Dearest friends from all over the World!

We are pleased to present the Idea and the Project, aimed at creating International Information Altruism and Intellect Development Centers (IIAIDC’s) across the Planet, depicted in multiple written, audio and video materials, describing the essentials of the new cosmological Knowledge – IISSIIDIOOGY and the IIAIDC Project itself. However, no matter how much we strive to acquaint the western population with this remarkable Information, most of the publications on few of our websites are still available in Russian language only.

To this end, we are seeking volunteer native-speaker translators and proofreaders of these materials into different languages, so more people in the world would learn about our unique methods of Self-improvement, eventually leading to Immortality.

If any of this sounds like something that inspires you, we would be more than happy to see you as an altruistic Project participant. Absolutely anyone can join us and facilitate the efforts of helping everybody on this planet to change their life fundamentally towards the most favorable variations of our collective future!

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Your frequently asked questions

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