Ayfaar- is the ideological, technical and initiative conception community center, the primary purpose of which is the creation and adaptation throughout the global society of the “True Human” development Principles. Presently it is implemented in a number of countries as the number of International Informational Altruism and Intellect Development Centers (IIAIDCs), which provide an opportunity for everyone to deeply understand the essence of True Human development path, raise the level of individual cosmological education, evaluate the quality of life and the sustainability of positive internal states, as well as take an active part in life and development of IIAIDC community.

The Ayfaar Concept is based on minutely structured perceptions regarding the existence of the natural evolutionary processes in general (collective) human consciousness (the noosphere of the Earth), including the dominance of instinctual tendencies, or the cultivation of human values, as well as on the concept of “Many-Worlds” interpretation of the surrounding Reality (Multiverse). The theoretical platform for the formation of provisions that embody the Ayfaar perceptions - is the knowledge of Iissiidiology, which represents a set of newest cosmological conceptions, pertaining to humankind and the Universe.

According to iissiidiological views, any form of collective Consciousness, including the humankind, has an infinite variety of development options, when anyone can consciously choose their most desired future development scenario or the path of any particular individual existence. Iissiidiology introduces many specific concepts and criteria for the possibility of social or the individual orientation among the limitless variety of development prospects, based on the theory of Qualitative organization of the infinitely diverse structure of the Universe.

In the iissiidiological theory, the term "Ayfaar" represents a "Sound cosmic code", originating from specifically introduced term “AYFAAR”. The meaning of this term represents the “Human type Universal Essence’s Highest Collegial Intellect" and was chosen to highlight the fact, that our society’s development path is solely related to the Human Initiative in the highest sense of this notion.

The Ayfaar Concept is contrasted against utopian theories and doctrines, as it offers specific methodologies, practices and solutions for the acquisition of evolutionary maturity of our global society in general, and each individual in particular, proving the effectiveness of the proposed features in practice. The multitude of IIAIDCs, established in different countries, will undergo a creative unification way of formation and development of a holistic and neighborly peacekeeping brotherhood of People on Earth.


The implementation feasibility

The Ayfaar creation Idea as a primary social unit, acting as the inverse image of the future society formation, has originated in the beginning of the XXI century, because of a lack of unification development prospects of humankind as a harmonious holistic community.

The social values cultivated by the global human community over the past centuries, which include the accumulation of a material wealth, comfortable egocentric existence and various types of entertainment in many respects have outlived themselves, however, nevertheless continue to prevail. For a long period of time our society has so powerfully concentrated on the implementation of the ambitious and egocentric objectives, that it has formed an exorbitant consumeristic mechanism of gargantuan proportions, which continues to exist for its own sake, however, its role in satisfying the domestic demands and moral requirements of the individual personality, gradually but steadily diminishes.

Despite the grand-scale success of the scientific community in the fields of nanotechnology, medicine, genetic engineering, urban planning, continent, oceans and space exploration and development, the global human community has long remained in a deep worldview crisis. The mass media rather than serving as a compromise and solution finding mechanism, which could firmly stabilize and strengthen mutual understanding between communities and nations, are instead focused on separation, opposition and incitement of various conflicts between different countries and national aggregations. Moreover, the leading news agencies are literally exploding with multitude of reports, depicting the "increasingly common" natural disasters, such as fires, earthquakes, tsunamis and technogenic catastrophes, all of which obviously serves as an attempt to impose onto people a set of certain perceptions regarding a situation of dangerous instability in the world.

Thus, during the considerable periods of time, laid the deep foundations for delimitation and stratification of humankind onto contradictory groups, exhibiting an unnatural individual egocentrism, all of which destroys the friendly collective Consciousness from within. These processes are exacerbated even more due to the Internet propaganda of various human vices, actively and blithely encouraged by show business. Encouragement of promiscuity, debauchery, violence, unscrupulousness and irresponsibility in favor of exclusive personal egocentric interests, as well as the trampling of human values lead to the fact that these behavioral patterns easily and uncontrollably become the invisible manipulators of people's consciousness, largely determining their future choices, the states of psyche and their entire lives.

These trends resulted in a gradual formation of specific opportunity vacuum, inhibiting the realization of creative potential of an entirely different, non-selfish True Human values and needs. One of the most common psychosomatic disorders, especially popular among the younger generation - the so-called scourge of the XXI century - became the depression as the inability to cope with or escape from the realization of this potential. Being in a vacuum of interpersonal interaction, which lacks of friendliness, understanding and spiritual warmth, the person is locked in the unconscious insult to life, focuses onto the narrow circle of selfish needs, amusing the egocentric vanity, inevitably beginning to suffer from forced isolation.

In many respects, these are the mechanisms, where the real reason of the fear of death literally consuming the personality from the inside, can be found. Many people have long known the modern proverb, postulating that death occurs not because of an old age, but because of loneliness. Are we, the people ready to continue to deal with such trends? Do we actually realize the full set of implications of such a tendency?

Any rational human being understands that important changes require immediate actions. However, the complexity of this situation is complemented by the lack of developed social mechanisms for the implementation of intellectual and altruistic activities. Although the creative intellectual activity is encouraged and supported by the majority of social and scientific educational institutions, on the other hand, sensuous and altruistic manifestations, as a rule, are not stimulated (with the exception of positive cases of organization of urban activities, such as public works) and moreover, are vested with the reputation of being oddities and poorly understood quirks of the individual. Therefore, the selfish tendencies only intensify, predominantly fueled by rough emotionality and sexually colored sensuousness.

Of course, science has long been a recognized instrument of human cognition of the world, and it is believed that the advanced scientific achievements allow the researcher to balance on the edge of the known and the unknown, as well as to explore their surroundings with all the impartiality and responsibility. However, how far has the science actually propelled the humanity towards an advanced understanding of its place in this world? Did it facilitate the establishment of a mutual understanding between people and their countries? Did it succeed in answering of such simple, in fact, primitive questions, pertaining to the nature of consciousness and the origination of the surrounding reality?

The first priority of IIAIDCs - is the formation of sustainable human development trends, directed towards the profoundly experienced and intellectually structured initiatives, coupled with intellectually meaningful altruistic implementations - for the benefit of the entire global society. It promotes the disposal of the destroying selfish processes within the individual perception, and due to the intellectual and altruistic activity, initiates the manifestation of highly intuitive inspirations. Iissiidiological Information serves as a basic platform upon the cultivation of such high-quality mentally sensuous states.

Iissiidiological axiomatic provisions

See also What is Iissiidiology?

Iissiidiological Knowledge generates far-reaching perspectives of human self-cognition through the abstract modeling of relationships between the diversity of multitude of Worlds and Universes. The many-worlds interpretation is the postulate of this theory, and provides multiple benefits for the explanation of mechanisms of integration of Consciousness into the surrounding Reality formation processes. The comprehension of Iissiidiology offers a number of concepts that form completely new understanding of the "cause-and-effect” domain and the place of the humankind within the existence of the surrounding world.

First, it reveals the complex interaction processes of the multiplicity of individual interpretations in the entire totality of various worlds, explaining the mechanism of "immortality" of any form of self-consciousness in practical terms, minutely describing the mechanism of "refocusings" from one "scenario" into the other.

Secondly, it constructs a hierarchy of realms into a much more complex system of individual Worlds, World Form-systems, subjective Realities, Space-Time Continuums, etc., displaying them as creative elements of "Universal Plasma Forces Range".

Thirdly, it introduces the concept of quality of both - the worlds and all human individual interpretations respectively (as well as any other forms of Self-Consciousness), thereby forming a possibility of qualitative orientation throughout the entire diversity of various worlds, as well as the ability of directional advancing towards the manifestations of higher quality - synthesis degree of mental states, harmonious mutual understanding and creative excellence. This allows the society in general and every person in particular to form the guidelines of the individual future development prospects.

Containing a multitude of other, radically new approaches to the interpretation of scientific knowledge of Space-Time, including the postulates that reveal the simultaneous existence of all possible worlds with all possible destinies of every single human being, other life forms perception mechanisms (subjective configurations of Self-Consciousness and their individual type of inertia in the process of cognition), diversified photon-quark organization of an infinite number of continuums of our "multi-dimensional Existence," etc., Iissiidiology allows to merge together many scientific disciplines into a coherent system of dependence of an infinite multitude of surrounding reality manifestations from the dynamics of "slloogrent" (holographic) structures of Consciousness, consisting of cosmic nature.

The horizons, opening up for all the people, which are based on an integrational foundation of iissiidiological knowledge, allow for an easy discovery of various reference points for the positioning of the human role in the multifaceted flow of Life. It provides an ample explanation of a wide variety of development opportunities for people on the basis of the theory of Proto-Form manifestation of collective intellects and their realization forms, where the present humanity is presented as one of the countless Proto-Form variations throughout the "multi-dimensional" manifestation of the Cosmos). At the same time only Iissiidiology postulates and minutely explains that only Highly intellectual Altruism in close conjunction with Highly sensuous Intellect, being the two dominant constituents of our Consciousness, are able to provide a powerful impetus to the evolution of the so-called "lluuvvumicheskiy" development direction, which will bring our global community to the condition of the True Human manifestation.

Iissiidiology postulates the complete freedom to choose for any form of Consciousness based on the existence of countless World scenarios. Complementing this postulate by the fact of simultaneous coexistence of all evolutionary development stages of our collective consciousness, it becomes clear that one can not actually create anything new, but can, however, freely select multiple options of their desired destiny. The individual self-cognition process has no limitations, except the ones, that are inherent to the given personality’s current set of information relationships that form the basis of his or her own ideas, pertaining to the quality of understanding of the surrounding world and as well as psyche-mental and physical processes, occurring within it.

Only our ignorance (the limitations of perception) inhibits the full realization of this freedom, because it creates the specific state of tensions and inconsistencies upon the interaction of our consciousness with the outside world. It is for this precise reason we are faced with such of our own displays as rough emotional destructive reactions, negative states of mind and absurd life choices that adversely affect both - our personal destiny, as well as the destinies of other people around us.

The more experience the human form of consciousness possesses - the experience of wisdom and profound understanding of cause-and-effect relationship mechanism between human beings and any other life forms - the more such human individual Configuration will become closer to humility and of the complete acceptance of all that can happen to us in this life. Then the state of the internal tensions, such as confrontation or disagreement will completely diminish, opening the way to the creative individual initiative for the benefit of all people.

Such interaction build-up (the process of acquiring an existential experience), gradually and consistently leads the person to a deep rethinking of the True Human way of development, which is impossible without a constant and painstaking cultivation within own system of Self-Consciousness of "principles of positivism" carefully developed and outlined in the conception of "Ayfaarian Lifestyle" paradigm (see below).

Proposed paradigm prospects

Modern society is declaratively built on humanistic principles of coexistence of people in a friendly community (Amsterdam Declaration of 2002). At the same time there is a variety of conflicting views, the dominance of selfish interests (governmental as opposed to inter-ethnic),  or an exhibited indifference, openly ignoring the process of finding solutions to the pressing issues of society largely negating the previously recognized humanitarian principles, vesting them with a role of "holy relics", but which are not utilized in everyday practice.

The purpose of creating public centers (IIAIDCs) based on Ayfaarian Paradigm in various places of the Earth, seems as a practical way to cultivate a specific state of consciousness, consisting of Highly intellectual Altruism and Highly sensuous Intellect, as genuine signs of True Human development path. Ayfaarian Lifestyle and Ayfaarian interrelations (see below) involve practical implementation of these features through such evolutionarily oriented personality traits as openness, honesty, responsibility and initiative. Due to the active promotion of these qualities, people individually obtain an opportunity to approach in their perception of such of their own supreme manifestations as "immunitant responsibility – higher quality responsibility" and "humanitarian freedom”.

These qualities, in the process of their constant growth and improvement will provide the participants of number of social projects that use Ayfaarian Paradigm, with opportunities to accelerate their formation in society as intellectually developed, morally mature, harmoniously self-developing, and creatively initiative individuals who consciously choose the most harmonious development scenarios based on in-depth understanding of the results of their ongoing life choices.

What kind of society will emerge with such capabilities? Holistic vision of prospects, coordinated teamwork and unity of views in achieving global goals, a sense of solidarity, readiness for self-sacrifice to create the most harmonious and bright future, which is a dream of every person on earth.

Naturally, the stabilization of self-consciousness in intellectual and altruistic states is a daily, meticulous work on self-improvement, and no one can say that this process is taken by the majority of people with ease. Yes, all of us still have to work hard, and perhaps sometime it will not be easy, but thanks to such conscious work, each individual and society as a whole will be able to approach the planetary prospects.

In such way the conceptual Paradigm of Humanity is practically formed, claiming the right to conscious creation of its future, on the basis of consolidated peoples and nations.

Goals offered by the Ayfaar Paradigm

One of the first steps in the functional improvement of public centers based on the Ayfaar Paradigm is the creation of all necessary conditions in the team of like-minded for the cultivation of lluuvvumic (Human) qualities. The key conditions should include the opportunities that provide collective day-to-day household activities, and sensual-intellectual creative activities.

On the basis of a variety of collective interactions based on intellectual and altruistic values, appears the possibility for creation and consistent improvement of methods for the transformation of non-positive psycho-emotional states of an individual, all kinds of destructive reactions, and harmonious improvement of individual through the synthesis of intellectual and altruistic intentions. This will speed up the formation of the holistic personality, harmoniously complementing the team in solving tasks that are common to all mankind. And the creation and development of new methods of learning about the world, based on the introspective, high-intuitive studies of self-consciousness’s interaction with the surrounding reality, in turn will actively contribute to the establishment of Ayfaar centers as prototypes of the future social-domestic organization of People on the Earth.

These centers will primarily be focused on the following activities:

  To inform people about the crucial need (for their development) of conscious usage, in the process of self-improvement, of intellectual and altruistic part of their self-consciousness; the explanation of mechanisms that justify such an approach.

  Harmonization of relations in the society through the emphasis of self-development practices on the quality of  mental internal states (and not just on the search for external causes).

   Spread iissiidiology as a basic source of concepts and ideas that describe the operating model of consciousness and its energy-informational structure.

Mass generation of these centers, through the work made by human personality of a new type, based on a new model of relations, would entail an exponential growth of new research solutions in a variety of areas of science and technology and, as a consequence, the growth of evolutionary possibilities of our society, in which there will be no place for either international conflicts, or economic instability, or social-economic segregations into classes.

In front of such conflict-free Human society will open all the ways towards harmonious future and will be given all opportunities to declare their right to the status of mature, friendly , and ready for co-creation civilization.

Human features, qualities and inner mental states

The principle of positivism

The development and formation of conscious and mature personality takes place not only with prolonged complex training in self-hypnosis, but and in everyday life, in communication, in joint household activity, in learning new knowledge, and even in leisure activities. And it is impossible without the application by an individual of the Principle of positivism. He must understand that in order to become kinder, you literally have to become kinder every day! And no fancy techniques, or receipt of a variety of "degrees" or "initiations" are necessary, it is not taught in university! The configuration of our self-consciousness in reality changes in usual, perhaps unremarkable everyday life: in joint decision-making, in constructive conflict resolution and in search of compromise in joint creative work, and also in quiet reflection and constructive-critical self-analysis. Only in this way, by consistently and gradually acquiring new skills of conscious harmonious interaction and life wisdom, it is possible to very reliably move to those scenarios of own development where the world will have completely new qualities of harmony, friendliness, abundance, and limitless creative possibilities!

But,at the same time, without the deep understanding of intellectual and altruistic principles of self-consciousness in conditions of multidimensional reality, the individual will lack the ability to navigate in the vast ocean of scenarios, opportunities and potential attainments. Where will each one of them lead him to? What to do with such opportunities? What to do in each particular situation? Which choice in a given situation would be the most significant, and which choice, despite its attractiveness, will contribute to the deterioration of the situation, and perhaps even the degradation of own personality? For the achievement of any progress in life, individual really needs control mechanisms of his multivariate destiny and suchprospect, which open up as a result of making choices that are in favor of everyone else.

It should be notedthat such way of self-changing is only possible with deep understanding and unconditional belief in the truthfulness of “the principle of positivism", which is expressed as follows: "Everything there is, already exists, and is for the better!" This principle alone, even without the deep knowledge of the mechanisms of surrounding world existence, is able to radically affect choices of a person, and to bring into his life much more favorable developments, relationships and prospects.

Unfortunately,for an individual the essence of this principle in practical application appears to be very non-specific and hard for understanding. "How can you justify such an excessive amount of violence in human society?" - he will ask. "The cynicism, lies, indifference, and overwhelming greed - these are the idols that rule people on the Earth!" And only the wise man would distant himself from such hasty judgment, and will look inside of himself: if there are similar trends in relation to others in himself? Only then can a person come to understanding that the change of the world should start with yourself. Only then he will believe that the expression of this Principle is not a metaphor, but the real formation mechanism of surrounding reality on the basis of his own (individual’s) multi-world self-consciousness configuration.

Objectivesof Ayfaar Paradigm and ayfaarian way of life (see. below) are generously saturated with the Principle of positivism, which each of the participants of IIAIDC project has the ability to recognize, understand and put into practice in interpersonal interactions of joint life. IIAIDC’s have already all conditions for this!

The person shouldtake "the principle of positivism" as main rule in his life, only in this case the objectives of Ayfaar will become for him truly understandable and achievable.

High-quality signs in self-consciousness

Signs that are dominant in psycho-mental states of the human, and which define the Human development path are high-sensual Intellect (HSI) and high-intellectual altruism (HIA).

The main and still not resolved problem of weak effectiveness of the above mentioned Signs in society are the separated implementation of one of them, or the manifestation of one Sign with the background presence of disharmonious manifestation of the second one. Example of such manifestations in the history of the XX century can be high-sensual aspirations of the followers of communist ideas, where the principle of "from each according to ability, to each according to his needs" in practice faced the problem of mass suppression of disagreement in society, resource-orientation of planned economy, and hidden resurgence of class society. And high-intellectual insights in the development of advanced scientific technologies in the field of nuclear research have suddenly put the whole humanity to the brink of self-destruction.

In such cases,the signs of HSI and HIA loose high-sensual and high-intellectual characteristics, and give rise to "imbalance" in the perception of anindividual, and in the development of our community as a whole. Furthermore the "naked" intellect can be accompanied by rough-emotional, sexual instincts, and primitive, uncontrolled sensuality –being uncontrollably stimulated by selfish need of personal self-satisfaction. It is extremely important to realize that even the most global processes in the human collective consciousness arise in the mind of just a single person. That is why the first priority of any Ayfaar center will always be the transformation of the inner world of each separate individual.

Psycho-energetic configuration of a personality has multilevel energy-informational structure. It is in detail described in iissiidiology fundamentals, but in simplified form it can be presented by unconscious levels, personal self-consciousness, and high-intuitive "curatorial" subconscious levels. All these three levels are manifested in the configuration of each individual in varying activity degrees, and the subtle, imaginative intuition is based on the harmonious merge (synthesis) of high-sensual states with creative intellectuality.

One of the key reasons for the increase of destructive, selfish tendencies in the psyche of an individual are the earlier mentioned imbalances. The person is able to plunge themselves into harsh negative state, not realizing this, and to continue to motivate own choices, to justify their behavior as rational, sober intellectual, or as sympathy, affection for someone or something. In such adverse inner states, a person in their judgments always looks right to himself! Such confidence will be enhanced if in the configuration of self-consciousness will begin to emerge primitive animal intuition (a person can say: "I have a gut feel"). But later always arises a legitimate question: Does anyone need such rightness? Is this world in need of someone's "righteous anger", if behind it hide cruel egocentric motives?

The creativedynamics of personality’s development at Ayfaar should primarily focus on finding in itself, and then conversion, transformation, and overcoming of such states of hard confrontation with manifestations of this world. This inner work can go on for a long time and be accompanied by depression, obsessive attempts to "drop everything", and the constant underlying desire to put own significance as opposition to the proposed knowledge.

This work with due diligence and relentless effort at the end brings benefits, and allows the person to focus on more conscious levels of own personality, promoting the activation of intellectual-altruistic qualities and states (which will be discussed later in this chapter). "Intellectually-altruistic (IntAlt) model" of human relations, is imbedded into the Ayfaar paradigm, it is key and defining mechanism not only for finding in the person’s consciousness the optimal balance between intellect and sensuality, but also multi-faceted and inter-weave of all sorts of their realizable aspects.

As a result, in person’s everyday life the balanced and harmonious embodiment of the signs HSI and HIA is being reached, which generates the desire of serving other people, the joy of feeling the unity of team and society, aspiration to achieve the shared global objectives. Only the synthesis of high-sensual and high-intellectual components, the formation of inner belief in the goodness for others from any own inner intentions, because they are originally positioned as a way to achieve harmony in the world. In such way accumulated psycho-mental platform creates in people confidence not only in their future (because with such approach is formed powerful development potential of harmonious personal destiny scenarios), but also in the positive transformation of the surrounding community and society.

In general, such social and inner realization consistently leads the person to a specific psycho-mental state, which Iissiidiology calls "Creative Cosmic Potentiality."

Implementation of human features through practical qualities

Human signs of HSI and HIA have opportunity to develop through such human qualities as: an unconditional openness, life-affirming honesty, individualized responsibility, and creative-constructive initiative.

  The quality of unconditional openness includes primarily the ability of an individual of public recognition and impartial assessment of own internal states, identification of problems and imperfections that may represent barriers for achievement of current and global tasks assigned to the team. Similarly, the open position in respect of your most light, positive and harmonious aspirations is able to actively influence the efficiency in achieving results in joint activities. This quality is based on the following mental mechanisms:

  • deep understanding of the causes of what is happening;
  • positive acceptance of current state of affairs, respect and recognition of meaning of any manifestations of the surrounding world and the inner world of each person;
  • a positive readiness for external changes, and for own self-development;
  • inner spiritual courage, determination to step over own injured vanity, arrogance, estrangement and other prejudiced reactions;
  • desire to share own insights about possible harmonious trends in society development, and the surrounding world with other people.

  Quality of life-affirming honesty consistently forms such degree of sincerity and acumen in people that for him becomes accessible deep understanding of the mechanisms of development of any situation, reasons that motivate other people and groups. Such person cannot be forced to act against his will through deception or trickery, because for him immediately becomes visible genuine motivations and goals of other people. This quality is based on the following mental mechanisms:

  • the ability to get out of any adverse conditions due to the sincerity with yourself and others, perhaps at the cost of significant damage to own personal interests;
  • effective management of any situation (with the help of openness and accountability) through the control of potential manifestations of ambition and self-interest in variety of forms;
  • absolute, uncompromising manifestation, which at the beginning prevents any tendency in a person to destructive, selfish impulses and motivations;
  • understanding the urgent necessity to clarify any problems and difficulties, based on the rule of "the other person potentially (intuitively, subconsciously) fully knows you and understands your deep motivations."

  Quality of individualized responsibility implies the practical skill of using own knowledge and experience for positive orientation, evolutionary important development of the individual and society, for the setting, and realization of personal and common objectives. If the "day to day responsibility" is formed in a person by necessity, by need and is essentially the synonymous of obligation, of duty to another person, team or society, then individualized responsibility rests on the following mental mechanisms:

  • the absence of any signs of hidden violence and coercion of another person, which are naturally replaced with the offer to other people of states like inspirational belonging to the common cause, aspiration towards a common goal;
  • willingness to sacrifice selfish interests for the sake of collective initiatives;
  • in the solution of common problems, the setting of requirements and conditions of qualitative changes personally to yourself instead of others;
  • understanding of direct influence of own psycho-mental states on the surrounding world, and the constant inner work with them.

  The quality of creative-constructive initiative represents creative continuation of individual responsibility. In contrast to the selfish motives, the goal of which may be the achievement of all sorts of personal benefits or ambitious competition, such initiative is formed on the basis of intellectual-altruistic empathy with others about global perspective of our society. Creative-constructive initiative rests on the following mental mechanisms:

  • the activation in self-consciousness of high-frequency intuition;
  • non-indifference, subtle cordial consideration for inner states of any person, and the causes of all what is happening;
  • the ability to provide timely assistance in the right place and at the right time;
  • stimulation of positive changes based on personal activity, and not under the influence of external circumstances;
  • a sense of belonging to the common cause, person’s humility (as personality with its selfish preferences) to common for all mankind perspectives.

Formation of specific self-consciousness states

Human qualities listed above give rise to a specific state of awareness. This state is similar to the acquisition of professional skills in some type of activity, but in this case, such activity will be the stimulation of the above four Human qualities (openness, honesty, responsibility, and initiative) based on high sensuality and intellect. This skill is cultivated in self-consciousness for a long time provided the tensor reduction of mental states, and without conscious inner work for such "wandering in transitional tensor states" a person can spend many years of his life.
Awareness allows the person not to identify itself with disharmonious version of its existence, and to purposefully refocus to more and more qualitative scenarios, comparing each of own choices with signs of Human Development Direction. Awareness, in specific life circumstances, relies on the conscience, the principle of "do no harm", and the state of observer.


The mechanism of conscience is originally formed in the mind, based on a certain system of values. In the process of education a person soaks in value orientations of the community to which he belongs – by force or voluntarily. Over time, the relevant benchmarks are crucial in making one or another choice in various life circumstances.

Superficially, without mentioning a large number of all kinds of nuances and peculiarities in specific situations, the manifestation of conscience in different social levels of society can be described as follows. If the person's identity has been formed on the basis of rough-emotional, instinctive motivation (for example, the world of criminals or state bodies under a dictatorship), then his conscience will manifest itself through the instinctive reactions of fear or anger. In the case of the formation of moral values ​​in the society of more humane interests, but nevertheless aimed at selfish consumption of resources and benefits (for example, the world of business, corporate activity), these sensual experiences will be perceived as "regret, shame, pangs of conscience." When a person deliberately seeks to shape their identity based on ayfaarian lifestyle, this moral capacity begins to rely on the clear foresight of possible development variants of a situation. Conscience in this case helps to choose among a variety of options the one which is the most harmonious for the team and not for an individual. This way is formed a strong, conscious sense of trust in your own intuition.

The given lluuvvumic interpretation of conscience warns of selfish interest’s manipulation with this concept, which would force us in indecisive states to prove to others and ourselves that our choice is more appropriate or important. A person will naturally feel the remorse because of consequences of his unreasonable decisions or wrong choices. But as well as by burden of forced responsibility, through high-frequency intuition and with the help of cultivation of human qualities, it is transformed into a universal lluuvvumic state, and also fears and remorse are transformed into the warning curator mechanism (high-intuitive hints in self-consciousness).

Thus, in the light of Ayfaar Paradigm conscience turns into a crucial mechanism of formation of a person at the stage when he centers his attention on intellectual and altruistic collective interests, turning into a real mechanism of continuous interaction with our more qualitative future versions. The state of Human conscience is awakened in self-consciousness of the individual only when ideas of justice harmoniously relate to lluuvvumic development trends.

The "do no harm" principle

The ability to follow this Principle is born in stable, conscious states of self-consciousness and is formed through the nurturing of lluuvvumic conscience. A person becomes able to show balanced, wise position in relation to people around him, which simply does not allow the creation of unacceptable consequences in interactions with them. The quality of conscience is largely determined by person's ability to fully implement the work of this Principle. Rather than dealing with consequences of own not very good actions and to remain in stressful states of shame and self-reproach, the person uses high-intuitive hints and often takes unexpected, incomprehensible to many solutions (the relevance and importance of which is found only with time).

It may look like a rejection of all kinds of benefits that seem to be going into his hands by itself; or the acceptance of blame for what has happened in a complex, confusing situation. Such a person will most likely refuse alms to a beggar, and instead will use all the effective ways that are at his disposal to help him to become stronger in spirit. It is not money, but the inner spiritual core this poor fellow lacks! In any manifestations the Principle of "do no harm" is naturally based on person’s deep understanding of the environment, a thorough analysis of possible scenarios developments, and on conscious, disinterested approach to others for the benefit of their evolutionary important  future.

The State of Observer

The skill of stable presence in state of observer is formed as a result of painstaking daily work with own inner psycho-mental activity, which must be accompanied by the most possible degree of awareness in variety of life situations. For example, it is easy to be an observer when you meditate lying on the couch at home, and it is incomparably more difficult when your team at work accuses you of dereliction of duty and passes on to you all the blame for the sudden crisis.

When developing the state of observer, person in own choices primarily focuses on its high quality (perfect advanced manifestation of intellect and altruism) in relation to other people. In such way the resistance is formed, the ability not to identify yourself with own destructive temptations - to pull the blanket to oneself, showing vested interests, or on the contrary to disappear putting all responsibility for the difficult situation on others. But as soon as the level of awareness goes down, the "internal observer" of such person is unnoticeably replaced by selfish interests – the thin psycho-mental relationship with people around breaks down, and the person indefinitely loses the ability to soberly and impartially assess the situation.

Even with the steady manifestation of the state of observer, an individual is faced with an incredibly difficult task - a constant search for the most balanced and harmonious choices in specific circumstances. It is a great art, since almost every life situation turns for the individual into very cognitive process of experience accumulation and life lesson, the goal of which is always the same - to allow a person to discover the causes of what is happening only inside himself. The real meaning is that true "Observer state" belongs to the collective subconscious level, where the realisation of the personal "I" is almost reduced to zero. Exactly this factor of transpersonal nature of Observer allows a person to impartially assess successes and failures, both own and collective.

Mechanisms of realization

Methods of overcoming negative reactions

The state of awareness in modern people, levels of their current psycho-mental activity cannot be called balanced, conscious, positively-oriented variants of our society’s development. Under the guise of benevolence and ostentatious public initiative can often hide vested interests, indifference, denial, narcissism and many other selfish realizations. Numbers of methods are practiced at Ayfaar that allow an individual, both independently and with the help of colleagues, to find these trends and to get rid of them.

The search of positive motivations for resolution of internal and external conflicts becomes truly effective on the basis of iissiidiology concepts of many-worlds and multi-level interpretation of the world structure. Introspective analysis using visualization and verbal affirmations allow modelling the most harmonious development variants in any stressful and complex situation, for individual and group.

The possibility of getting rid of destructive states, disturbing, intrusive thoughts and desires, by feelings of resentment or guilt, is achieved through the practice of disidentification oneself from non-positive states through communication in a friendly group. This practice becomes the most effective during general meetings (mutual help circles), and during personal, constructive, and friendly dialogue with other party of the conflict on the basis of IntAlt relations model.

Ayfaar offers endless opportunities to balance psycho-mental states with the help of altruistic choices, supported by intellectually-comprehended motivations. This and joint household activities like improving the territory of ayfaar center, and all sorts of altruistic initiatives around improvement of information-educational, material-technical database, organization of meetings, seminars and workshops (called sloullings), celebrations.

Radical transformation methods of destructive states are of great importance in self-improvement practices. This is the practice of short-term - two-minute resolution of tensor, conflict situation, which implies an immediate search for positive motivations, either alone or in conjunction with the conflict party. This short-term intensive practice requires huge efforts and does not imply one hundred percent success. In such cases, a person may continue to work with internal motivations at so-called “sunny days”, the purpose of which is the correction of negative and destructive states using heavy physical, altruistically oriented work.

The radical work with negative states requires total commitment from the person and must be accompanied by culturing in self-consciousness the Human features - high-sensual intellect and high-intellectual altruism, as well as four Human qualities: openness, honesty, responsibility, and initiative. Only that way radical methods of overcoming negative reactions will give positive results.

And only with achieving results in transformation of own personality the person will understand the deep meaning of spending time at Ayfaar - improving the world around through the internal transformation of own personality.

The new model of interpersonal relations

Self-development is a hard work for anyone, furthermore, at Ayfaar this practice has wider meaning - as improvement of the world around yourself. This task requires a radical reappraisal from a person, and directs him to the manifestation of responsibility for everything that happens around (individual responsibility). In daily life such reassessment may be accomplished by the following ayfaar Directions:

lluuvvumic task of development: the cultivation of ayfaarian lifestyle;

the mirror method of perception: every person - is you;

cultivation of awareness: continuous self-analysis, mutual help (the curatorship mechanism in respect of yourself and other people).


The cultivation of Ayfaarian lifestyle when interacting with other people means a stable manifestation of Human qualities and states in self-consciousness, and vast experience in working with own individual non-positive inner reactions. This benchmark helps the self-consciousness of an individual to distance himself from the imposed templates of the past of selfish behavior and motivation, and gives the opportunity to gradually rethink the essence of communication and interaction with the environment, contributing to the development of such high manifestations of the human psyche as respectfulness, kindness, tenderness, reverence, compassion, empathy, honesty, fairness, decency, and the like

The perception of each person as yourself (each person - is you) - is an integral part of people’s interaction principles in future lluuvvumic community, since it is based on iissiidiology axiom that every form of self-consciousness creates its own world. Literally, this means that all the people around us reflect mental states of our individual world, formed on the basis of our psycho-mental states. In such situation any communication with our surroundings will be reduced to such interpretation of the problem: what inner states of people, in all the diversity of qualitatively nearby worlds, I choose for communication and co-operation?

Lack of understanding an complexity of using this Criteria are often expressed as rejection of the external environment: disagreement, confrontation, opposition, which is associated with individual’s weak ability to adequately assess the state of his self-consciousness. Many personal unconscious motives, intentions, destructive reactions (based on a very limited understanding of ourselves and the world), the causes of which are not subjected to detailed analysis, and by dominating in our self-consciousness, they contribute to the formation of a hostile, indeed unwelcome world around us. In this context, the task of the person is a sequential accumulation of respectful attitude towards the world and the people around, based on new conceptions about the surrounding reality and deep understanding of the causes for all what is happening around. The daily use of this Criteria in time helps a person to form such psycho-mental experience which makes every day a test on the degree of his human maturity.

Especially important for a person is the performance of constant ayfaar self-analysis, which allows in greater degree to be present on the state of conscious observer and to detect own psycho-mental levels. As a result of constant practical application of iissiidiology concepts, the psychological perception of the individual is shifted from the state of “I am who I am” to the state of “I am the one who studies the unknown world inside myself". Practiced at Ayfaar methods of inner working with non-positive reactions, are effectively contributing to the review of personal habits, daily choices, reactions, attitude to own environment, which allows, with the help of self-analysis, to convert and to formulate new interpretations of own general goals and objectives in life. Of course, such self-analysis will not be effective enough when focusing only on the perception of yourself and own states. At ayfaar such self-analysis is accompanied by the help from others, which significantly increases the efficiency of inner work. Such path of self-improvement implies collective interaction, which excludes possible rooting tendencies towards solitude or seclusion. The development in Human direction is only possible when walking this way with like-minded people.

Establishing single vector in society development

A person always sets for itself some goals. In one case goals can be initiated by surface and disorderly desires, after time the following which eventually forms in the human psyche the feeling of emptiness and loss, coupled with social adaptation problems. Or goals can be serious and multifaceted, forming in long-term perspective the multi-faceted world of a person and his full status in society. Even in such cases, the question of self-consciousness quality, the awareness of own motivations usually remains in the background, being displaced by more urgent matters of survival (a prestigious job, financial security).

One of the key objectives in the activities of ayfaar center is the formation in person’s consciousness of such future image of himself, when a person puts at the forefront the achievement of the very best in himself, to bring the most constructive experience for the benefit of human collective, without dividing people by race, religion, and social classes. When every person in own development will be focused on the formation of lluuvvumic features in own self-consciousness like, qualities, inner states, then the society with gratitude and expectation of realization of mutually creative aspirations, will be able to find out and accept him as a unique individual.

When the community of people with practical accumulated experience of Human development direction, will be united in aspirations towards common global Objectives, then the intensity of the human development will grow rapidly. As it was already mentioned (the concept many-world existence and protoforms), there are many ways for the development of our civilization. The secret of the most effective evolutionary growth of an individual within the Ayfaar Paradigm is that a person, in its development, separates itself from its own selfish image, which is mainly associated with his current biological body and social status, and forms the so-called "personalistic world", his own future "I" on the basis of the feeling of unity and kinship with all people, creatively interacting with him and also with all the surrounding reality.

The complexity of understanding of this concept lies in the fact that the very concept of "personality" is associated with separation and individualisation. This is true, but when a person begins to project its identity on to the whole team, people, nation, then it will automatically have a sense of responsibility for everything that happens around with him and others. The setting of global objectives on the basis of such "individual worlds", devoid of selfish binding, vested interests and ambitious motives, can be so effective that will help to overcome the global problems of modern society: interstate conflicts (in particular military threats and the fight against terrorism), macroeconomic crises and relationships with developing countries, healthcare issues and the global environmental crisis.

The formation of such "individual world," effective from social point of view, is only possible with hard daily cultivation of high-quality image of future "I": Ayfaar Principles, understanding that "every person - is you", continuous self-analysis on the basis of new iissiidiology conceptions about yourself and the surrounding reality, and helping others in self-cognition, as well as various introspective, meditative practices, insights, observations – this is the way of personal and society development that ayfaar paradigm offers.

Positioning in society

Intellectual-sensual platform

The creative realization of the conceptual Ayfaar Paradigm is focused on improving the development of the world community, and is based on advanced theoretical and practical developments in the field of natural sciences and humanities, which are considered in the context of iissiidiology interpretation. Iissiidiology knowledge is an abstract platform, it plays the role of proto-science and represents the set of beliefs and theories that in perspective claim to have scientific basis. Therefore, this knowledge alone cannot provide all the variety of practical and creative solutions, and initiatives in addressing local and common tasks of ayfaar center. Involving experts from relevant areas to address these problems, to participate in all sorts of projects with social, economic, natural science aspects of life gives opportunities not only for the development of the centers themselves, but also to accelerated development of different areas in science and social institutions, because of the synthesis of their development methods with iissiidiology theory and its cognition method.

Figurative-intuitive side of development of Ayfaar ideas is based on different kinds of intellectual-altruistic activities, at the moment is presented in the form of song: lyrics, written on the motives of the most popular songs of the twentieth century that portray highly spiritual images and experiences. The singing of these songs literally "charges" the participants of this process with positive feelings and aspirations to achieve the most harmonious Human states. Along with intuitive-inspiring mental concepts of iissiidiology theory, ayfaar songs structure self-consciousness with sensual images that are full of wisdom and understanding of the principles of our existence.

In addition, the iissiidiology theory itself is filled with a variety of high-intuitive sensual images of human self-consciousness structure, the functioning mechanisms of the world and our universe. These images are not only transmitted by reading of mentally formulated ideas, but also through meditation on the so-called cosmic sound codes. Deep introspective examinations into the nature of existence through these Sound codes allow a person to touch the infinite set of yet unknown mysteries of the universe.

However, Ayfaar activity in its psycho-mental filling is not related to any religious-esoteric direction, since it is based exclusively on natural, scientifically-oriented accomplishments and humanistic moral values. It is useless to search in ayfaarian lifestyle for any dogma or beliefs, absurd patterns of behavior or rituals, due to the fact that these ignorant manifestations of human past in no way contribute to the development of a person as a unique individually formed, creative-proactive intellectual-altruistic personality in evolutionarily formed human society. Similarly, ayfaar initiatives can never be linked to any kind of political activity, as its platform is initially developed on international basis, with the manifesto of common human values ​​and the development of unique characteristics in each person through ayfaarian lifestyle. Ayfaar cannot defend any political interests, besides the improvement in each individual of lluuvvumic features, qualities and inner states in order to create intellectual-altruistic "individual world" of a person and aspirations aimed at spiritual formation of society as a whole, and at new stage of its evolution.

Prospects for social activity of Ayfaar centers

At the present stage the key social task of Ayfaar center (IIAIDC) is the improvement of development model of quite differently-oriented (at current stage of evolution) humanity through mechanisms that will integrate any team, people, nation into universal, single human community based on high-sensual altruistic and high-intellectual intuitively-conscious platform. Towards the implementation of this task contributes the experimental introduction into domestic, economic, creative activities of an IIAIDC of latest scientific developments, the attraction of specialists from different areas of natural and social studies, as well as the establishment in the center of its own unique cognition methods, discovery of new yet unknown areas of the world around us.

Many people in such centers will live and / or realize their creative and research projects, and other participants will periodically come to share experiences and improve their ideas. IIAIDC’s in joint creative activity with other similar scientific, technical and creative centers will actively contribute to the promotion and dissemination of Ayfaarian lifestyle.

All this is made possible because of new approach to the perception of yourself and all those around us. This is a completely new way of life, self-actualization as harmonious, intellectual-altruistic potential, for joint development in society, where gradually begin to form tendencies towards integral Unity of all people in the world. The practice of working with own non-positive reactions, ayfaarian lifestyle, the formation of intellectually-altruistic "individual" world of own future "I", and in return the selfishly oriented person leaving in the past, uncompromisingly shifts such people to new horizons of prospects for our society.

Ayfaar concept step by step continues to be implemented in different countries under International Information Altruistic Intellectual Development Centers. Being variously implemented structural elements of common conceptual Ayfaar Paradigm such centers tend to spread throughout the world, becoming a prototype of future "cities of Light and Knowledge". Iissiidiology is based on high-intuitive idea of ​​"building 144 thousand Ayfaars all over the world" to achieve the universal Idea of displacement of Collective consciousness of humanity to a whole new stage of its cosmic evolution beyond our home planet.

Key provisions

Current division of society, followed by continuing and worsening egocentric tendencies of each individual have served as the need for creation of Ayfaar Paradigm. Exactly these reasons are the main cause of the majority of global challenges of modern humanity: inter-country conflicts, macroeconomic crises, global environmental problems. The bleak picture of development prospects of our society under these preconditions does not allow for further overlook of these trends.

The fundamental theoretical platform of Ayfaar Paradigm is the newest cosmological knowledge - iissiidiology. This knowledge forms the far-reaching prospects for mankind cognition about itself through abstract modeling of the relationships between all the multitude of worlds and universes, a priori implying the real existence of many-worlds.

The concept of Ayfaarian lifestyle is formed on the basis of practical adaptation of iissiidiology concepts, thanks to which the formation of international centers of intellectual and altruistic (IIAIDC) and the achievement of their tasks becomes possible.

Ayfaarian way of life based on the principle of positivism, the development of high-sensual intellect and high-intellectual altruism, and on the improvement of human qualities: unconditional openness, life-affirming honesty, individual responsibility and creative-constructive initiative. As a result of long practice an individual forms lluuvvumic states of awareness, realized through the conscience, the state of observer and the principle of "do no harm".

Creative activity of Ayfaar is achieved on the bases of the following realisation mechanisms. Application of techniques to overcome negative trends in the psycho-mental dynamics of a person, followed by the states that are formed using intellectual-altruistic choices. Consistently is being formed a new model of interpersonal relationships with the following ayfaar Features:

  • lluuvvumic task of development: the cultivation of ayfaarian lifestyle;
  • the mirror method of perception: every person - is you;
  • cultivation of awareness: continuous self-analysis, mutual help (the curatorship mechanism in respect of yourself and other people).

The continuous realization of such activities in many international centers, formed on the basis of Ayfaar Paradigm, will allow to create its own lluuvvumic "individual" world of each person, and to build a single development vector of our human community. This is the essence of Human development Direction: our humanity and each individual must "grow up", and Ayfaar offers reliable intellectually-sensual platform for this.

The prospects of this social activity, after they spread across the entire planet, will direct our community to the most harmonious and peaceful variants of our evolution. The Ayfaar idea is realized through IIAIDC’s, and will consistently become a prototype of future "Cities of Light and Knowledge", uniting the whole planet by global-friendly, creative-constructive initiatives.




Author: Uksstukkullur





Translator: Astiyraalls





Translator: Nikolay Gopenko






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