How was the IIAIDC conception formulated?


The idea of  centers acquired clear sense outlines as a natural result of the desire of many people for  self-development and their desire to bring a positive change in a paradigm of the modern society. The beginnings of the idea of ​​building IIAIDC were laid in the late 90s of the last century, when people from all over the world, who felt a deep spiritual kinship with each other and intuitively knew, that in fact, a man is something much more perfect, harmonious and brighter than he was accustomed to think about himself, gathered  together. Everyone who came to these infrequent meetings had incomparable feeling of unity, that gave rise to desire to bring more openness, sincerity and love into relationships with each other . As at the pace of modern life most people feel inner lack of these positive experiences, in time the number of visitors increased, they wished to meet more often and to create  together something new and bright that would help other people to feel that warmth and unitywith everything, that is an integral part of the true human nature. Thus there appeared the first center where people could come to open their hearts and souls, to know the deeper levels of themselves.

But further experience has shown that for the manifestation of true love, openness and sincerity it is  necessary to overcome many obstacles, such as entrenched outdated ideas about the world, various manifestations of selfish greed, envy, fear, aggression, and the like. Therefore, in time, techniques and methods of transformation of  so-called "animal" tendencies were founded to accelerate the transformation of man's inner world and to disclose the full power of his spiritual creativity. The long-term practice allowed to improve these techniques, organize them in a system of improvement of human consciousness and to formulate the basis of a new society. But this system is in the process of continuous transformation and development at the expense of constant enrichment with new information and experience of  a lot of people trying to use its basic principles in their lives.


The idea is that any business (teaching, research, realization of ideas) is best done together by mutual aid and complementarity. So there are institutions, training centers, groups and hobby clubs, etc., based on collective creative work.  The same case is  IISSIIDIOLOGY. Those who wish to explore this knowledge deeply, and to share it with others are interested in creating a training center - it is rational and practical, greatly accelerates the process and makes it multifaceted. In this case, Oris became a specific spokesman of this idea, as well as of the knowledge of IISSIIDIOLOGY, which is quite logical. Centers are created with the possibility of deep study of building  of constructive and positive relationships with participants, as well as with the world as a whole.


The idea of Centers was introduced by Oris from deep meditation. Centers like structures already exist in our higher -quality future. Each center is unique and differs from all others, both in appearance and in features of internal development, but they all adhere to lluuvvumicheskiy direction of development.


The idea first came  as a project to introduce a new kind of  altruistic and intellectual relations, as well as the concept of new knowledge -IISSIIDIOLOGY, details of which are already presented in some books (9 volumes), published on the website The information in the books is presented by Oris. The idea first came from him and his associates on the basis of the 10-year experience of development of AYFAAR in Crimea. This first center gradually attracts attention of some people, even from distant places on the planet by altruistic attitudes and abilities of intellectual and highly sensuous exchange with each other.


The idea of ​​centers was formed due to a sincere interest of  Oris’ books readers and their  urgent need to serve for the benefit of all mankind, applying information of the books in the life. When the number of people, studying IISSIIDIOLOGY in depth and willing to apply the Ayfaar principles  (high -sensuous intellect and high-intellectual  altruism) in their lives exceeded 100 thousand readers, there appeared the need to create similar centers in other countries and cities. Detailed information about centers in the most favorable direction for the Human Development scenarios "of the future" Oris introduced from deep meditation.


When the first Oris’ book appeared on sale and began to gain popularity, the readers started to call the author and to come to buy new books, to communicate and to get answers to their questions. Since the author did not have the opportunity to accept readers in his small apartment, he met with them in Yalta, but the number of readers increased. Then the author had gotten the idea to create a place, where readers could communicate, ask questions, share their experience.

As a result of continuous improvement of consciousness quality of the author (the information which he had been receiving through "deep meditation" became more and more qualitative and authentic) and the readers themselves,  this place was transformed into the first School in the world, the Center of intellectual and spiritual synthesis, where readers could actively work on improving of the quality of their responses.

On the basis of IISSIIDIOLOGY information, revealing principles of  simultaneous existence of infinite number of parallel worlds in a many-world structure of the Universe,  a set of such Centers of intellectual-altruistic Development in different countries were conceived. The purport of the creation of such centers is improving  consciousness of  members of the Center, as well as of the society as a whole, because only growing kinder, more altruistic, intellectual, open, responsible, initiative and honest, we all together can project ourselves into those far more perfect worlds that already exist simultaneously with the worlds of our current existence, but to which we can come, only having united in the name of the  global Idea- creating thousands of such centers across the globe.


The idea of ​​the creation and development of information Centers of intellectual and altruistic development has appeared as a result of intentions of many people from different parts of the world, who strive to change the world towards  more harmonious development. Since relationships between people in harmonious future worlds do not have any destructive manifestations, and are based on intellect and high-sensuous altruism, then  to achieve this goal, you need to start from something. Development of IIAIDC is a necessary basis for the creation of this premise, and it's like a magnet from the future, able to pull us there.


AYFAAR - is the realization of ideas about creating in our space-time continuum of models-prototypes of  future "Cities of Light of Knowledge", which Oris "saw" in Deep Meditation. But the dream of creation of these "settlements" that combine free, creative and developed  people – is universal and old, just remember the "Sun City" by T. Campanella and the "City of Light", described by D. Andreev in  "The Rose of the World . IIAIDC – is a logical and consistent result of the transformation of this idea relatively to human development path, based on high-sensuous Intellect and high-intellectual Altruism, as the most acceptable in our reality form of conduct , creative interaction and self-improvement of those who seek better harmonious future for all people.


The idea of ​​ Centers belongs to Ayfaarins. It emerged  from their  internal desire to build a new society on the basis of improving of representations of themselves and others, about the world,  with the aim to cognize  endless secrets of the universe, that is, of ourselves.


On the example of  the human history it can be traced  that, in the basis of the idea of any training center or institution there is a  desire and the inner human need to cognize, and then - to share the new-found knowledge and experience in various areas of life.

By the same principle - the idea of ​​ international centers , based on a strong intellectual altruistic platform, reinforced by the advanced knowledge and ideas of a man about himself and his place in the universe was initiated by a certain  personality, transcendentally integrated  the experience,  inherent to one of the better variants of the human civilization development, the main distinguishing features and fairways of  which is harmonious combination by each element of the society in each of  his choices  of signs of high-sensuous intellect and high-intellectual altruism, based on deep understanding of  laws and principles of the universe existence. This experience was projected and adapted in the collective consciousness of  the humanity as knowledge contained in a series of books under the general title "IISSIIDIOLOGY." The idea had quickly gained resonance response and support for its realization by a lot of people in different parts of the world - like-minded people interested in harmonious - intellectual and altruistic development of themselves and a society as a whole.

There is a saying: "When a pupil is ready, a teacher comes." We can say that the idea of realization of a wonderful future on the planet was brought by potential readiness of the most developed part of mankind to take in, to root and  to implement the  opportunity of  better existence in the worlds of a bright future, in a highly organized society and a harmoniously developed  human form. In other words, one way or another, the idea and the possibility of its manifestation belongs to you personally – to every person, who sincerely strives for self-knowledge and who wants to change and express their creativity through implementation of  all his best.


The idea of ​​creating centers is not a new one, so the question is a bit surprising. There are a lot of various centers on the planet, and they  are organized as an opportunity for people to join the idea that is proclaimed through them . The idea of ​​our Centers is in the dissemination of human principles of relations between people on the basis of high-sensuous intellect and high-intellectual altruism on the basis of  IISSIIDIOLOGY knowledge and building a culture of human qualities.


Most often, an idea comes to one person, and then its supporters collect around it to help to implement it. That was the case here - the idea of Oris (the author of IISSIIDIOLOGY), to which a lot of people had resonated.


Philosophical and literary creative work of Oris, the author IISSIIDIOLOGY, began in the 20th century. First, there were verses, and then information about a human being, the world, the cosmos and the universe ... Readers, attracted by the information of Oris’books began to participate in its study and dissemination: they asked questions, organized meetings with the author, and then took an active part in organization and building of the Center. Of course the idea of ​​establishing the center belongs to the author of IISSIIDIOLOGY, because the need to share this knowledge with all readers assumed a place, where everyone could come to ask questions and to communicate with Oris and his associates.


To be precise, the idea cannot be devised, it can only be resonated to, which Oris’ consciousness  could do. As information (any thoughts and feelings) already exists in all possible combinations, then everything depends on the quality of subjective observer, who perceives this information.

Any idea in the present is a partial projection from the future, where it is represented in the most complete form. Thus,  IIAIDC - is already an existing given, a realized  idea of ​​universalization and integration of all accumulated experience of mankind from the point of view of intellect and altruism, but as if "postponed" over time.


At first, Oris had gotten an idea of ​​creating a place, where readers of his books could gather. And in the course of long-term communication there appeared an idea of ​​creating the Center IIAIDC. In IIAIDC people can share comprehension of what they had read, as well as to accumulate such  qualities as high-intellectual altruism and high-sensuous intellect, to build conflict-free relationships, to cognize their deep essence, to learn to live in harmony with the environment, and to transfer their experience to those who need it.


The idea of ​​creation of the Crimean AYFAAR had come to Oris, because readers had numerous questions. As the quality of the information improved, the study of IISSIIDIOLOGY deepened and experience of formation of intellectual altruistic relationships had been accumulated, ayfaarins had gotten a desire to disseminate more widely the whole base of the knowledge and experience of  its practical application in the life in the form of various projects. This will be implemented in IIAIDCs.


I think, no matter, who came up with the idea (information belongs to everyone). The main thing is that it exists and finds a response among a lot of people.


The word "came up" is not quite correct, because the essence of this highly intellectual and highly  altruistic ideas can not yet belong to minds, deeply immersed in selfish levels of existence.

The very idea of ​​the existence of 144,000 AYFAARs (and IIAIDCs with them) is already realized in other scenarios of the development of Mankind with quality-relevant parameters. Oris, thanks to his high-frequency configuration, in his meditations tuned to the specifics of more favorable Worlds of our future. Having learned about existence of such centers all over the planet, he shared this information with us, described his impressions in details  in volume 15 of IAE.

We are still learning these principles, by which people in future IIAIDCs already actually live and develop. And all those who want to match the quality of these Worlds need to cultivate such principles as high-intellectual Altruism and high-sensuous Intellect.


Initially, it was Oris, who came up with the idea, and its further development was carried out together with ayfaarians.


al and altruistic development appeared on the basis of IISSIIDIOLOGY knowledge and due to readers, interested in spreading the idea. The ideological inspirer is Oris O.V, the author of IISSIIDIOLOGY. AYFAAR is a prototype of the idea of IIAIDC.


Now it is difficult to remember, who exactly came up with this idea. And it is not so important. According to IISSIIDIOLOGY, everything is so interconnected that it is very difficult to trace the source. The man, who stated an idea, conditionally can be considered its author, as we do not know from whom and from what scenarios he "caught" it. How often it happened, when someone said something, and the other told that he was just thinking about the same thing. And to understand, which of them was the primary source of the thought is impossible. The same is with copyright - it belongs to a consumer society, where everything has to belong to someone for the sake of  living or satisfaction of  ambitions. When we realize that we are not closed systems, and information on the level of more subtle than thought "flows" freely between us, it will become clear that any authorth’s  creation belongs to all mankind. But only when the vast majority of the humanity will nderstand it. But for now, copyright a necessary element of our system of the world order.

Somehow, I think that the very idea of ​​creating IIAIDC (at that time it was called the Center of intellectual development of young people) was first announced at the group of IISSIIDIOLOGY readers in Riga. The author of IISSIIDIOLOGY, Oris O.V, had supported it and made his proposals. Subsequently, it had been many times refined and modernized and then transformed into an idea of ​​creating a number of IIAIDCs across the world.

I would add that AYFAAR is a prototype and a source of ideas of establishing IIAIDCs. It has existed for over 10 years. The main achievement for this time are intellectual and altruistic principles of the future existence of human society, created and applied in practice of joint activities and self-development and methods of personality development, based on these principles. Historically, it turned out that here (in AYFAAR) IISSIIDIOLOGY is studied primarily, although other scientific knowledge and practice is also used for self-development. It makes sense to come to AYFAAR, when a person is already well acquainted with IISSIIDIOLOGY and practice of singing meditation.

At IIAIDCs on equal terms a lot of professionals in different directions will work together in order to build the intellectual and altruistic society, and the only criterion for arrival will be desire to change themselves according to intellectual and altruistic principles and contribute to the common cause.

Therefore Crimean IIAID has yet to be created, that I hope we will be able to implement by means of joint efforts not only of ayfaarians, but of a lot of people who are accordant to this idea.


The idea of  IIAIDC was originated  by common collective efforts of ayfaarians from the original dream of building AYFAARs around the world. IIAIDC is an aspiration to combine existing modern psychological, spiritual, scientific and other directions with the aim to serve the development of the qualities of high-intellectual Altruism and high-sensuous Intellect in the human society . At the time, when the idea was originated, in AYFAAR a huge amount of iissiidiological  information had been accumulated, it could deepen, broaden and consolidate conceptions of many modern sciences and become a spiritual and scientific basis of the future society, the lack of which is so keenly felt today in many areas of life.


The idea of ​​organization of International Information Centers of Intellectual and Altruistic Development had been formed gradually over 10 years and finally crystallized out not long ago. The prototype of the idea is described in the book «IISSIDIOLOGY, Immortality is Available to Everyone», 15 vol., by the writer Oris.  Ayfaarians, having known this information, were inspired with its importance and evolutionary significance for the harmonious development of all mankind. A great desire of  ayfaarians to share the accumulated experience with all, who were interested to develop in Human direction, led to the urgent need for the establishment of such centers in different parts of the planet, in order that IISSIIDIOLOGY Knowledge and Experience of ayfaarian  relations were as soon as possible available to those, who look for and long to update the currently existing, imperfect paradigm of life of  all people and replace it (badly obsolete) with more high-frequency, harmonious and humane one.


The idea of ​​creating such centers was automatically born with the birth of the Knowledge IISSIIDIOLOGY. The idea itself is already inherent in the very essence of our knowledge and harmoniously consistent with aims and objectives of our future Centers of intellectual and altruistic development - IIAIDCs.


It would be great if ideas that can make our world better, came to all of us! I really wish it for all of us! The idea of ​​establishing centers was proposed by Oris, when the number of readers of his books increased, and a desire to tell people about wonderful opportunities for their spiritual growth became stronger.


The idea of ​​creating Centers of intellectual and altruistic development (IIAIDCs) appeared in Crimean AYFAAR. No one will probably remember, who was the first "initiator", and it is not so important - thoughts do not belong to anyone. The idea of ​​creating a place, where many people could altruistically share their best experience among each other, appeared in the AYFAAR environment after reading the 15th volume of "Immortality is available to everyone." In this book Oris told about scenarios of human development, where social communities, adhering to high moral, ethical and spiritual guidelines began to form, and the main guideline was the harmonious development of intellect and altruism. Material of the15th volume so "stirred up" imagination of people who read it, that almost avalanche-like there appeared a desire and initiatives "to get" as soon as possible into these worlds, full of joy, love, openness, harmony high relations and great technical devices that help people to devote themselves mostly to creative work.  Creative teams, seeking to implement one or another part of this idea began to form at the Crimean AYFAAR, there appeared proposals on transformation of current social behavior, economic platform, education system, science and researches. As a result of consolidation and unification of conceptions there was created a preliminary program-intention  of IIAIDC development that we put on our website in the section IIAIDC.

Thus, the answer to your question may be the following - the idea of creating IIAIDCs was born in the AYFAAR environment, and its high-quality image was described by Oris in the 15th volume of IISSIIDIOLOGY.

P.S. The word "AYFAAR" and the abbreviation  «IIAIDC», though appeared in different time periods, are synonymous by the meaning.


As Oris Oris Vasilyevich had been writing series of books about the structure of consciousness,  of the universe and its laws and mechanisms, about the Cosmic Human, as well as other interesting topics,  readers  had more and more profound questions that had to be personally discussed with the author in direct dialogues, through communication at mini-conferences, lectures and so on. In time, as the number of readers and followers of this knowledge increased, the  apartment of the writer simply could no longer receive so many guests, so it became necessary to create a specific center in some geographically convenient for many people place. Thus was born the idea of ​​building the first spiritual and developmental center in the Crimea, which became known as the Crimean AYFAAR. Later on, with  the deepening of the knowledge, and increasing of the number of people studying it, including from other countries - the United States, Canada, Germany, Israel, as well as from many republics of Russia, - it became clear that there was an urgent need for dissemination of these progressive views. This was embodied in the idea of ​​creating IIAIDCs (International Information Altruistic-Intellectual Development Centers) across the globe. So today first foreign IIAIDCs are being built in America and Germany.


The idea, first proposed by the author of  IISSIIDIOLOGY, Oris O.V, was joined by a lot of people from different countries, who had contributed their labor, creativity, effort and became active co-creators of building of Intellectual and Altruistic Development Centers . The idea is developed and scaled up in parallel with the development of the Center’s participants, as they gained more experience in social projects, organization of centers and assistance to newcomers. Now this idea has become the purpose and meaning of creative aspirations of thousands of people, who want to change the world for the better.


Of course, the idea of ​​establishing centers belongs to Oris, because a lot of readers of his books wished to communicate with the writer and other readers of his books. In 2001 it was decided to start the organization and building of the first AYFAAR - a prototype of future IIAIDCs, and in 2002 Oris and his readers (future ayfaarians) began to build it in the Crimea.


The idea of ​​creating centers appeared on the basis of the information of IISSIIDIOLOGY and due to its ​​readers. Ideological founder of AYFAAR is O.V.Oris, the author of the series of books "Immortality is available to everyone" and  IISSIIDIOLOGY.

Because "Knowledge - only then becomes a force, when we use it in practice." (NB Enkelmann)


Originally, it was Oris, who began to organize centers of intellectual and altruistic development. Then by common efforts of ayfaarians this idea acquired its present appearance as IIAIDCs.


The idea of centers was originated by the author of IISSIIDIOLOGY. The motivation was the desire to create a place, where readers could meet to communicate, ask questions and share experiences. Later on, on the basis of IISSIIDIOLOGY information there appeared a joint idea of ​​creating  a set of the same centers, the fundamental principles of which are highly intellectual views and cultivation of highly altruistic relations between people.


The idea of ​​creating IIAIDCs across our planet had come to Oris. It did not come out of nowhere, before its occurrence there had already been the world's first AYFAAR, the prototype, of today’s IIAIDCs. The main criterion of life in the first IIAIDC-AYFAAR is the development and cultivation of  high-sensuous intellect and high-intellectual altruism ( the main qualities inherent to human development direction) on the basis of  IISSIIDIOLOGY study, singing of Ayfaar songs and altruistic work. People, who are attracted to these IIAIDCs are internally ready by cultivating these qualities to move into the worlds, where we fully possess them, and where we are full Creators of the Cosmic scale.


The first AYFAAR was founded by Oris in the Crimea, for people, who came from different parts of the world, could feel this Knowledge more deeply. In AYFAAR people through IISSIIDIOLOGY and Ayfaar songs share their experience, constantly improve themselves, raise the quality of their personal life and learn to live altruistically. Over time, the idea of ​​creating a single center has developed into the idea of ​​creating a number of centers – IIAIDCs.


Life itself has prompted the idea, because we need to meet, to communicate, to share experience about books and to find answers to many vital questions.


In 2001, the idea of ​​creating the first center in the Crimea has come to Oris. His readers and supporters wanted to meet and to talk with him, to get answers to their questions. Later on, ayfaarians supported this idea.  This led to the necessity to share completely new ideas about themselves and about the world.


The idea of ​​creating AYFAAR and then IIAIDCs (as a natural development and dissemination of AYFAARs across the planet) belongs to Oris. AYFAAR or IIAIDC is a place where they can meet like-minded people to share experiences, ideas, methods of self-development, harmoniously cultivating intellect and altruism.


Once Oris had got an idea to create a place where his readers could come for communication and experience exchange. This idea was realized by a group of enthusiasts. AYFAAR in the Crimea became a place where those, who are interested in the new knowledge may talk to the author to clarify many nuances and uncertainties, to consult how to apply this knowledge  for effective solution of conflict situations. Then there appeared a collective idea of ​​more global distribution of altruistic and intellectual directions  of society development on the basis of international information centers of intellectual and altruistic development (IIAIDCs). Without active participation of many people, interested in this idea, it is impossible to implement these projects.


The first center in the Crimea was invented as a meeting place for Oris’readers. By whom? It’s hard to say. If people want to communicate more, this idea may come to several people. Over time, there appeared a natural desire to communicate and share practices of inner work, developing a network of IIAIDCs. Whom does this desire belong to?  To many, who have already had something to share!


History of Centers appearance has its roots in the beginning of the 2000s, when the author of IISSIIDIOLOGY- Oris began to create the first drafts of his future literary works. The idea of ​​creating such centers of communication and interaction between people, in which key areas of creative work and social initiatives in the society would be high-sensuous intellect and high-intellectual altruism was gradually crystallized during discussion of all new published materials with readers and ayfaarians.


The idea of development centers is not new. There are a lot of very different projects in this direction, including monasteries, Indian ashrams, schools, academies, clubs of anonymous alcoholics, psycho-training courses and others. But Oris - the initiator of this idea, could not focus on anything, existed at the moment, because of his perceptions of the main criteria of harmonious development. About its special features you can learn from subsequent questions or articles on our site. Thus, he decided to found his own union of associates.




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