What a strange term - IISSIIDIOLOGY? please elaborate on its origin


"Iissiidiology" is a general title of a series of Oris books, in which he describes his vision of the basic principles of the structure of the universe and the process of human improvement. This name comes from one of the basic terms Iissiidiology - "IISSIIDI." IISSIIDI - a kind of energy-"centers", which are the basis of the structure of self-consciousness. Similarly, the concept is the term "chakra" of the ancient Indian philosophy. But in fact, IISSIIDI center - this is not some specific locations in the human body, but the different types of vibrational fields we radiate in different psycho-emotional states.


IISSIIDI is a sound code of energetic center of a human nature, there are twelve such centers, analogs of chakras in Hinduism. Each of them provides a person by the energy and information of the corresponding order that is directly reflected in its creative interests. Energy-streams broadcasted on incredibly complex structures of these centers we call the subconscious and the unconscious, will give a person certain interests and ideas about itself and about the world in which the person is recognized. And this, in turn, defines the space and time for her with the possibility of an appropriate creative realization, up to the scale of galaxies and universes. Iissiidiology can be interpreted accordingly as the science of the human's relationship with the surrounding reality or the cosmos.


Iissiidiology is written in unusual language, there are many terms and space codes. There is a good article "The original language of Iissiidiology" at http://ayfaar.org
The name "Iissiidiology" is derived from the IISSIIDI code. If you want to understand the meaning, you can find it in the glossary.


IISSIIDI - chakra centers, logos - the doctrine


In future there will be a book about IISSIIDI centers. Once we`ll learn about energy-informational entities (IISSIIDI Centre), through which, as it were distributed in quality psycho-mental energy, and with the help of these centers, we exchange information with the world and with each other. As far as I know, this information will be presented in subsequent publications Iissiidiology. The previous description of IISSIIDI centers is reviewed by Oris and will be given in more accurate interpretation


IISSIIDI Centers are energy-structure of human consciousness. Iissiidiology is a knowledge to study the relationship between these structures.


Iissiidiolgy is the name of the latest knowledge, which reflects the latest cosmological ideas about the organization and the structure of the human and the universe. This knowledge answers to many unanswered questions of modern science and natural science, medicine and Cybernetics, reinventing physical laws and principles of their interaction, and much more.
This name comes from the sound of IISSIIDI outer code, which means the information center. Each of the 12 IISSIIDI Centers is a kind of projection of a certain range of energy-information that is widely prevalent on relevant qualitative mental-sensory content in other scenarios of our eternal existence in the whole multiworld structure of the universe.


This word is a widespread scheme by forming words of this kind (psychology, philosophy, gerontology) from the words "IISSIIDI" - Sound Space Code of the psycho-mental Centers in human self-consciousness (like chakras in Buddhism), and "logy" meaning "teaching, i.e. the word about anything, science. "Thus, Iissiidiology is the doctrine of IISSIIDI about psycho-mental centers in a human Self conscience (as psychology – science or teaching about the soul, "psycho" means "soul").


The word Iissiidiology is derived from the IISSIIDI sound code on which you can meditate, as well as any other sound code, whether it is the name or other codes (set of sound combinations) adapted to our perception by Oris.


IISSIIDI - these are the main specific, functional information and energy formation in the structure of consciousness of Homo Cosmicus, providing consolidated access of different-quality space civilizations to the joint implementation of different quality interactions for the obtaining, synthesis and assimilation of the resulting multi-directional transformations these different-quality experience.


The name "Iissiidiology" comes from the IISSIIDI cosmic sound code indicating the presence of qualitative structural identity of any essence. Each quality level has its own distinctive features, specifications, and often the possibility of their interaction and understanding of each other is practically zero degree. It is the knowledge and understanding of the essence of manifestation of various quality levels of consciousness of all things in iissiidiology built the explanations of the various facts and issues on which science is not yet able to answer.


It started with two small booklets entitled "IISSIIDI." This beep code in combination with the word "center" refers to the fact that in the eastern doctrines called chakras. If you talk about the IISSIIDI, as a holistic teaching, then it does touch many of the issues of the cosmic order. Gradually it began to expand, multiple new information appeared. As a result, we have the knowledge of Iissiidiology now, which name comes from the IISSIIDI Sound Code.


The word Iissiidiology consists of two parts. Iissiidi is the center, filled with energy information of specific quality psycho-mental content. Logos – the “word” from Latin. Combining the two words into one is Iissiidiology.


The etymology of this word is: IISSIIDI - energy-centers of consciousness, and from the Greek logos is the word, teaching.


Iissiidiology name comes from a combination of two words – IISSIIDI code indicating IISSIIDI centers and Greek logos – word, teaching. Iissiidiology is a system of knowledge, constantly evolving and leading the shortest path to the creative states, which could be called a Human with a capital letter. Just for me it's a living knowledge of the Universe, the human and other living forms which helps to understand life itself, to learn conflict-free existence, development of intuition, and leads to higher human manifestation - ministry.


Iissiidiology - a system of knowledge, comprehensively describes the structure of the Universe and all of its formative elements, including human rights. It helps to understand ourselves by understanding the essence of the mechanism of the world order, fills our consciousness with completely new information in many areas, and gives rise to new discoveries in many fields of science. In Iissiidiology also given detailed information about multiworld, i.e. multivariation of all existing forms, and is explained in detail, that nothing disappears, but gradually and consistently moves from one qualitative state to another. "Iissiidiology" consists of two words "IISSIIDI" (psycho-mental human Centers) and "logos" (from the Greek. Λόγος – word, concept.)


The first part of the root of the word bases, IISSIIDI, its relation to the energy-entities (IISSIIDI Centre) in humans, and similar structures from other forms of existence through which the exchange of experience in various areas of development. And the second part - ology (concept) - involves a deep and detailed study of the existing cause-effect relationships between all manifested forms.


IISSIIDI is a sound code of the human energetic center. In esoteric it is a concept associated with the word chakra. Iissiidiology - this Knowledge is about the energy structure of the Human and the Universe.


Iissiidiology - is the latest cosmological ideas about the origin and existence of the universe as a whole structure, and particular self-conscious elements in it that creates everything we are, and those worlds in which we exist, and everything that is available to our objective reality perception. Universal knowledge about the laws of the Universe and the Human being. The uniqueness of the iissiidiology concept is that it is not just based on a broad, multidisciplinary platform of scientific and educational, as well as spiritual-intuitive knowledge, but also generates in our self-consciousness a fundamental understanding of all internal structural relationships between the perception and the surrounding reality. It is formed from two components: IISSIIDI - psycho-energetic centers of the human energy-structure responsible for the processes of feeling, thinking, self-awareness and influencing the rest of his life activity; Logos (from the Greek. Λόγος) «word", "thought", "meaning", "concept".


From IISSIIDI - space code (expressed in letters and sounds vibrating energy-essence of a concept or phenomenon, used for meditation, allowing a deeper understanding of the phenomenon essence), psycho-emotional, energy-centers of the person, which dynamics is determined by the configuration of self-consciousness, i.e., by activity levels of a certain quality and the current state of mind. Some analog of the concept of "chakra" in Eastern philosophy, but his whole nature, mechanisms and role in the energy-structure of man and the universe connection are described incomparably deeper. At its base are explained: multilevel consciousness (similar to the theory of sub-personalities); tiered synthesis processes of mental and sensory components; information relationship not only the people manifested in one scenario, but also in other scenarios and time periods (many-worlds theory and the illusion of time), and many others yet unexplained, or even unknown to science phenomena.


The name "Iissiidiology" comes from the sound of IISSIIDI outer code. This is the common name for the energy-center of the person. In structure of the human there are 12 such centers to connect the person with all the multidimensional and multi-level diversity of the Universe. IISSIIDI centers constitute a mechanism by which a person has the ability to switch to other, more qualitative level of consciousness. As for me, the name "Iissiidiology" carries the knowledge that our self-development is really infinite, and creativity has no boundaries.


Dear reader, this question is well answered by Uullarg and I agree with him! Briefly, it is the latest cosmological knowledge about the Human and the Universe. The name is formed from IISSIIDI centers with the second word "ology" - logos means science, teaching, concept.


"IISSIIDI" - energy-information (chakra) centers, and "logos" - the doctrine, so you can say Iissiidiology is the study of the interaction of energy and information; although this Knowledge reveals many other cosmological and psychological aspects of life on earth.


IISSIIDI - is the energy center of the structure of consciousness, it is called a chakra or chakram. The suffix "ology" - from the Greek. λογία concept. Iissiidiology - the doctrine or knowledge of the energy-structure of the human consciousness and its relation with the world and its role in the structure of the universe.


I would say – it is unusual for those who come across it for the first time. It is no more unusual than the geology, paleontology, zoology, cardiology and many other "... ology." The suffix "ology" - (from the Greek. Λογία concept) is the part of the complex words denoting industry study, for example psychology, - the doctrine of the soul. The word "IISSIIDI" is a sound space code AIIYVVFF classifier and represents the energy-center sense of self-binding system with the human perception of the universe - it is one of its key structural elements. For human-like consciousness there are 12 such centers. Combination of the two parts forms the word "Iissiidiology" - the newest doctrine of the Human and the Universe. You can learn more from the materials of "Iissiidiology Fundamentals" or on our website www.ayfaar.org.


Iissiidiology word was formed from two words "IISSIIDI" - energy-information centers of the person (self-consciousness) and "logos" - science. I would rephrase: Iissiidiology is the science of the human-level consciousness, in fact the Knowledge about the structure of self-consciousness, the structure and mechanisms of the Universe, as the Human and the Universe are inseparable.


The word "Iissiidiology" has a root "IISSIIDI", which is the Sound Space Code describing the energy-centers in the structure of human consciousness. Sound Space codes are obtained by the author of Iissiidiology during deep meditation and seeking for the answers on questions about the structure of the Universe, the human processes related to the origin and multi-variant of our eternal existence.


It is formed from the words IISSIIDI and Logos. IISSIIDI - a sound code of a set of space psycho-cosmic Centers of the complex human consciousness. Logos – teaching, concept.


Iissiidiology is the latest cosmological knowledge about the Human and the Universe. This name comes from the two concepts. IISSIIDI - a Sound Space Code specifying the energy-levels of human consciousness. Logos (from the Greek. Λόγος) - means "word", "thought", "meaning", "concept", "teaching".


The name of this knowledge came from the sound of "IISSIIDI" cosmic code. It is a collection of some of the energy centers in the human consciousness, tiered providing its relationship with the universe.


The name "Iissiidiology" is derived from the "IISSIIDI" sound code - a set of psychophysical and spiritual centers in the human body. Iissiidiology is a collection of the latest spiritual and cosmological ideas about the Human and the Universe.


Many of us know that a person has centers where a certain vibrations of different levels are concentrated, they are called chakras. At a higher vibration level they have IISSIIDI space code. The highest cosmological knowledge about the Human and the Universe, Oris named Iissiidiology.


Iissiidiology - is the latest cosmological concept about the origin of the Human and the Universe. The name Iissiidiology comes from a combination of the two words – IISSIIDI code indicating IISSIIDI centers and Greek. logos – word, teaching.


This name comes from two words: IISSIIDI - 12 energy centers of the human and "logos" - word. Iissiidiology is a modern knowledge about the interaction between the Human and the Universe, and integrates the knowledge of other humanities and natural sciences: physics, chemistry, biology, medicine and psychology.


Iissiidiology - is a universal knowledge of the future, focusing on the structure of the Universe, an energy-human nature and its relationship with the outside world. It is formed from the IISSIIDI sound code (information and energy centers belonging to different quality levels) and ology (from the Greek Logos - word, thought), it is part of the compound words meaning: teaching, knowledge, science (or her section ).


Iissiidiology formed from words IISSIIDI - centers (chakras) and ology (from the Greek. Lógos - word, teaching), part of the compound words meaning: science, knowledge, learning, such as geology, biology.


The name comes from two parts: 1) IISSIIDI - 12 potential levels of activity of the creative manifestations of all forms of self-consciousness of the Human and the Universe. 2) Greek logos - word. Iissiidiology is a systematic knowledge of the multi-level interaction between the Human and the Universe.


Iissiidiology is the concept of ideas about human's connection with the outside world. what is connected with the world in a person? What sets it apart from all living beings - psycho-emotional content, the values and the principles. They can be classified into categories of reactions, psychism - IISSIIDI centers. So, Iissiidiology tells about the causes and consequences of the relationships of this particular psychic structure (system of IISSIIDI centers) and malleable matter of space and time.


Iissiidiology (from the IISSIIDI sound code - a set of psychophysical and spiritual centers of the person) is a parascientific knowledge, at the present stage of development plays a role of the protoscience. It is a set of beliefs and theories, applying in a perspective on scientific justification. It is based on an intuitive method of learning through a psycho-mental synthesis of the intellectual altruistic states of perception.
Iissiidiology as the submitted representations of reality and a human nature is a holistic science-oriented world, integrating the knowledge of the social, human and natural sciences.


This name comes from the IISSIIDI sound code that enables access through a deep meditation to information about the structure of consciousness, including its functional mechanisms - a multi-level system of psychic centers. IISSIIDI centers are the point of intersection of the different-quality energy-relationships in our system of subjective perception. In other words, each center has its own degree of subjectivity in the interpretation of the general flow of information exchange between an infinite numbers of sections of a single self-consciousness of the universe. In this way IISSIIDI centers functionally reflect the relationship of the Human and the Universe, and Iissiidiology respectively describes this relationship as it is possible to describe a part of our ongoing existing concepts and cognitive abilities.




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