You said that you are creating a society free of selfish tendencies. How do you do it? Is it affiliated with any kind of political or religious movement?

No. Neither we are affiliated with any religious, political, or any other spiritual development confessions and trends, nor do we practice it. The primary concept we share with everyone – is the idea to develop the intellectual and altruistic relation interactions between all the people on Earth. In fact, not only between the people themselves, but also the interactions between people, nature, animals, plants, and the entire surrounding reality. Here, egoism, as such, gradually diminishes, becoming much less influential, and ultimately vanishes almost entirely, leaving people more room for quality choices they commit within the framework of their self-consciousness. Thus, a person learns to quickly find a need for the manifestation of all the best he or she can offer to others, at the expense of all most of own imperfections, spontaneous desires and instinctive tendencies, which currently determine the choices of billions of people on our planet.

The primary Mission and the Objective of all our International Informational Altruism and Intellect Development Centers (IIAIDC's) is to create a special foundation in the Collective human Consciousness - the core foundation of people, who expresses themselves through Highly intellectual Altruism and Highly sensuous Intellect. It will enable everyone, who researches and studies Iissiidiology to realize that EVERYTHING ALREADY EXISTS, the entire array of all possible political movements, political and economic situations, as well as any type of physical relationship - EVERYTHING ALREADY EXISTS.

The only thing we should concentrate upon – is adjusting our Focus Dynamics in a way that all our point of attention and our most vital desirable interests would facilitate the simulation of the surrounding reality in the direction, which is maximally correlated with your current interest.Aggression will never lead the World to the most quality Space-Time Continuums and best possible realities.

It is well known fact, that aggression only evokes more aggression. Nothing of positivity and quality can be built on the energies of destruction, ignorance, deceit, dismay, fear and aggression.

And what is there to build? Everything - all possible worlds, all possible types of Space-Time continuums, the entire "future" and the "past" – absolutely everything already exists! The only thing we can do – is simply choosing from already existing realities that possess our compelling interest, which allows us to implement and correlate it with our most current relationships and choices.

Another important thing – Iissiidiology is not related to any type of religion whatsoever, Primarily because at the heart of our existence lies the Information. Possession of this Information or various combinations of this information, as well as manipulation of this Information - is the very basis of all phenomena, any relationship or any of our circumstances, situations, choices and scenarios, where we can find ourselves.

Everything is within us, and all depends on us, However, when I say “depends on us”, doesn’t mean we should commence destroying or creating anything; I mean it in a sense, that we can specifically choose from the exorbitant set of primordially existing diverse variants of the Future only these, which suit us the most, and to which we maximally correspond.


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