Program of International Informational Altruistic Intellectual Development Centers


To unite people around the idea of intellectual-altruistic development of all parts of society life, i.e. interpersonal, social, economic and political relations. To contribute to development and improvement of thischanges.


To organise enhancement activity in scientific, culture and other humanity achievements that consistent with the intellectual and altruistic principles described in the Declaration (The Declaration of Intellectual and Altruistic principles will be published soon);

To contribute to the development of: science and technology; philosophy, psychological and public flows; new directions of cognition and theories, which facilitate intellectual and altruistic conversions in the consciousness of every person.

By raising awareness to promote the growth of personal and social moral principles, and also increase the level of culture and education of population;

Popularisation of evolutionary necessity of intellectual and altruistic development that cannot be put off, - as of individual person, so and society in general;

Popularisation of professional-scientific activity, directed toward the good of society;

Assistance to various art directions that excite in individual lofty feelings, desire to create good and bring benefits to society;

Popularisation of active and healthy life style;

Creation of Centres’ infrastructure, in the form of territories, buildings, facilities and equipment for more effective implementation of the goals and objectives;

Organisation in the Centre continuous elucidative, educational, scientific, social and public activities consistently with Centres’ goals and objectives;

Organisation of all events and activities offered by the Centre according to the principle of maximum accessibility, including low income population;

Elaboration and development of intellectual and altruistic model of social relations and the system of harmonious personality development based on Centres’ operational practice. The harmonious development mean balanced development of sensuous and intellectual components of individual consciousness, left and right brain hemispheres);

Creation in the Centre for trustworthy, sincere and positive atmosphere, which will contribute the development of participants in intellectual and altruistic direction, manifestation of initiative, openness, honesty, responsibility, tolerance and humanism.   


  • Centres and all its activities are organised in accordance with intellectual and altruistic principles outlined in the Declaration (see Declaration of intellectual and altruistic principles);

  • Centresandallitsactivitiesareorganisedonnon-profitbasis. All proceeds from paid events will be forwarded directly to support the future activity, improving the methodology, achieving the objectives and solving of actual Centres’ immediate tasks. In any commercial event it will be provided the opportunity for free participation of low income individuals. All financial matters in the Centre (participation in events, activities, funding of some directions and other) will be carried out in a transparent, flexible, friendly manner, and in accordance with intellectual and altruistic principles, at the same time maximally preventing the development of the most parasitical and selfish tendencies.

  • Organisation of lectures and educational activity in educational institutions and independent sites;

  • Educational activities in Internet. All activities will be reflected to the maximum in Internet with the aim of providing more transparency of Centres activity and widest possible dissamination of intellectual and altruistic principles;

  • Organisation and holding of discussions, roundtables and conferences on important social, philosophical and scientific subjects;

  • Organisation and holding of mass-cultural events (cultural and scientific festivals, book fairs, musical concerts and  performances, other);

  • Organisation of scientific, cultural, creative and fitness course groups, both in the Centres, and other venues;

  • Organisation and holding of youth camps designated for intellectual and altruistic development;

  • Conduct Subbotniks, altruistic assistance to socially important projects (material, financial support and voluntary help);

  • Organisation and holding of cultural events aimed at reviving of culture and inspirational songs;

  • Organisation of educational tours for schoolchildren and students to academic institutions;

  • Centres' planned infrastructure: will allow to organise continuous, productive activity; will significantly expand abilities, directions and types of activity; will effectively contribute to the achievement of goals;

  • Attracting methodologies and specialists of harmonious individual development (psychologists, neuroscientists and others). Development of new synthetic, trans disciplinary methods and scientific research directions;

  • Organisation in the Centre of appropriate conditions for mutual living of people, who seek to develop and improve the principles of intellectual and altruistic relations in practice, as well as to deal effectively with all organisational matters of Centres;

  • Publishing activity: issue of magazines, books, brochures and educational materials;

  • Promotion, attraction attention and funding to projects and scientific research that contribute to the creation of intellectual and altruistic society (social and economic systems; energy-saving and environmental technologies; non-fuel energy and renewable energy; nanotechnology; advanced medical and genetic trends);

  • Legislative initiative;

  • Searchforlike-mindedpeopleindifferentcountries. Creating of many similar centres.

The structure of Centres activities: 

For the achievement of goals and objectives it is planned to organise work according to following, closely interrelated, sections:

1.Section of Natural Science

Main directions of education and scientific activity: physics, chemistry, biology, astronomy, and others.

2.Section of Social and humanitarian science

Main directions: psychology, philosophy, sociology, economics, and others.

3.Section of Initiatives and innovations

Main directions: transdisciplinarity, the theory of “Biocentrism”, iissiidiology, Foresight, cognitive science, everettics, theory of “Wave genome”, quantum biology, bionics, psycho-bionics, psycho-genetics, sanogenic thinking, project “Venus” and others)

4.Section of Culture and Art

Conditionally divided into two main development directions: culture of intellectual-altruistic behaviour and creative potential of young people and adults.

5.Section of Healthylifestyle, fitness and sports

Main directions: promotion of healthy life style (combating tobacco, alcohol, and drug dependencies; promotion of proper nutrition and personal sports training); organisation of sport oriented leisure time for young people, as prevention of aggression, depression, education of will and purposefulness.

Please see the detailed Sections description.




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