Oris, please elaborate about the Idea of IIAIDC’s, which intends to merge a lot of people. How is it different from other projects? In what ways is it better as you state?

Well, the distinctive part, which sets IIAIDC’s aside from other spiritual development centers and other types of self-improvement group practices - is the presence of Intellectual and Sensual Constituents in it, in particular - a positive Sensual Constituent, which is implemented through the principles of Altruism.

Additionally, within the fundamental information of IIAIDC’s lies a high-frequency Knowledge of Iissiidiology, which I derive and constantly deepen and supplement through the Intuitive Path of Deep Meditation practice. Iissiidiology – is a Knowledge, which actually allows providing and rationalizing the answers to virtually any questions.This Knowledge provides a strong basis for creating of own life not at the level of various impulsive and unconscious decisions and choices, but rather at the levels of Higher Intuition, which in turn based on the conscious display of Highly intellectual Altruism, coupled with Highly sensuous Intellect. The essence of such choices is embedded in a fact, that the human community – current human Space-Time Continuum groups - is characterized by the combination of two key factors: the simultaneous display of higher sensuousness and higher intelligence, mentioned above. 

Why is that important? This is due to the type of the Synthesis schema, manifested on psycho-mental levels, which is the humankind’s primary distinguishable characteristic. Consequently, all the actions, corresponding to the frequencies of the primary human Synthesis schema, human self-improvement paradigm and the general Self-Consciousness improvement process, find favorable forms and modes of expression on the physical levels (in terms of biological health state) as well as on the mental level, facilitating of rapid self-improvement through the development of higher Intuition.

Intuition and its development method - is the second important differentiating factor, distinguishing IIAIDC’s from all other individual spiritual and physical improvement centers. Iissiidiological Knowledge, obtained by means of Deep Meditation, is Itself depicted in an Intuitive mode, which in turn initiates the states of higher Intuition, designed to facilitate the profound comprehension of the revealed material. This process requires not only the application of abstract thinking, but an Understanding of a meaning, which is virtually impossible to convey, and which is beyond the capacity of transmission of certain thoughts, imagery and thought-forms through the use of words.

The most important factor here, is that the words that enclose this Knowledge, are just a basis, a starting point for the subsequent travel of the Thought along completely incomprehensible ways of neural circuits in the brain, that allow us to understand an inexplicable something, lying far beyond our current levels of cognition. The constant practice in the study of Iissiidiology allows any individual to cultivate the ability of an Intuitive Reasoning and an Intuitive Sensuousness, thus increasing the capacity of their Meditation practice and generally their ability to communicate with the surrounding reality.

The third factor that differentiates IIAIDC’s from other centers is the essence itself that is cultivated on the basis of this Knowledge and the basis of diverse self-development. Due to the fact that a comprehensive Iissiidiology stimulates the comprehensive interest in physics, quantum mechanics, genetics, sociology, psychology and other fields of study, there is a powerful inclination tendency into precisely these areas of Intellectual development, and, along with a sensuous practices that develop higher Sensitivity and Positivism, initiate a powerful effect of culturing Intellectually-Altruistic relationships within individual Self-Consciousness.

What sets the IIAIDC’s apart from all other trends and practices – is the simultaneous cultivation of Openness, Honesty and Initiative, which, when are converted to Responsibility, become the normal form of Human Existence, the normal form of relations between individuals in the community. When these types of relationships are practiced on a regular basis, this process provides a stupendous self-development effect. The Ultimate Purpose of our manifestation in the given physical worlds in these rather primitive biological forms implies the task of comprehension of a compound trinity of the Intuitive Intelligence, Altruism and Unity, all of which together define our Single Unified Wholeness, dispersed throughout a multitude of various structural constituents of the Same Unified Collective Intelligence, which we perceive as “the humankind”. And due to the exorbitant diversity of the “humankind” types, we must determine certain traits that suit us to a greater extent.

There are various types and quality levels of the “humankind”. Certain human communities are of a very advanced levels, they create their higher quality Realities and exist within the limits of very high quality Worlds, there are also average quality Realities of the human existence, and, of cause, there are primitive types of humanity, which create the primitive types of Realities and exists there as well.

So, it is essential to determine which community is best for you and with which one of your Configurations you want to identity. Absolutely Everything already exists; all we have to do – is to choose what we want. The very possibility of creating anything is absent, due to the fact, that Absolutely Everything has already been created. This is the information, minutely depicting the essence of Creation (or at least part of it, since I still continue working on it), you are welcome to explore and study it, which will facilitate the understanding of how to use non-aggressive methods to achieve the improvement of your Existence.
The fact that we remain in these destructive Worlds (Space-Time Continuums) suggests that firstly, we still possess a multitude of certain substandard – non-human – Perceptions, which restrain and inhibit our development.

And the second reason why we are still exist in this group of destructive Continuums has to do with the fact, that if someone has chosen to Serve other people and beings, he or she should be able to carry on this noble mission not only in the established social order scenarios, where it is relatively easy and comforting. but specifically in these realities, where people need to be awakened from the millennia of hibernation by means of infusing their Consciousness with Knowledge, which is inherent to the True Human Space-Time Continuum existence. That is because previously no other system of Knowledge has brought a deliverance from wars to the humankind.

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