Why do you have such unusual names?


Names correspond to the characteristics of a particular individual.


The use of Tone names activates in us levels of Collective Subconsciousness, ie such levels where we already potentially are realizing in conscious intellectual-altruistic service to humanity. By meditating on the Tone name you can get to a higher quality image of yourself, and to understand what is the objective of your incarnation, and of life creativity.


As the ship you will name - so it will float! Our Tone Names belong to more qualitative scenarios of our lives, why not try to reach high-quality you?!


Names – are sonic codes-identifiers, obtained in deep meditation.


I suggest you pay attention to the above given answers to questions like "Where did you get these names? Did you receive it or you someone gave it to you?", "What should I do to find / get my name?". In that way you will get answer to this question - "Why do you have such names?"


Each name - a unique Sound Cosmic Code, which carries information about the more qualitative states of individual’s consciousness. The combination of certain letters in a certain sequence in the name reflects those aspects of the qualities, for which a person needs to gain experience (to synthesize qualities), that is, to perform "the task to its reincarnation." This information can be obtained through deep meditation on the tone name.


Because our "Tone Names" reflect some qualitative part of such future worlds, where each person has the potential ability to refocus into, during the process of purposeful work with those not harmonized states, which yet structure our focal dynamics. For deeper understanding of what is "Tone Name" expressed by Sound Cosmic Code-identifier, it is necessary to start reading IISSIIDIOLOGY and try to understand the overall structure of the universe, trying at the same time to find your "self" in it.


Our names represent sound cosmic codes of our more qualitative interpretations.


Our Tone Names - are Sound Cosmic Codes (SCC), reflect unique individual processes that take place in the Self-Consciousness of those who has them (each letter has its own vibration). Essentially the SCC is determined by vibration set that forms Collective Cosmic Mind Разумof each of us as human beings, who have “projected” part of its focus into this dimension of physical manifestation. This set is "collected" according to rezonation Principle of different levels of Consciousness (Entities) and manifested in our dimension as such only and no other configurations of Self-Consciousness and the corresponding biological forms.


Sound code of our names as an opportunity for more in-depth cognition of multi-level structure of the consciousness by means of deep meditation.


Letters - transmitters of information - more subtle vibrations in the rougher world of sound vibrations, because of that the reverse relationship is also possible.

The vibration (information) itself is important located conditionally on the other end of this transmitter. The name by itself as a combination of letters – nothing, does not decide the destinies, those ideas are important invested by people that form this particular content hidden behind the literal abbreviations. An example may be - two people with the same name, who were born at the same time – same year, month, day and hour. Despite a number of similar parameters – they are completely two different people - with individual interests, tastes, habits, and inclinations. In this case, to a large extent their parents who had own ideas about this name determined the type of invested information - the character and qualities, which will possess their child. Each of these parents will invest in its creation (the child) own views and expectations with respect to human called the desired name.


There are many different opinions and points of view about our names. IISSIIDIOLOGY also explains their origin and purpose: "Tone Names - ... they are able to set a very powerful evolutionary tone or eglleroliftive Impulse in refocus dynamics of "personal" Self-Consciousness ..." (IISSIIDIOLOGY, Volume 1). Therefore, we can say that our names help us to keep our development vector is in the direction where we become those Entities who now correspond to the cosmic vibration codes, which we define as our names.


These names are no worse or better than those to which we are accustomed. Just different vibration frequency. Moreover - individual. You must admit, how many Natasha’s, Nikola’s, etc use this name. But Tone Name belongs only to a particular person. And in it is incorporated all the best, what human is capable of now and in the future. I had personally experienced how you change, when start using this name as your own.


What names? I personally like my name - Vella Gratillaris- it leads me and helps me for long time.


Each person has such names, and how to find them - I have already answered that question.


Oris said that we exist on the Buddhic Level in the form of high-frequency Entities, but are not called that because there is no sound “There” at all, as such, as Information transmitter. Because the sound - it is much more coarse, concentrated vibration of some qualities. These qualities are reflected in our world by certain sounds (or numbers). Although, of course, the sound of "A" in no way can be compared to the qualities that it corresponds to at the Buddhic Level. And knowing your name - this is at least some attempt to come into resonance with these vibrations.


Names really unusual and unique. There is no second one like it. Tone name - is a sound code, reflecting a hint or beacon, pointing the way to more qualitative yourself. Names are not handed out. They can be identified in accordance with the most high-frequency states, which more often can be experiences when singing Ayfaar songs. In my opinion, I was able to go to these states – imagining, figuratively speaking, that I sing it not for myself, but for my parents and people close to me (friends), very earnestly and sincerely conveying meaning to pronounced lines. And Oris helped - identified my states with the vibrations of my star name. When meditating on my name, I learn more about what I am in the future, what qualities I possess, what type of creativity I'm interested in. My star name helps me a lot in everyday life to cope with various difficulties and obstacles, discover even more creative potential for self-improvement.


Everything has a certain energy-configuration and the corresponding vibration. In our names, through combination of letters and sounds, also carrying certain vibration, are expressed configurations of our much more qualitative interpretations, which we aspire to become, every day working on the negative manifestations and the increase of dynamics of qualitative levels of consciousness.

One of the practices that helps to experience the states that are inherent to more qualitative levels of own Self-Consciousness - the Songs meditation (see. Foreword to the book's of Songs for song meditations), practical every day used on AYFAAR. When a person successes to enter certain states, which are very difficult to describe (inspirational-spiritual-uplifting enlightenments) Oris can identify the name. It is a beacon for us on the Path of Development, a subsidiary element when making choices. You can meditate on it, in order to feel even better the configuration of Self-Consciousness, and quality that is sought.


The meaning of names on AYFAAR is significantly different from the usual.

In ordinary life, the parents when decided to have a baby, choose a name. The criteria for this choice, as a rule, are highly subjective and ephemeral, reflecting only the current wishes of the parents, and little is thought about the mental characteristics of the new man. Name is chosen from a small list, historical character identifiers. Thus, the name of Andrew (and similar: Andy, Andrea, Andre, Andrew, Andy, Andrew ...) is of Greek origin and means "manly." Elena is also the name comes from the Greek root, and has a value - "chosen, bright, shining".

Understanding the subjectivity and narrowness of options when choosing a common name, the tradition on AYFAAR was created to choose the SCC (sound cosmic code) as a name  that belongsto the group of own "personal interpretation" developing in near lluuvvumic scenarios. Such a "star name" (as we call it) much more accurately describes the unique and individual mental configuration of each person. Also, it can be argued that the effect of sound vibrations of "star name" stimulates activation in human consciousness of higher levels of consciousness and the manifestation of such a particular effect, as "star memory," meaning not past memories, but events and development scenarios of the future. Thus, the sound cosmic code of a name tunes the person to its higher quality image from the future.


Our names - are Sound Cosmic Codes that have already been discussed above. It is Tone Name and it carries some information that accelerates our evolution. Each name is unique in itself and never repeats itself, just as we all are unique. It reflects our diversity, creativity potential, opportunities unlike earthly names, for example: Ivan and Peter, Anton, who often do not correspond to the characteristics of the person, and are often the whim of parents, grandparents, and so on. Indeed, if you put few Ivans beside each other, event a hundred of them - it is unlikely you will find among the 100 people at least two more or less similar ... and each is called Ivan. But the surname, you might say, is different for everyone - but I'm sure that we can even find ones with same surname in these 100 guys, but they will be completely unlike each other. Not to mention the fact that the egregor of all people who are called by the same name, also affects each of them in a certain way. Hence the meaning of such names can be found since ancient times. But the Star Name allows you to start your life over again, and to free from the influence of your namesakes.


Our names are Sound Cosmic Codes that characterize us in the future, where we are much more perfect than those who we are now. These, more perfect us, have completely freed from all forms of aggression, ambition, sexuality, and embarked on the path of serving the people and other creatures. When being called by Tone Name, we affirm in identifying ourselves with such qualities that are inherent to us in the future. Calling each other by Tone Names, we help to activate in our psycho-mental states the lighter, joyful, positive emotions, thereby letting our entire team into more favorable future.


Tone Name – it is the Sound Cosmic Code reflecting potential qualitative characteristics of individual. This is us in the future.


On AYFAAR, after reaching certain high-vibration states, for example, during the song meditation it is possible to receive your individual tone name that reflects the current and potential qualitative characteristics of the individual. Each letter of the name has its own vibrational frequency and carries a deep evolutionary sense. The practice of meditation on your tone name allows in more detail to find out the value and meaning of your life.


Tone names are individual letter-sound expression of high levels of consciousness of a particular person and help him to tune and get closer to these levels. Tone name can be received when we manage to tune in to the higher levels of your consciousness. This mainly occurs during meditation. Oris helps to identify thename.


Our names are sound codes. They have a high-frequency vibration. They are like beacons, like fairway, towards which we should strive to, and correspond to their quality.


These names, cosmic codes, carry our identification with the higher quality of our interpretations, from higher dimension level.


Tone name - is the cosmic code. Through this combination of sounds the qualitative state of us in the "future"is being reflected, this code also defines the meaning range of individual’s specific features. This is one of the possibilities to remind yourself of who you are, and to focus on high levels of Self-Consciousness.


This is Sound Cosmic Code that reflects the individual processes occurring in the Self-Consciousness, and potential characteristics of an individual.


Our names – are Cosmic Codes. Each name is individual and unique, it reflects the qualitative characteristics of an individual.


Each person is unique and individual being, so there are no identical names. Each name is unique. Everyone synthesizes its own set of aspects of various cosmic qualities.


These are tone names, because they are able to set a very powerful evolutionary tone in refocus dynamics of Self-Consciousness. Meditating on them, you can get all necessary information about YourSelf and therefore to consciously choose for yourself main and most effective ways to realize your life creativity. More about the tone names can be found in the 1st volume of IISSIIDIOLOGY paragraphs 1.13 - 1.15


Names correspond with us more developed, who already live well in their own worlds and life scenarios. If people develop and strive to become better, as a rule, they use some guidance for the realization of their aspirations. Our spiritual names - like "photo" of energy-information essence of us, more developed, living in good and unity with all things. To call yourself by that name means setting the bar to which you want to reach out and to become one with your name. Maria, Daria, Alex are non-binding, but Spiritual Name is a strong help. Also, these names can be used for meditation on their sound when pronouncing it, that will serve as attunement with your best qualities, and even those qualities we yet not aware exist in us.


This is not exactly the names in the usual sense. We believe that the basis of all the manifestations of the world is the exchange of information. For example as a carrier of information in quantum physics is the electromagnetic wave, it encodes this information by frequency or amplitude method. By analogy, the information that goes beyond the boundaries of the range of the electromagnetic vibrations can be encoded by functional structures of our Self-Consciousness through the vibration of certain sound combinations. And what is important here is not the frequency characteristic of a sound, but neuro-mental picture that gets associated in human brain with this sound. You don’t even need to pronounce these sounds aloud in order to induce in human brain corresponding neuro-impulses. The configuration of these impulses creates a certain specific state of consciousness, which in deep meditation, opens access for consciousness (tunes according to rezonance) to different layers of information according to configuration relevance. Sound codes that we use as our names, it is our individual essence, the configuration of our Self-Consciousness. You can also say that it is our individual development program, the qualities that we are accumulating in these worlds. How to get it you can find out from the question about getting your name. Oris helps to identify them when a person gets to the highest levels of their Self-Consciousness.




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