Are you affiliated with religion?



Religion, in my opinion, is based mostly on faith, trust and hope of the people in the world there is some sort of light force that is always with them and takes care for them. And the people become followers of a religion to implement their requirements in these sensory-emotional experience.

But unfortunately, in my opinion, religion is based on an outdated information, the ancient dogmas and dogmas that have had their beneficial effect on the evolution of society in earlier eras.
In the modern world, the level of human intelligence is sufficiently high, in order to understand the ineffectiveness of religion (at their present state), as a reliable systems of self-cultivation of the human society. An idea of AYFAAR does not belong to any religion, but at the same time is aimed at the realization of one of the basic values all religions preach - Love and Unity.

In my opinion, true Love is primarily based on a deep understanding of the fundamental cause-and-effect relationships underlying a particular process or phenomenon. That is the process of cultivating Love in your heart, inextricably linked with the development of a deep and powerful intellect.


Iissiidiology - is the knowledge which, as far as it possible to the human vocabulary, tries to make it clear what underlies the process of life creation of the self-conscious human being, reveals the secrets of the divine and transcendent, and thus attracting us to a feeling of absolute ownership of everything that we call the world. No idols, gods and other mysteries, able to inspire awe and create the illusion of subjective alienation and irresponsibility for what is happening around. But there is a never-ending process of self-discovery, in which the highest truth for today, tomorrow becomes just another illusion of limited consciousness against the background of an even more advanced and universal principles of creation. Tomorrow's today, and so on, more and more.
No, we are not affiliated with a religion.


We are not affiliated with religion.


No, not related. Many religions of the world tell about the existence of some external Higher Power - God. He is a kind of objective judge for man, for all his deeds during lifetime.
Knowledge of Iissiidiology gives new to this idea of human identity and the fact that there is nothing "outside" of Self-Consciousness. The surrounding human reality is not formed by "external" circumstances of his life, and his true domestic interests to self-knowledge in the specific experiences, circumstances. Any person is only an intermediate result of endless evolution itself as Cosmic Entity. On a more qualitative levels of self-consciousness for itself "at present" it is the one who is called God in religion (or Information).


Iissiidiology - is the latest cosmological knowledge about the Universe and human.


IIAIDC is anti-religious, but we welcome in our center people of different faiths. Knowledge of Iissiidiology is absolutely anti-religious for the following reasons:
- Due to the lack of ideas and belief in the supernatural
- No religious rites
- No dogmas, because it is a vital and dynamic knowledge, which develops with self-awareness of the author and his readers
- There is no belief in the existence of God, and thus the subject of worship and special relationship with it
- Dualistic notions of "good" and "evil" are replaced by complementary divergent directions of development, which are the part of a whole.
- The concept of purpose and meaning of life of a selfish consumers' existence, as well as the ministry of religious cult transformed into Ministry of other people.


No, If we talk about the community of people united by some common aspiration. But this does not exclude anyone "inside" of their self-consciousness uses positive images of Christ, as a carrier of certain qualities. In this case the image in any way may not be associated with religiosity in the self-consciousness of the individual, upbeat this image.


No. People of different faiths come at AYFAAR in order to learn how to build a real human relationship based on tolerance and mutual understanding, in which there will be no separation, even on the basis of faith.


People from Ayfaar have never been associated with religion, their work is based on the development of the universal and the most profound ideas about everything.


Religion was a certain stage for many of those walking on the path of self-knowledge and self-improvement, so be grateful for this. But it does not give satisfactory answers to the inquiring mind wanting to get to the core and to find the answers to all their most intimate questions anyway.


Religion is a very outdated understanding of life and the things happening in it that do not have logical explanations and are constructed on dogma. And our life is based on a living, high-quality dynamized knowledge that gives an explanation and a platform for understanding of many of the issues of humanity. It is impossible to bring to life the radical qualitative changes while being associated with an outdated point of view. Ideology that offers Iissiidiology is quite radical and is aimed at the unification of all people in a single society, living and developing according to the laws of human development.


No. Although some people have passed through the religious vision of the world before their coming to AYFAAR. Generally, Iissiidiology is focused on science, which is already confirming some of its postulates. And the more our society will continue to develop, the closer will become science and Iissiidiology. And in the future there will not be any separation between the teachings.


Many of those from Ayfaar were cognizing themselves through various exercises, knowledge, groups, including religion. Religion helps initially to develop sensuality - the heart center, but limits the development of intelligence.


I am not affiliated with religion as well as IIAIDC. Iissiidiology is in itself inherently anti-religious, as there are no signs for considering this knowledge as some kind of religion.


Everyone decides about his belief by himself. I think many people believed in God, until Iissiidiology. With the deepening of the knowledge comes the understanding that everything in life depends on one's own and there is no point in searching for the mythical God. And it is you as a God, on a more qualitative level, the one who has created himself, by applying aspiration, confidence and knowledge. It would be better to apply the term transdisciplinary to Iissiidiology (in the future) as a science, but not as a religion. Religion, in my opinion, is dogmatic. All the rituals, rites, rules of religion, are existing for hundreds of years. They are revered, protected from changes. Iissiidiology is a vital, developing knowledge, aimed at expanding the boundaries of philosophy, at the removal of dogmas and pales, for human liberation from the yoke of ignorance. And it is important this knowledge gives to every person hope and confidence that everything is in his hands.


Iissiidiology is not a religion. From my point of view, Iissiidiology - is a completely new view on almost all areas of science, one of it`s tasks is to explain the formation of the structure of a human being, as well as all kinds of creatures, from elementary particles to the universe and the relationships between them.


Any religion, in my opinion, limits the human cognition in itself, while calling for the blind faith that promotes separation of people. On the contrary Iissiidiology gives an opportunity to expand and deepen their knowledge in order to come to an understanding of the need to unite.


We are not affiliated with a religion. In my opinion, today the religion, once being a powerful means of influencing the masses of people, for many of them became already quite archaic concept without basically new and accessible information base required to humanity of the 21st century for their own spiritual development and improvement.


We are not affiliated with religion.


No. Iissiidiology is mostly related to various scientific areas and has anti-religious character. We regard with absolute respect and understanding to all religions and teachings, those who are trying to show their life perception through a simple, clear concept. Of course, if they do not contradict with freedom of choice and relationships with other people.


Anyone who has read at least one of any Iissiidiology books, made sure that it is anti-religious knowledge. Religion implies the transcendence of a number of terms and phenomenons used in it, the blind worship and ritualism. Iissiidiology talks about the endless possibilities of human development, explains the origin of energy from the original information and the emergence of the Universe. reveals its multiworld structure, etc. There is no place for ceremonies or mysteries, only temporarily unknowable at this level of human development.As a moral and ethical basis of the proposed there are two main criteria of any choices - Intelligence and Altruism (see. volume 15).

Notwithstanding the foregoing, many of us have passed through the way of religious knowledge. As for me, I devoted a lot of time to Christianity, was visiting the Church and communicating with the spiritual father, then was studing at the Orthodox University for one year. But I did not find the inner feeling of satisfaction on the degree of truth and depth of the studied, so I continued my path.


Iissiidiology is closer to the scientific approach in its description of the Universe. The difference lies in the fact that it is based on the intuitive-meditative method of learning. This method allows to take a look into the science of our future and through the subjective perception system to transmit the information to the present. With this Iissiidiology has the opportunity to give a deeper explanation of many unresolved issues to date, to identify ideas for the research and development of the new theories. Therefore Iissiidiology primarily intended for scientific audience, which could use this information with a great benefit to the whole mankind. Iissiidiology can also help to break away from outdated ideas, blind faith in the supernatural the people who adhere to different religions, and to redirect their attention to the development of highsensitive intellectual potential and perhaps even reveal their love for scientific research approach. Iissiidiology attaches particular importance to the highsensitive component of intelligence, which is designed primarily to serve altruistically the interests, development and prosperity of the whole society, not the personal selfish needs. It manifests itself as highsensitive Intelligence of our higher-quality future scenarios.


No, we are not affiliated with any religion and are tolerant to all faiths, knowing that at this stage of the evolutionary path of human development probably someone still needs to get such an experience. When a person wants to expand its consciousness, being not tied to any denominational ancient dogmas, to cognize himself and the world around us more deeply, one day he will feel it, or just come in the form of insight, or through any other information that everything is mysteriously hidden in its consciousness.

This happened to me personally, when in 1991 I was lucky to go through a clinical death and due to this insight I realized that there is no death and we are absolutely immortal! You can read about it at our website under the heading - our creativity, in my article: "The phenomenon of near-death experiences. Iissiidiological view at the problem."


Iissiidiology just serves as a unifying element among the various religions and denominations. But in order to understand this, you need to familiarize yourself with the Iissiidiology.


Religion divides people, and we are committed to understanding and unity. No one is better or worse than others, whatever he believes. I am sure that very soon the time will come when all people and living creatures will treat each other with love and understanding.


No, not related. Any religion involves elements of mysticism, mystery, "non cognition" elements of worship and divine acts, inaccessible to our consciousness. Iissiidiology offers a radically different approach to the perception of the world - the human consciousness is a continuous and ever-evolving process. Yes, mankind still can not answer a lot of existential questions about itself and the structure of the universe, but it develops, it evolves, and it is continuously growing! There are no such limits that the collective mind of humanity could not overcome sooner or later. A mystery today, tomorrow will obtain precise contours of the newly discovered laws and principles of the Universe. Iissiidiology abides cognitive position in relation to the evolution of humanity and denies the existence of any dogma, secrets or prohibitions. This knowledge makes it possible not only to touch a new level of understanding of the world order, but also offers each person to take responsibility for themselves and for the collective processes occurring on the planet.


One of the definitions of religion, taken from Wikipedia states: "religion - a special form of awareness of the world, due to the belief in the supernatural, which includes a set of moral norms and behaviors, rituals, and religious activities and unite people in the organization (church, religious community)" . Iissiidiology explains deeply in detail all the mechanisms and structure of the universe, describes the cosmic laws, explains a lot of "supernatural" phenomena and super-powers, and much more. This cosmological ideas will become the basis of basic principles of the science of the future, because eventually help many scientists to make new and incredible discoveries to date. Knowing this, in contrast to the dogmatic canons of religion, constantly improved and is formed into a universal view of the universe and man's role in it, removing all the mysteries, denying cults and idolatry, proposing instead logical calculations, intellectual and analytical relationship, meditative approach to the study of very complex information. The use of such words as "Spirit," "Soul," "Holy Spirit," and others., also adopted in religious texts, due to the fact that those high and bright experiences that carry these words as symbols and reminders about the best things we have - hundreds of years from generation to generation were literally impregnated with each of us today do not have any similar ideas in the scientific world, nor in other areas of social life.


Title Center`s name speaks for itself: the center of intellectual and altruistic Development meanes teaching people behaviors and lifestyles that promote the manifestation of Intelligence and Altruism in daily life.
Objectives of the Centre and its activities is much more consistent with the scientific and informative than religious activity.

The atmosphere here can be compared with:
- Educational Centre (lectures, seminars, workshops, answers for the questions, discussion);
- Centre for Applied Psychology (introspection, analysis of conflict situations, causal relationships research, self-development practices, openness);
- Meditation Centre (peaceful, calm, cheerfulness, the practice of meditation and relaxation);
- Social organization (planning and implementation of socially useful activities, public relations, concerts, public service announcements, etc.)


No, we are not involved with religion.


No, we are not affiliated with a religion. Iissiidiology, to a greater extent, reflects the relationship with various scientific areas.


The IIAIDC idea is not linked to religion, because in the very principles of it there is no any signs of religion. There is an active interaction with the scientific community. Modern achievements in various spheres of public life are taken, analyzed in the process of programming of intellectual and altruistic development.


We are not associated with religion. Any religion offers, as a rule, a number of dogmas and unchanging postulates, as well as a set of specific techniques, instructions, precepts, and everything else that distracts from the search for the truth. These postulates are simply invited to observe and to ptactice techniques without any explanation of the mechanism of their action and without making specific reference to the facts justifying them. Iissiidiology is a living, constantly evolving and improving knowledge representation which is continuously expanding and deepening.


The IIAIDC are not involved with religion, as their basis is the Highest Cosmological Knowledge of the Universe and humankind, nothing common with religion.


Iissiidiology is not connected with religion. Studying this Knowledge, I have changed my ideas about religion and have opened for a deep meaning of such concepts as "Soul", "God", "Lord" in a new way.


We are not affiliated with any religion.


We are not connected with religion. If you will start to study Iissiidiology more deeply, then you will come to understanding that there is nothing external, everything is within us.


Anyone who will read at least one of the volumes of Iissiidiology, will make sure that this knowledge is not religious, it rather proves that the full development and perfection of the person is not possible only through the religious path, which is usually filled with a lot of dogmas and ignorant ideas of the human and the Universe. In future the religion will interflow with science and transform into the universal, constantly evolving knowledge.


Religion (from Lat. Religio - piety, devotion, shrine, the object of worship) - an outlook and attitude, as well as appropriate behavior and specific actions (cult), which are based on the belief in the existence of one (or more) of the gods, "holy", i.e. varying kind of the supernatural. In essence, religion is a kind of idealist philosophy, opposing scientific. [Big Soviet Encyclopedia (BSE), 3rd edition, 1970-1977] If you compare the contents of all the books on Iissiidiology to this definition, the answer to this question becomes obvious: Iissiidiology is not affiliated with religion, because there is no any cult of something supernatural in this books. On the contrary, it is said that any form of self-consciousness is potentially (and in fact is already) any other, no matter how developed it may be, that any form of self-consciousness, no matter how "unimportant" or "harmful" it may seem to us, is on its inalienable place and plays an important role in the overall picture of the universe, that everything is different-quality set of information fragments that interact with each other, and that these fragments are interdependent, and there is no hierarchy or subordination. The universe is more like a multi-level branching roads, and any of them can lead to any other point. Finally, Iissiidiology, unlike any of the scriptures, is not a frozen dogma. This knowledge system is constantly evolving, finalized in parallel with new scientific discoveries, and in some cases even anticipates them, i.e. it is not opposed to the scientific world.


No. In Iissiidiology there are no principles of worship, ritual and mysticism inherent to religions. Also there is no element of worship to something "higher." They say the higher, spiritual hypostasis of each human being is itself in other worlds and scenarios, which already has the experience and wisdom of his instant tries and faults. If your question is related to the use of Orthodox icons and the words "Spirit, Soul, Light, Star House," and so forth in Ayfaar songster, I can say that until people do not have other well-known analogues of "The best and most beautiful things in us and in the world and "unconditional Love". These words and images long since helped us to focus on the state of Love, Conscience, Grace, and yet we need them as symbols and reminders about the best we possess.


Iissiidiology is inherently anti-religious knowledge because it encourages to get rid of contrived, dogmatic prohibitions, fear of death, all kinds of religious activities, messy speculations and blind faith in the supernatural. Contrary to this, Iissiidiology explains deeply the mechanisms of our evolution and emergence as a mature and responsible for the world around us individuals.


Yes, in some sense, because the rise of self-consciousness and of the spirituality are very similar concepts. But they are based on completely different ideas and approaches to life. The ultimate goal of religion is the reunion of a human and God. But we believe that we do not need to be reunited with God as there was no separation. Our goal is our spiritual qualities continuously approving, growing and improving the quality of our lives and the lives of everyone. There is no external forces guide and make us to live this way, we love life, and take it as a creative process, which could be a great opportunity for our creative self-realization. And we tend to develop ourselves in order to make our life more interesting. And it happens due to the comprehensive self-knowledge, analysis, comparison, simulation, synthesis, and other processes associated with the need for a true inner freedom.




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