Where did you get these names?
Do you receive it or someone gave them to you?


These are not exactly the names in the usual sense. We believe that the basis of all the manifestations of the world is the exchange of information. For example the carrier of information in quantum physics is the electromagnetic wave, it encodes this information by frequency or amplitude method. By analogy, the information that goes beyond the boundaries of the range of the electromagnetic vibrations can be encoded by functional structures of our Self-Consciousness through the vibration of certain sound combinations. And what is important here is not the frequency characteristic of a sound, but neuro-mental picture that gets associated in human brain with this sound. You don’t even need to pronounce these sounds aloud in order to induce in human brain corresponding neuro-impulses. The configuration of these impulses creates a certain specific state of consciousness, which in deep meditation, opens access for consciousness (tunes according to rezonance) to different layers of information according to configuration relevance. Sound codes that we use as our names, it is our individual essence, the configuration of our Self-Consciousness. You can also say that it is our individual development program, the qualities that we are accumulating in these worlds. How to get it you can find out from the question about getting your name. Oris helps to identify them when a person gets to the highest levels of their Self-Consciousness.


This is an individual Sound Code for each individual, which can be received in meditation. Many people associated with esoteric activities, choose for themselves similar names to concentrate their life aspirations not on domestic values that are currently dominant in society, but on creative-constructive aspirations of own personality, typical for the society of our future.


We ourselves: we manifested our best human qualities, and Oris only helped to convert these states into sound. Names - as an imprint of all the best that there is in each of us. But we only feel this best and label it emotions, and thoughts. But to describe it in one word, typical only for a given individual, presently, from all people only Oris can do.


The Star Name can be identified by Oris during the process of person getting into certain state, allowing to define a sound code of this person. In the future, each person striving to develop itself will be able to determine their own name. There is a list of 150 thousand Star Names in a file on Oris computer that appeared after a severe thunderstorm. We live in a world of sound, and vibration created by a combination of letters in a tone name, is a direction, a beacon for the person in this three-dimensional world to become better.


I received my name during the song mediation with Oris help, when I could get to a better level of my Self-Consciousness.


This is an individual sound code, which reflects more qualitative states of Self-Consciousness and helps to change the life creativity for the better.


Identification of Tone Name is performed by Oris in meditation. In "future" worlds people will have the opportunity to determine their own Tone name.


We receive names when we can get to a more higher vibrational levels of own Self-Consciousness, and can only be identified by Oris.


Identification of each of available names from the existing list with a specific individual is carried out by means of forming the state of powerful rezonance in Oris system of perception (automatic alignment) between the configuration of the human vibrations and the Tone Name.


Tone Name can be recognized when a person tunes to the higher levels of own Self-Consciousness. This mainly occurs during meditation. Oris helps to identify the name.


On Ayfaar, after reaching certain high-vibration states, for example, during the song meditation, you can get your individual Tone Name, which, presently can only be identified by Oris. Each letter of the name has its own vibration frequency and carries a deep evolutionary meaning. The practice of meditation on own Tone Name allows to learn in more detail about yourself.


My Tone Name was identified by Oris at the time of him writing an autograph (commemorative inscriptions for me on one of his books).


In many spiritual development traditions to the one who has serious intention to change own Self-Consciousness, to irrevocably part with "self-in-the-past", selfish and narrow-minded, who is intending to radically change own life in accordance with the new principles, new name is offered. Name - this is a factor of identification, and the higher vibration it is, the more person is able to "catch" the sublime, spiritual and aspiring state.

There is concept in Iissiidiology of "Sound Cosmic Codes" – identifiers of more objective meaning of objects and processes through a sound interpretation. Codes obtained by Iissiidiology author in deep meditation are gradually accustomed by Ayfaarovtsami through personal meditations. Our Names - are codes that correspond to a much higher quality versions of Us – Future, in who’s consciousness are completely synthesized ("worked", "transformed") such energy as selfishness, aggression, sexuality. Tone Name comes to an Individual when in his mind there are signs of better himself, which can manifest itself through the state of cordiality, unity with the world, high-sensual feeling of harmony, aspiration, desire to serve others. Such high-sensual states are achieved by most people during the Song Meditation.


You and I live in a world where everything that surrounds us, has its own vibration frequency - own tone, and accordingly own Tone Name. Trees, rocks, buildings, electrons, photons, and more – these all are electromagnetic waves. And its frequency oscillations have own vibration, just our current perception systems (in particular eyes, ears, etc..) are not yet able to grasp these smallest audio tones. Similarly, every person in the world, apart from the name given at birth, has its own Tone Name. This name or particles of it can be heard during deep meditation, and Oris, having more universal system of perception, can more clearly capture these vibrations and help to understand them. So a few years ago, while Oris was working at the computer, there happened a system error and the file appeared on the disk with a set of symbols, which was formed after into more than 150,000-tone Names. This is a list of those who will soon approach, or have already approached the same meditative state in which either they themselves or with Oris help will be able to learn their Tone Names and under the influence of its vibration will be able to better understanding who they really are. Perhaps, since you are reading this line - and Your Tone Name is already waiting for you, so that you can recall yourself and connect with the Soul.


The meaning of names on Ayfaar is significantly different from the usual. In ordinary life, the parents when decided to have a baby, choose a name. The criteria for this choice, as a rule, are highly subjective and ephemeral, reflecting only the current wishes of the parents, and little is thought about the mental characteristics of the new man. Name is chosen from a small list, historical character identifiers. Thus, the name of Andrew (and similar: Andy, Andrea, Andre, Andrew, Andy, Andrew ...) is of Greek origin and means "manly." Elena is also the name comes from the Greek root, and has a value - "chosen, bright, shining".

Understanding the subjectivity and narrowness of options when choosing a common name, the tradition on Ayfaar was created to choose the SCC (sound cosmic code) as a name that belongs to the group of own "personal interpretation" developing in near lluuvvumic scenarios. Such a "star name" (as we call it) much more accurately describes the unique and individual mental configuration of each person. Also, it can be argued that the effect of sound vibrations of "star name" stimulates activation in human consciousness of higher levels of consciousness and the manifestation of such a particular effect, as "star memory," meaning not past memories, but events and development scenarios of the future. Thus, the sound cosmic code of a name tunes the person to its higher quality image from the future.

In order to “identify” your name by yourself, the following will help you: 1) activation of high levels of Self-Consciousness through the harmonious development of the mental-sensory aspects of consciousness in lluuvvumic direction; 2) the development of the practice of meditation.

It is also important to understand what is "Star Name" ?, what meaning carry SCC (sound cosmic codes) ?, and also have a strong ambition to develop in the direction of Intellect (uoldmiizm) and Altruism (stoollmiizm). The latter is crucial - if you're familiar with the Iissiidiology information, then you know that in multiversum of our universe there is almost an infinite number of directions for mankind development. There are "personal interpretation" of each of us in each of these directions, and all of these "interpretations" significantly differ from each other, and each direction of development has its own unique name. Therefore, if you have not specified for yourself the system of spiritual and moral values, which could serve as a guide in your development for many, many years, then it's likely that you are "at the crossroads", when "all outcomes are good." In such uncertainty it is early to talk about the Name - the name is associated with certain groups of scenarios.

The direction described in Iissiidiology books by Oris has its own name - lluuvvumic, and in that direction each one of us has a "self-configuration identifier" (conditionally called "Star Name"). In order to get to this "identifier", a person needs to focus its mind on a certain development direction. In order to focus on the lluuvvumic direction you can use ayfaar practices and techniques.

If you are unable to meditate and your life priority values do not yet coincide with the signs of stoollmiizm and uoldmiizm, then you will need to turn to someone who has managed to change own consciousness. There are such people on Ayfaar, and their number is gradually increasing.

Good luck in your meditations!


Every letter, every combination of sound reflects certain qualities. Each word can be called a sound source. Changing the name, identifying with a certain sound source and the person changes their lives. Our names represent a set of qualities inherent in us a much better quality. Oris has the ability to identify them when a person goes to the higher levels of their identity, such as during meditation song. Therefore, alignment with these audio codes helps us in our work with ourselves. It is like a beacon that shines in the darkness of our everyday life, helping to remember who we really are.


Ship be called - so it will float! We believe that each letter or sound are its frequency of vibration of the vibration free up high. Names we have received, leaving the songs in meditation on the best of her heart energy. Thanks to the extraordinary abilities Oris Names he identified with the vibrations of each of us. Tone name can be compared with an icebreaker protoryayuschim way and giving us an intuitive channel, a landmark on the highest quality selections in thoughts, words and deeds in our lives.


Tone name contains the energy-information on more qualitative level of consciousness of man. Meditating on it, we can better understand their problems at the level of service to humanity. Oris has the ability to identify the vibration is in our configuration, when a person goes to the respective high vibration, for example, in the song of meditation.


Everything has a certain energy-configuration and its corresponding vibration. In our names, through a combination of letters and sounds, also carrying certain vibration, expressed in the configuration of our much better interpretations, which we aspire to become, every day working on the negative manifestations and increased dynamics the highest quality levels of consciousness.

One of the practices inherent in allowing the state to feel the most qualitative level of its identity - The songs meditation (see. Foreword to the book's songs singing meditations), practical every day used to Ayfaar. When a person fails to leave in certain states which are very difficult to describe (conventionally-inspired enthusiastically sublime enlightenment) Oris can identify the name. It is a beacon for us on the Path of Development, a subsidiary element of the election. On it you can meditate to feel even better configuration of identity and quality that is sought.


Names really unusual and unique. The second does not. Tone name - is a sound code, hint or reflective beacon pointing the way to his best quality. Names are not provided. They may be identified in accordance with the most high-frequency conditions, which often can feel PROPEVI Ayfaarovskie corrections. In my opinion, I was able to go to these states - representing figuratively speaking, I do not sing himself, but for the parents and people close to me (friends), very earnestly and sincerely conveying meaning to vocalize my lines. A Oris helped - my state identified with the vibrations of my star name. Meditating on his name, I have learned more about what I have in the future, what qualities I possess, what I'm interested in creativity. Starry name helps me a lot in everyday life to cope with various difficulties and obstacles, discover even more creative potential for self-improvement.


Oris considered them to our configuration, when we were in high states.


As the names carry vibrations Buddhic Plan (+ -24 dimension), and we exist in a dimension + -3-4, then get yourself an ordinary person (not possess the ability) to such levels of activity is not possible. Lists of names were obtained by Oris long before the actual "Zvezdnorozhdennyh" on Ayfaar and subsequently identified (-yutsya) them with the appropriate person at the time of the singing of meditation on Ayfaar.

Oris said that we exist on the buddhic plane in the form of high-Entities, but not so named because "there" there is no sound at all, as such, in the understanding of media. Because the sound - it is much more coarse, concentrated vibration some qualities. And these qualities are reflected in our world have certain sounds (or numbers). Although, of course, the sound of "A" with the qualities that it corresponds to the Buddhic Plane, can not compare in any way. And knowing their names - this is at least some attempt to come into resonance with these vibrations.

This high Essence, partly manifested itself during the song meditation like "woke up" in the consciousness of the person, which is (according to Oris) shows the color change of the human aura compared to his daily states. Tone Names - this map is a certain task "incarnation" is identified, in my understanding, to the purpose, the main goal in life. It can be a catch or intuitively feel in subtle hints or "hints of life", guiding us to those intellectual and altruistic affairs and elections, which are not yet in line with our configuration, from what appear to be long and difficult unenforceable.


These names reflect a psihomentalnoe state and direction myslechuvstvennogo creativity in our future date, which is already with us and to which we aspire.


Identification with his name occurs at the exit to the high state, resonating with the vibrations of the tone name. This code is a powerful evolutionary impulse affecting the dynamics of personality development. Further changes qualitative concepts, life circumstances, the activation of the positive trends depend on the degree of identification with the same name.


Tone Names Oris obtained in meditation as I know, since the late nineties. For each of us, they are connected with our highest-quality displays itself in the future to which we aspire. Name, as a beacon of what's ahead and just to give the experience comes understanding, and what it might mean. It is only intuitions values of names. Those who may have to meditate on his code name Tone, begin to understand more of its depth value. But a truer understanding will be opened in the future.


Name - as a set of specific letters of the alphabet, carries a certain quality frequency (tone).

Name in any person's life plays a huge role, as standard understanding of the name - is a set of subjective perceptions accumulated by mankind for all time. Name reflects certain qualities, character and inner essence of the person. Many live with those obtained from the parents at birth names and sometimes some overlap on the character traits that are revealed in the person for life. Our (tone) names reflect the deep inner essence of man, reflect his task manifestations in these scenarios, promote understanding of the meaning of its existence in terms of unity and how was prompt of "future" what we may become.

Such names have absolutely everyone! Only need to be able to reach such levels of self-consciousness to be able to catch it and to recognize in specific characters.


Names gives Oris as long as only he can easily go to the high levels of self-awareness and identify a person with a certain Sound Code, which is the name of his tones. Then a person can own at him meditate, thereby recognizing themselves better. So it can quickly develop the all the best, that he already inherent in the future.


Our names - a space-beep codes have the same determinants themselves, but more advanced, we are striving to become. This is our opportunity to tune in to the vibration of the name and conform to it. It is also our choice to go it this way, because there were those who refused to name, and continues to live freely their interests. Identify these vibrations while it can only Oris due to turn out an exit mechanism in an altered state of consciousness to those levels from which brought names.


In our world, everything is a tangible expression of the different quality of vibration. Hence, we should define, in general, what is your name? Name - is invested and reflected in the specific acoustic oscillations - peculiar only to this type of human vibration. Letters may be the same vibration will be different, as they will be refracted by the carrier name. Thus, the name is designed for a specific implementation capacity - exhausted and realized that might involve a new - more charge available in your interests and set goals. Given the fact that we both exist in a vast multitude of parallel realities, each of which have equal opportunity in its various interpretations to be as real as manifested here and now, and continuous transitions from one to another of our interpretation, simultaneously in different conditions manifestations are carried out on the basis of various quality attunement states: - We have an opportunity to make a projection of the individual at a given point of space-time own much better conditions relevant to the future we, and what are our names. Reorienting their own ideas and values in the direction of creation, not of division and informed decision-solid solution formation in the way of serving the light and goodness, in individual scenarios personalities begin to form favorable conditions for maximum disclosure of creativity. It is only necessary at the appropriate time in such high states of the high-frequency burst of record (ampliativnoy) activity of self-consciousness, associating himself at this point with a much higher quality image of itself. What makes Oris, fixing and identifying high-frequency vibrational spectrum of such activity awareness, thus defining a lamp and audible expression of these vibrations that for ourselves, we can associate with their own name and to obtain the necessary information and support to those energy levels high, which belong to broadcast in us through appropriate combinations of letters vibration. Resulting in the same way is the close relationship of the individual energy-with its highest-quality versions of simultaneous manifestation of giving all the great features of a great creative realization ensure compliance - energy potential. Letters of the name - like notes - excerpt melodies that they form - is the key to the whole and unique piece of music, hiding behind them.


From the point of view of physics, everything in the world vibrates at its particular frequency. We are with you, the trees, the air, and so on. The unique sound of our code names identified by Oris because of his abilities (which are potentially present in every human being) at increasing the level of our consciousness, that while rarely happens in moments of our state of unity with the whole, where there is no division between you and me. At the beep code can meditate that would come to a more nuanced and deeper understanding of ourselves and others.


We can say that the names "gives" Oris (he was in a special way "gets" their lists), but this is not entirely true, because only the person in the appropriate - the sublime, the high spiritual, vysokochuvstvennom - a state in which you can enter during the songs Meditation is able to "identify himself" with Himself higher quality - with those who are already there in our happy and harmonious human future, Who knows Oris "There" and can learn "here" on special - only relevant to that person and his name - vibration, and thus "identify" blocked.


Any names are a reflection of people's ideas about the role, as it were "destined" bearer of the name. No wonder, many of the peoples of our planet, the names carry a certain value or meaning, reflecting the qualitative characteristics of certain contingencies that may be inherent in the individual or in a given time, or potentially. Each of the people, in varying degrees, seeks not only to self-knowledge itself in the world at any given moment, but also strives into a kind of "conditional" future in which he / she would like to live. Due to the fact that the future as the present multivariate, each version of the future to a greater or lesser extent, reflects certain "conditional" quality characteristics, for example: a harmonious / a bright future; technocratic future; totalitarian future; warlike future, etc. Similarly, as in the case of different options for the future, each of the people in all future multi-variant presented in a different qualitative state, whether it is more pronounced in the more intelligent or more sensory manifestations, while they themselves, these manifestations may be both more and less positive, or vice versa, destructive, etc. Knowing that certainly there are worlds of the future, where each of us is presented in the most harmonious and balanced form expressed as a vysokochuvstvennyh and vysokomentalnyh manifestations, we can say that our psycho-emotional state of those worlds are reflected in the form of a completely different names. Our names in the future, just like our names now reflect some people's perceptions of themselves, living in these temporary flows. Having the opportunity to interact with a "bridge" between the "current world" and the worlds of the future, life has given an opportunity to show my name.


These names represent a sound space codes, the names of our "future" interpretations already have overcome in all the selfish, animal tendencies. For us today, they reflect a higher quality standard of our behavioral responses and intellectual altruistic lifestyle. Attuning to the meditations on the high vibrations of his name-code gets an opportunity to get closer to its faster better interpretation, which also exists in the worlds of higher quality, that give a very powerful evolutionary leap in his individual self-development. Further information is available. Answer to the question: "What should be done to find / get your name?"


Two-tone Names lists were obtained by Oris at different times. Gradually appeared Ayfaar people in self-awareness that during meditation song intensified higher levels are not available in everyday life. According to intensify vibrations Oris identify the appropriate person from the list.


Our names are presented in audio Codes, which makes no sense to look for associative or how else to guess the human mind subtext. In such codes reflect a multi-faceted and much more capacious mental-sensory information (thought-forms) than the one that was and is available to people under the old paradigm of thinking (about it - the information in the books of the site). Take the names of such codes of information space so far could only Oris (as long as it is available it is his perception of the system, and it provided its active work with their levels of self-consciousness for many years, and the experience of such work is transmitted continuously). Such names adopted import 150 thousand with a small, and they gradually "find" their media. In the future, perfected in the Human Development direction, each of the people will be able to find yourself in meditation your name in the space codes.


Names - a beep codes, identifiers, "received" by Oris more highly dimensional levels in deep meditation.


When I asked where such a name, mostly felt in this matter is not of interest, rather than understanding and a kind of indignation, as may be the names. We are accustomed to the names that are transmitted over the centuries. But if you think, after all, they once appeared for the first time and there were certain principles of their formation.

In ancient times, names reflect certain traits and characteristics which notices to the person, as they can reflect the type of activity. The ancient Slavs was even a tradition in adolescence re-assign a name that reflects the already established character. In the Soviet Union there was a fashion to give the newly formed names, reflecting the developments in the country.

It is believed that the name of a role in shaping the human character. But usually for children select those that like it, and a few deep thinking about their significance. It imposes the additional image per person. "As the boat name, so it will float." In addition, each has its own specific personal views with names that were formed by association on the relationship with people wearing those or other names.

Some of the names are not the best value, and you may want to pay attention to how the word sounds in our lives every day over and over again, and that it brings.

Times are changing, new knowledge and ideas, which give the opportunity to better analyze and describe the person. For example, many believe that with the help of numerology can calculate your name (most appropriate), with whom life will be easier and more enjoyable.

Our names are non-standard form of education, proper iissiidiologicheskim ideas. One can say that each consciousness, including man, have certain vibration. Some people may want to define them, and not only the current state of a person, but his better future manifestations. These vibrations can be converted into letter combination as sound code-determinant. And when the code corresponds to the better future shape us, it can serve as a beacon that will guide actions and the way people in this way. So formed our names. We ourselves can not yet decode, now helps to identify the name of Oris. But I think that in the future, this ability to be available to many.


What is the essence of this phenomenon? My opinion is. Firstly, the new name symbolizes the human desire to live a new life, on the basis of principles and ideas than originally given. Ie name change indicates a radical change in life priorities and values of the person helps to part with many nuances relevant to the "past" life. This assistance.

Second - this is what we call the essence or purpose. I will write more. Each person is able to experience the range of different feelings. Those who are born in the high motives (the desire to love and enlightenment for all, and others.), Particularly during the singing meditation, can reflect the information in which a person is presented in its development for many generations to come. He is already there like that. At that point, psychic perception system, which has Oris, identifies it is much more developed future of the human condition and plays here in the interpretation of the sound code or letters on paper. Thus is the landmark or beacon, which helps the individual freedom of choice of their billions development scenarios abound most unpredictable evolutionary results follow only by the plurality of worlds, which leads in the right direction of a human, which largely contribute to the achievements of the intuitive method of learning. But do not forget the name of only supporting a given, that will do for us, most of the work on the cultivation of a true human values.

I'll say it, that I myself was named after only one and a half years after the first visit, when he came to the third or fourth (can not remember) and times when egoistic nature gradually began to give way to the altruistic nature-intellectual.


Tone names - it is unique for each alpha-sound encoding, which reflects the most high vibrational characteristics of a particular individual. After all, no longer a secret that every person has an individual configuration of the electromagnetic fields (and not only) of the spectrum, which corresponds to the set of its key personal qualities, character traits, and different trends in the development of dispositions. And meditation is possible "translation" of vibration characteristics of alpha-sound. Later, the name of the person will perform for him as a kind of high-frequency tuning fork, attuning to the vibrations of which a person can quickly and completely disclose their creative and intellectual potential. At this point, the process of identifying the name carries Oris in their meditations.




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