better and no worse than any other type of food, my attitude is positive, because everything else is a concoction of ignorance and prejudice :)


Positively, butas everywhere there needs to be a balance, without any abuse. As long as you want to eat meat – eat it, if you for some reason do not want to eat meat, then do not eat it. The most important thing is that you can at the same time to objectively assess your mental-emotional state and do not experience any non-positive states neither in relation to yourself, nor in relation to other people. For example: someone eats meat, but I cannot afford it, or simply do not eat it, meaning he/she is worse than me, etc.


Good. Personally, for myself I do not put any restrictions on the consumption of certain food.


If a person consumes meat without aggression to the very aspects of the animal, or to the one who has

prepared the meat, then its self-consciousness is not generating low-frequency vibrations. And as a result of eating a man supports itself (its bio-creators) with the energy and information that they need to maintain the viability and efficiency of its shape. Let me say that in the slaughter and butchering of animals are involved such people who evolutionary need quality synthesis of exactly this level. And there is nothing unethical or antisocial – each one of us – in individual scenario, which to the smallest detail corresponds to the quality of mental-sensory activity of the focus dynamics of self-consciousness of specific individual.


Information structuring meat (or any food product), is split to ion level, that is, to the level of elementary particles, and by being absorbed, is moving to АТФon information level (say, to the level of atoms). For example, human carbohydrates and animal carbohydrates are the same. All the information that existed before the state of carbohydrates, fats and proteins, is leveled. All is to do with the internal state during your food consumption. When you eat any meat, you do not feel aggression - you treat the meat is not as to the dead animal, but as a food product.

All tied tothe internal state. When you eat any meat, you do not feel aggression - you treat it not as dead animal but as a food product. But if you kill and cook from it, it is manifestation of aggression. And even cooking can be not aggressive in nature, as those who are preparing sausages, bacon or anything else, treat it as a material, they do not see in it a cow, a pig or any other animal, they see for this material that they need to perform their jobs.


Recently, Ifound an article that says that plants, like animals experience pain, fear, and they have a memory. They are the same living beings, like animals. But we did not hesitate to eat vegetables and fruits. According to that logic we when cooking any green salad destroy not one animal, and dozens of plants. Perhaps most important is not what you eat, and what you feel with this.

Most peoplebuy products at the store, and do not directly participate in the growing and processing. In turn, animals are specially grown at factories as food supply. It is everyone’s choice what to eat, that is. And currently our bodies need food. But in the future, they will be transformed, and such need will disappear. I think it is worthwhile to strive to it.


I can tolerate it. Actually I think the problem is more far-fetched than it has any underlying sufficient rationale. The structure of our bodies are yet present at this quality level and therefore it's a given. Suppression of interest to the meat does not exempt anyone from the interest in food in general, you will have to eat plants, but they can also be considered as living and self-conscious.Human activities, the construction of houses, villages, towns, and the like, tailoring, pets - all this is accompanied by deformation, transformation or destruction of one form for the existence of another. And who is to blame? I'm sure in all of this there is a sense and a certain goal. So still currently we are forced to recognize ourselves in such circumstances, but what keepsus in these worlds and how to change them? Iissiidiology was written in order to provide explanations to this and other questions.


Forcontinuous quality development of consciousness, the person needs constant energy information exchange with the surrounding world and its objects. Due to the fact that each person has a unique configuration of consciousness, the nature and characteristics of psycho-mental activity, then each of us has its own specifics as need for the development of energy information. Self-Consciousness configuration of a person correspond to certain features and particularities of biological system and body organs work modes.Therefore, the need for food to some extent, reflects the information needs of a particular quality for further synthetic processes. Every food product, including meat, carries certain information and the corresponding to it vibrational fields. And if a person feels the need in meat, then there is priority need in these characteristics in energy-information. There are people who, in principle, rarely want meat, due to the fact that that for evolutionary structures of information consciousness this quality is needed in a very small volume. Therefore, the issue of meat consumption is decided individually according to individual inner needs.





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